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The 3 best places to visit on Mallorca

Mallorca is a very mediterranean island and it has a variety of beauties. There are more than 3 places you should visit but in this article I chose the 3 best places to visit on Mallorca. They are particullary worthy to be visited because they have something special, difficult to find anywhere else.

Best places to visit on Mallorca

Mondragó Natural Park and Mondragò Beach

Mondragò is surely one of the best places to visit on Mallorca. Mondragò beach is very different from many other beaches because it is in a cove. The beach is like the beginning of a road made by rocks and water.

Following this “road” if you turn right you find S’Amarador Beach and if you turn left you exit from the cove and you arrive at the opened sea.

Very nice the pathway that goes along the rock that brings you to see the S’Amarador Beach.

In this park there are also other beauties such as the following wild scenario.

Platja de Formentor and Cap de Formentor

Welcome to Formentor!

Platja de Formentor: clean water, a lovely beach and a lot of relax.

The beach is under a promontory and peninsula: Cap de Formentor.

From the top of Cap de Formentor you can admire the sea from above.

In this area the rocks are very steep but, despite all, there is someone who can climb them very easily! This someone are the goats that show all their atlectic skills climbing these rocks. Amazing animals!

Best places to visit on Mallorca: Palma de Mallorca

It’s obvious you can’t miss the main city of the Island. Palma of Mallorca
is characterized by its gotic cathedral, the palace of de l’Almudaina and all its streets.

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