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Heavenly beaches & best beaches in Sardinia Italy

Heavenly beaches & best beaches in Sardinia Italy | Sardinia is a paradise. It’s a beautiful place for its culture and food but especially for its sea. In Sardinia, there are many of the best Italian beaches. Sand, clear and clear water are the characteristics of most of the best beaches in Sardinia.

Sardinia has really heavenly beaches. I have met people who once went to the Caribbean but who changed their destination once they got to know this extraordinary land.

Sardinia is definitely an island to explore, and if you have the chance, I advise you not to always stay at the same beach but to visit and enjoy more than one. Here are some beaches in Sardinia not to be missed.

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When is the best time to go to Sardinia?

Sardinia is a beautiful island and, as we are seeing in this article, it is best known for its beautiful beaches and clear sea. 
That’s why the perfect time to go to Sardinia is summer: between June and the beginning of September when you can swim. 

If possible I would avoid August, especially the 2 central weeks, when most Italians go on holiday, all the beaches are crowded and prices are high. 

For me, therefore, the perfect period for your holidays in Sardinia is between mid-June and mid-July.

Can you go to Sardinia in April or May?

Sardinia is a beautiful island best known for its incredible beaches and clear sea. 
However, Sardinia also has some beautiful cities and towns to visit, so if you don’t necessarily want to go swimming, you can also visit Sardinia in spring. 

In this case you can visit Alghero, Castelsardo and Cagliari. 
If, on the other hand, you are looking for a destination for swimming in April, I recommend the Canary Islands, Tenerife for example. 
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Can you go to Sardinia in September?

Yes of course you can go to Sardinia in September but before choosing this month of the year it is better to make some considerations. 
In fact, you must consider the approaching change of weather and season if you want to take a beach holiday. 
If you go in September, it is better to choose the beginning of the month and, if possible the south of the island. 
If you go north after the second half of September it is likely that the weather does not allow you to swim as much as you would like and to enjoy the warmth of the sun.

Best beaches in Sardinia

The best beaches in Sardinia are:


  1. Stintino La Pelosa
  2. Cala Corsara Isola di Spargi (Maddalena)
  3. Cala Thaiti Isola di Caprera
  4. Rena Bianca Beach Santa Teresa di Gallura
  5. Santa Maria Beach Isola di Santa Maria (Maddalena)

Where was The Little Mermaid 2023 filmed?

Did you know that part of the Disney film The Little Mermaid was filmed right here in Sardinia? 
And when you think about it, it is not surprising that Sardinia was chosen as the location to shoot the Disney film The Little Mermaid. 
If we talk about the sea, Sardinia is a true paradise, the ideal place to swim and snorkel.

Even if Sardinia is particularly known for its sea and its beaches, it is not only this. 
Sardinia also has some characteristic and historic towns and cities. 
If you want to learn more and know the specific places that appear in the Disney movie, go to the following post: The Little Mermaid 2023 filming locations in Italy


  1. Cala Mariolu (Orosei)
  2. Cala Luna (Orosei)
  3. La Cinta San Teodoro

South East Beaches

  1. Punta Molentis beach
  2. Mari Pintau beach

Punta Molentis beach

Punta Molentis Beach is located in Villasimius. It is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches not only in southeastern Sardinia but also in all of Sardinia: it is a true paradise.

Punta Molentis beach conquers not for the breadth of its beach but for its clear waters and the air you breathe here, in this extraordinary place. The colors of the waters that bathe the beach of Punta Molentis dazzle and amaze.

Punta Molentis gives you real emotions and happiness on this beach. The sea water is not only transparent but has incredible colors; it has a deep blue color.

You can learn more about Punta Molentis Beach at the following post: “Punta Molentis beach in Villasimius Sardinia Italy“.

Mari Pintau Beach

Mari Pintau is a beautiful beach in the South East of Sardinia, about 30 minutes by car from Cagliari. The landscape that you can observe while you are in Mari Pintau is very wild and characteristic of Sardinia.

Mari Pintau beach is set between two promontories. More precisely on the right you have the profile of three rocky promontories covered with Mediterranean scrub, green if it is not too dry due to drought.

Sardinia Italy Beaches | Mari Pintau beach Sardinia near Cagliari Italy

On the left, however, a single promontory that acts as a divider. This promontory is also made up of rock and is covered in the greenery of wild Mediterranean scrub. This natural conformation means that the beach of Mari Pintau remains isolated from the rest of the southern coast of Sardinia, despite being an averagely long beach.

At this beach, the transparency of the water is positively striking, even with slightly rough seas. When you are in the water, it is a thrill to see the sea sparkle and to be able to see the bottom clearly.

If you want to continue reading, get more information about Mari Pintau beach and see more content, go to the following post: “1 authentic beach: Mari Pintau beach“.


  1. Tuerredda Beach
  2. Chia

South West beaches

  1. Masua Beach
  2. Cala Domestica

Masua Beach

Masua Beach Sardinia: A splendid natural pool, Porto Flavia and wonderful things to see. – Masua Beach is the ideal place where you can relax if you are in this area. Masua Beach allows you to enjoy the unique scenery of the Costa delle Miniere and Pan di Zucchero without giving up comfort.

Masua Beach is located very close to the Pan di Zucchero sea stack, a 133-meter high stack: it is the highest stack in the Mediterranean.

Sardinia Italy Beaches | South West beaches | Masua Beach

The beach of Masua is also located near the famous Mine of Porto Flavia, just 5 minutes away by car. 

If you want to continue reading, get more information about Mari Pintau beach and see more content, go to the following post: “Masua Beach Sardinia: A splendid natural pool, Porto Flavia and wonderful things to see“.

Cala Domestica

Cala Domestica Photo Gallery
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  • Is Arutas Beach Cabras (OR)

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