TOP Things to do in South Tenerife & South Tenerife beaches + weather
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TOP Things to do in South Tenerife & South Tenerife beaches + weather

TOP Things to do in South Tenerife & South Tenerife beaches + weather – Tenerife hosts millions of visitors yearly who appreciate natural beauty and services. Tenerife enjoys mild temperatures throughout the year, so it is also an excellent destination in autumn, winter, and spring.

In fact, Tenerife is chosen as a tourist destination not only by those who want to appreciate its natural beauty but also by those who simply want to escape the cold and take a dip out of season.

It is not for nothing that the high season in Tenerife does not occur in the summer but in the winter. On the contrary, summer is considered a low season period, as temperatures reach higher heat peaks and many tourists prefer to visit other places they could not visit in winter.

Tenerife is an island of volcanic origin, and its highest mountain is a volcano: Teide. Teide is respected by the inhabitants of the island, who call it Lady Teide. Teide is not only the highest mountain in Tenerife but also in Spain and is among the highest peaks in the world.

The landscape in some areas of Teide is very particular, and it almost looks like Mars. It is not for nothing that this volcano has been chosen as the set of numerous film productions, such as Clash of the Titans.

As you can see, Tenerife is an island that has a lot to offer. Now we wonder: what are the TOP Things to do in South Tenerife? And the top beaches in South Tenerife? Let’s see it together in this post!

TOP Things to do in South Tenerife

Tenerife is an extraordinary island for various reasons and, above all, from a naturalistic point of view. Because also if it is true that some stretches of the south coast of Tenerife are very touristy and not very authentic as they seem designed specifically for tourism, in Tenerife, it is possible to see whales and dolphins and observe the stars as in few other places in the world.

Furthermore, since Tenerife is an island, we cannot talk about the south of Tenerife without mentioning its beautiful beaches where it is pleasant to relax, swim or practice various water sports.

There is a lot to tell about southern Tenerife and what to see or do. So we list below the things to do in South Tenerife, and then continuing this post, we also go to deepen the discussion related to every single point.

TOP Things to do in South Tenerife. Here’s the list:

  1. Boat tour to see whales and dolphins
  2. Stargazing tour
  3. Relax on one of the beaches

Boat tour to see whales and dolphins

One of the most beautiful and exciting activities for those who come to Tenerife is to see the whales and dolphins that populate the waters south of Tenerife, not too far from the coast.

This area of ​​the ocean is particularly rich in food, and whales find an ideal habitat here. The presence of several species of whales is recorded, although the most numerous and easiest to see here in Tenerife are the pilot whales.

Things to do in South Tenerife pilot whales
Things to do in South Tenerife: Pilot Whales

Pilot whales are whales that reach a maximum size of about 8 meters, although perhaps you will more often see pilot whales of a few meters in size.

Despite their small size compared to the size of the whales that are probably in your imagination, it is always a great emotion to admire them in freedom and observe their behavior.

As we said at the beginning of this paragraph, whales are not the only inhabitants to be admired in the waters of Tenerife. There are also many dolphins here that delight you with their games.

On an evening catamaran ride, we happened to have a dozen dolphins play with us by placing themselves in front of the moving boat and making their way for more than ten minutes. Truly a beautiful emotion.

Things to do in South Tenerife dolphins
Things to do in South Tenerife: Dolphins

During the boat tours to admire the whales and dolphins, you may also happen to see flying fish that come out of the water and, like missiles, fly tens of meters before diving back into the ocean.

Even if you have not chosen Tenerife as your destination specifically to see whales and dolphins but to enjoy and relax on the beach, it is worth dedicating a half day or a few hours to one of these tours.

Where to take the boat to see all this? Different types of boats leave Puerto Colón every day and several times a day. The offer is therefore very wide, and you can choose what you prefer.

These boat tours not only allow you to watch whales and dolphins but also allow you to relax on the boat and admire the beauty of the south coast of Tenerife.

However, if you love relaxation, I suggest you choose a boat tour that includes a limited number of people to escape the chaos as much as possible.

Boat tours links

Below, for your convenience, I leave you the links to some companies that carry out this type of tour. These are just a few examples of tours we’ve tried; they aren’t sponsored links and aren’t necessarily the best.

Tenerife Dolphin

Tenerife Dolphin is a boat that can prune many people. The nice thing about this boat is that it has a transparent bottom; therefore, you can see the whales moving under the water even without diving into it.

Tenerife Dolphin offers different types of tours, and in particular, the 4.5-hour tour takes you to Los Gigantes in front of Masca Beach for lunch and swimming.

However, the approach of this company is very touristic and commercial. When you get on board, they take some photos of you, they make a video of the trip, and at the end of the tour, they ask you if you want to buy, and then during the navigation, they remind you several times what you can buy on the boat.

All this can also be positive because a souvenir photo and a video of the trip can be appreciated.

However, this is not the right choice if you prefer a more peaceful journey with fewer people.


MonteCristo Catamaran

In contrast to the approach of the Tenerife Dolphin, we mention the MonteCristo catamaran. We took an evening tour with this catamaran.

Pickup and transport from your hotel are included in the price, so you don’t have to drive and pay for parking at the marina.

The number of people for each tour is limited, making it more peaceful. There are no photo or video sales.

We stopped in front of La Caleta beach for an aperitif and a swim break during the evening tour. In this way, we saw this beach that cannot be reached by car and requires a long walk via paths on foot.



The best place to observe the stars in Tenerife is Teide National Park. Teide National Park has not only been defined by NASA as a “window to the universe”, but it is also the 3rd best place in the world for stargazing.

In fact, the pristine conditions of the Canary Skies offer astronomy lovers and those who simply want to live a different and unique experience: it can well be defined as a spectacular spectacle.

Los Gigantes

One of the wonders of Tenerife is represented by Los Gigantes. Los Gigantes is a tourist resort characterized by an imposing and magnificent cliff overlooking the sea. The dark color makes it even more scenographic and unique. The best way to admire it is from the sea, which is possible thanks to the many whale and dolphin watching boat tours.

Los Gigantes has located quite a distance from Adeje and Puerto Colón, and not all boat tours that depart from this marina go as far as Los Gigantes. In any case, usually, the 4-hour tours manage to get up to here and also stop for a swim break right in front of these cliffs and Playa de Masca.

Masca Beach Los Gigantes Things to do in south Tenerife
Masca Beach Los Gigantes | Things to do in South Tenerife

South Tenerife beaches

  • Playa del Duque
  • Abama Beach
  • Fañabé Beach
  • Playa de Masca (Los Gigantes)

Can you swim in Tenerife?

Yes, it is possible to swim. What is the Tenerife swimming season? The truth is that you can swim practically throughout the year in Tenerife. For this reason, tourists particularly love coming to Tenerife in the winter, when swimming in many other places by the sea is impossible. Consequently, the high season in Tenerife occurs in winter.

Tenerife is a Spanish island, but it is located much further south of Spain, in the African area, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean.

The ocean waters that bathe the beaches of South Tenerife are transparent and invite you to enter the water when the ocean is not too rough.

Can you swim in Tenerife Things to do in South Tenerife South Tenerife beaches
Can you swim in Tenerife? | Things to do in South Tenerife | South Tenerife beaches

The first sensation you get when entering the water is cold, but if you resist for the first few moments, the bath is very pleasant, and you no longer feel the water’s cold.

Can you swim in Tenerife in April?

Can you swim in Tenerife in April? Yes, of course, you can swim in Tenerife in April. The water is cold at first impact, but after a while, you are inside, it becomes pleasant, and maybe you will never want to get out 😉

Playa del Duque

Playa del Duque is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Tenerife. It has an elegant look, here you can find good services, and when the ocean is not too rough, you can also appreciate the transparency of the water.

The beach is flanked by a scenic rocky wall with a somewhat rounded shape, differentiating it from other beaches.

South Tenerife beaches Playa de Duque
South Tenerife beaches: Playa de Duque | TOP Things to do in South Tenerife & South Tenerife beaches

On Duque Beach, time is marked only by the ocean waves that rock you and make you feel their extraordinary strength at the same time. It is very pleasant to stand on the shore, but the waves gradually digging into the sand will bury your feet.

On this beach, the children have a lot of fun running away from the waves.

Prices for sunbeds and umbrellas on the Duque beach

How much does it cost to rent sunbeds and umbrellas at Duque Beach? In the following image, you will find some prices for 2023.

Prices for sunbeds and umbrellas on the Duque beach Tenerife
Prices for sunbeds and umbrellas on the Duque Beach Tenerife | TOP Things to do in South Tenerife & South Tenerife beaches

Is there a beach bar on Duque Beach?

Yes, there is a bar on Duque Beach, and it’s like a balcony on the beach. A good place for a snack without giving up the view of the beach. The prices are not particularly high, considering the location of the bar.

South Tenerife beaches bar Playa de Duque
South Tenerife beaches: bar Playa de Duque | TOP Things to do in South Tenerife & South Tenerife beaches

Restaurants near Duque Beach

Some restaurants on the road run along the beach, but in general, they are more expensive than those in nearby Playa de Fañabé.

Abama Beach

Abama Beach looks like a precious cove and is a place to visit as a small corner of paradise.

Playa Abama Beach Tenerife Spain
Abama Beach Tenerife Spain | TOP Things to do in South Tenerife & South Tenerife beaches

This cove is naturally sheltered from the winds, and the ocean waves crash onto the beach more gently than the wider beaches always present here in Tenerife.

The clear water is absolutely inviting, and swimming here is very pleasant. A ladder on the left allows you to descend from the rocks into the water in a perfect natural swimming pool style.

Playa Abama Beach Tenerife swim
Playa Abama Beach Tenerife: clear water and swimming | TOP Things to do in South Tenerife & South Tenerife beaches

If you pass the restaurant and take the pedestrian street on the left that runs alongside the rock, you can also see other small and magnificent natural pools.

Who are the real masters of this place? It is the crabs of different colors and sizes that inhabit these waters. You may occasionally see them in groups trying to get out of the water or completely relaxing on the rock out of the water.

Do I have to pay to access Abama Beach?

You can access the beach freely without paying if you want to use only the free beach.

Rental of umbrellas and sunbeds on Abama beach

Is there a beach establishment where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds at Abama Beach? Yes, a medium/upscale establishment, The Beach Club, is connected to the nearby 5-star hotel The Ritz-Carlton Tenerife.

Although the bathing establishment is associated with the hotel, everyone can use it. In April 2023, the cost of each sunbed was 20 euros, towels included, and the cost of the umbrella was 10 euros.

Lunch at Abama Beach

Still at The Beach Club, you can also get food, but the prices are slightly high, especially for some dishes. I say this even taking into account the portion given for each dish which surely cannot satisfy large appetites.

The Beach Club Abama beach Tenerife food prices
The Beach Club Abama Beach Tenerife food prices | TOP Things to do in South Tenerife & South Tenerife beaches

How to get to Playa Abama? + Abama Beach parking

If you are staying along the Adeje coast in the Duque beach area and Puerto Colon, you will need a car to reach Playa Abama. In any case, it is not too far from the places just indicated because you should arrive in about twenty minutes.

When you arrive near the beach, you have to take a road where there are various hotels and residences. You can travel along this road by car, but then you cannot park either along the street or at the end of the street. In fact, you have to park further away and then walk to the beach.

There are some car parks just before this road, but you may find them all full. Alternatively, many park their car on the TF-47 main road in front of the banana plantation.

When planning to go to Abama Beach, you must therefore take into account that you also have to walk a part of the way. It will take you about 15 minutes. Maybe a little less on the outward journey because the road is downhill but a little more on the way back because it is uphill; nothing too complicated anyway because the road is also paved.

At the end of this road, you will find yourself in front of a beautiful view of Playa Abama from above and a stairway that allows you to go down to the beach.

This whole route is not particularly complicated and absolutely feasible, but if someone has problems moving and walking, they can also be accompanied by car down to the beach as in addition to the staircase, there is also a road that can be traveled by car that takes you up down to the beach.

Clearly, at least the driver has to go back to park the car and walk the whole way because you can’t park either along the road that leads to the steps down to the beach, or at the end of the road, or down at the beach.

Is the parking for a fee?

No, there are free parking spaces.

Fañabé Beach

Playa de Fañabé is one of the longest beaches on the Costa de Adeje. It is located between Playa del Duque and Puerto Colón and is, in fact, connected to Playa del Duque and Puerto Colón by a beautiful pedestrian street that runs along the coast and the ocean and which, as you can well imagine, is also very panoramic. 

It is by walking along this road from Playa del Duque towards Playa de Fañabé that you arrive at a point above sea level where you can see all of Playa de Fañabé. 

This vantage point offers you a beautiful view of the whole of Fañabé beach and is very beautiful to see both during the day and at night.

By day, you can see the length of the whole beach, and you can well see that this is a beach suitable for all those who like to take nice walks on the shore. In the evening, however, you can see the illuminated urban area behind the beach from here. Very nice to see the lights, but this also makes you realize that the beach is in a busy area both day and night.

So if you are looking for an equipped beach, close to bars, restaurants and equipped with other services, Playa de Fañabé is right for you, less so if you are looking for a quieter and more isolated beach.

Advantages and strengths of Playa de Fañabé

Here are the advantages, strengths, or things you can appreciate about Playa de Fañabé:

  1. The beach is long and is suitable not only for those who like to swim but also for those who love to take nice walks on the shore
  2. There are many services. By services, I mean not only rental and umbrellas but also bars, restaurants of various kinds (there is also one of the most panoramic McDonald’s I’ve ever seen overlooking the beach), shops just behind the beach where they offer massages, souvenir shops and also shops and kiosks where you can book a range of excursions and water sports.
  3. The beaches here are clearly of volcanic origin, but the sand of Playa de Fañabé, perhaps more than in others, forms plays of light and dark color near the shore. Very nice to see.
  4. Towards the middle of Fañabé Beach, there is a pontoon where you can walk towards the ocean. From here, you can observe the beach from a different angle. Better to walk on this pier with slippers as the surface is not perfectly smooth.
  5. Around the jetty just mentioned, there are large boulders, home to numerous crabs of different sizes, some of which are quite large. They are very nice to be able to observe and photograph.
  6. Last but not least, the ocean water along the South Tenerife coast is transparent and pleasant to swim in. In some places, this beach is more sheltered from the waves, and when you enter the water, you can walk a few meters before it gets deep.

Disadvantages of Playa de Fanabé

We have just listed the advantages of Playa de Fañabé, but are there also 1 or more disadvantages? Indeed, yes, and here it is:

  1. It is located in a highly urbanized and touristic area. It is therefore not suitable for those who prefer isolated and wilder beaches.

Are there any bathing establishments in Playa de Fañabé where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds?

The Fanabé Beach positive aspect of being in a very busy area is that here you can find different types of services and therefore also the rental of umbrellas and sunbeds.

The offer of this type of rental is quite varied as you can choose a more expensive super-comfort solution and a cheaper one, even if still valid.

For example, you can choose to go to “Le Club” to rent a “double bed” with an umbrella for a cost (April 2023) of 80 euros per day with food and drinks included. Approximately half of this amount is the cost of the super double bed, and the other half is a prepaid amount you can use on your choice of drinks and food.

You can find good comfort at ” Le Club, ” but from our experience, the negative note is the music. Being quite repetitive and incessant does not allow you to relax completely, and at a certain time of day, it began annoying me, although it usually does not annoy me. However, it is purely a matter of taste and preference.

You can then order a sangria to consume while you relax on your sunbed and then, at lunchtime, settle down to enjoy a light dish (the portions at “Le Club” are not very generous).

Alternatively, you can go to the “3 Tapas” which is located approximately in the middle of the beach, and rent 2 sunbeds and 1 umbrella for 18 euros per day (April 2023 prices). Personally, I love the location of this bar/beach club because:

  1. Is located in front of the pier where you can walk and enter the ocean;
  2. You can admire the many crabs of various sizes that inhabit the boulders around the jetty;
  3. It is pleasant to swim in the stretch of ocean that is right in front of the “3 Tapas”, to the left of the port if you are facing the ocean, as at certain times of the day, it is more sheltered from the winds, and you can better appreciate the crystal clear water.

Playa de Masca

This beach is in the Los Gigantes area.

Playa de Masca Los Gigantes Tenerife beaches
Playa de Masca Los Gigantes Tenerife beaches | TOP Things to do in South Tenerife & South Tenerife beaches

South Tenerife weather March

  • South Tenerife weather March 20230320
  • South Tenerife weather March 20230320
  • South Tenerife weather March 20230326
  • South Tenerife weather March 20230330

Tenerife in April

I personally think that April and May are the ideal 2 months to go to Tenerife. Especially in April, when elsewhere the temperatures are still cool in Tenerife, you can enjoy a glimpse of summer in the early way and enjoy the beaches of South Tenerife.

Then, as I said at the beginning of this post, the high season in Tenerife is winter, and the low season is summer. Spring is considered mid-season, so hotel prices are more than affordable. Even flights to Tenerife in spring generally have good prices and are much more affordable than in December/January.

In summer, however, despite the fact that there are good offers in terms of prices, high-temperature peaks are reached.

Therefore April is an excellent month both in terms of temperatures and prices. So if someone were to ask me if I would gladly go to Tenerife next April, I would certainly answer yes.

South Tenerife weather April

Here are some examples of temperatures in Tenerife South in April. However, I must say that the perceived temperature in Tenerife is higher than what is reported in the weather. During the day in southern Tenerife in April at the beach, we happened to feel slightly cool and put on a shirt, but most of the time, we were quiet on the beach in our swimsuits, as was everyone else.

  • South Tenerife weather April 20230402
  • South Tenerife weather April 20230405
  • South Tenerife weather April 20230417
  • South Tenerife weather April 20230421
  • South Tenerife weather April 20230423
  • South Tenerife weather April 20230424

In the evening, the temperatures drop slightly; therefore, it is better to bring a light sweater or a long-sleeved shirt to cover up. If there is a little more wind, it is also better to bring a light jacket.

Can you swim in Tenerife in April?

Yes, of course in Tenerife in April you can swim! The water is cold at first impact, but when you enter, after a few seconds, you no longer feel the cold, and being in the water becomes pleasant.

It takes a little courage to dive in at first, but it’s worth it. And someone who generally suffers from the cold says it 😉

This is true in our experience, but you have also heard many others in the water calling their relatives or friends to convince them to enter, saying something like: “Come, enter, then you won’t feel the cold anymore, it’s fine, it’s beautiful!”.

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