You are currently viewing 1 beautiful paradise: Punta Molentis beach in Villasimius Sardinia Italy
Punta Molentis beach in Villasimius Sardinia Italy

1 beautiful paradise: Punta Molentis beach in Villasimius Sardinia Italy

Punta Molentis beach in Villasimius Sardinia Italy – Punta Molentis Beach is located in Villasimius. It is certainly one of the most beautiful beaches not only in southeastern Sardinia but I dare say in all of Sardinia: it is a true paradise.

Punta Molentis beach conquers not for the breadth of its beach but for its clear waters and the air you breathe here, in this very special place. The colors of the waters that bathe the beach of Punta Molentis dazzle and amaze.

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Punta Molentis beach gives you real emotions and happiness. The sea water is not only transparent but has incredible colors; it has a deep blue color.

It truly feels like paradise, especially if you arrive early in the morning when there aren’t many people yet. In fact, I advise you to arrive at Punta Molentis beach early in the morning for 2 fundamental reasons:

  1. First of all, you have the possibility to easily access the car park and have no problems finding a space.
  2. You can see the beach in all its beauty. This way you can make unique photos.

Punta Molentis is a beach set in the southeast coast of Sardinia and separated from all the rest thanks to the presence of promontories that rise along the coast. In particular, on one side we have 2 promontories covered with somewhat wild vegetation. On the other side there is another small promontory topped with a rock whose point rises upwards.

When you arrive by boat it is very beautiful because if you arrive from Costa Rei you pass next to this part of the rock and as soon as you turn the corner, the view changes, your view opens up and you see this magnificent beach, this little corner of paradise.

This rock, together with other characteristic factors, symbolizes Punta Molentis beach and it seems to indicate its position. To make the image more unique and characteristic, always on this side we have a tropical-style bar.

Here in Punta Molentis beach you are in Sardinia, but you can travel with your imagination as you could be in any other tropical paradise in the world. 

How much does it cost to access the Punta Molentis beach?

The cost to access Punta Molentis beach for 2 people and a car at the end of June 2023 was 12 euros in total. If you are disabled you do not pay and only your companion pays 1 euro for access to the beach. So 1 euro instead of 12.

Umbrella rental Punta Molentis: Can umbrellas and sunbeds be rented at Punta Molentis beach?

Yes, there is a bathing establishment in Punta Molentis called “I due Mari”. So how much does it cost to rent an umbrella and two sunbeds? The cost in June 2023 was €40 for the first row, €35 for the second row, €30 for the third row and €25 for the fourth row and above.

How does getting the umbrella and sunbeds at the I 2 Mari bathing establishment in Punta Molentis beach work?

To get the umbrella and the sunbeds you have to ask the lifeguard who is under the red umbrella. In fact, it’s not like in Greece or in other parts of the world that you put yourself under an umbrella and then the lifeguard comes by to ask for payment. Here, as generally happens in any part of Italy, first ask the lifeguard and then he will show you which umbrellas are available and accompany you to the umbrella.
This is especially true of the fact that the umbrellas you see available may not be. In fact, beach umbrellas can be reserved, even if, as the sign near the lifeguard post indicates, reserved beach umbrellas must be occupied by 10:30 to avoid losing the priority acquired.

Do you need shoes to enter the water at Punta Molentis?

Absolutely not. One of the nicest and most enjoyable parts is getting into the water and walking on the sand. Rather than shoes, fins are better as it is beautiful to swim and snorkel here in Punta Molentis. It is a pleasure to discover the smaller and slightly larger fish that inhabit these crystalline waters.

Are there any toilets or WCs in Punta Molentis beach?

Yes in Punta Molentis there is a bathroom with WC. It is managed separately from the bathing establishment and the bar. The single access and use of the WC costs 1 euro.

Are there showers in Punta Molentis?

Yes, there are showers and a shower costs €1. They are located a little further from the beach than the toilets. Where am I? They are on the road that takes you to the beach, the road you walk from the parking lot to the beach.

Is there a bar on Punta Molentis Beach?

Yes, there is a bar where there are also some tables in the shade where you can eat even in the hottest hours to find some refreshments. You can have lunch with various dishes including some salads.

Punta Molentis in Sardinian history

The origin of the name Molentis is to be found in the Sardinian word “molente” which in Italian means “donkey”. The name of this place was certainly not given by chance as in the past granite was extracted in this area and donkeys were used to transport the granite.

What is the peculiarity of Punta Molentis?

The peculiarity of Punta Molentis is that it is surrounded by water like a real peninsula. Punta Molentis in fact gives the impression of being bathed by 2 seas. When you read the name Punta Molentis it gives you an idea of ​​the conformation of the coastal area where this beach is located.

This beach is located right on a tip in the Villasimius area. On one side you have the beautiful beach washed by the sea and surprisingly behind the beach there are no hills but more sea! A few years ago, it was also possible to easily access the sea from the back of the beach, then a storm took away most of the sand and therefore the back of the beach is now protected by boulders. However, if you go up to the small promontory where the pointy rock is, you can see the sea well on both sides.

For safety, it is better that you climb this small promontory with the right shoes, better with sneakers. You can also go up with slippers but with trainers it is safer.

To show you the 2 seas that bathe the beach of Punta Molentis, in the next subtitle you will find a video that shows you an overview of the beach of Punta Molentis right from the position just mentioned.

View of Punta Molentis and 2 seas

In the following video, a view of Punta Molentis, where you can clearly see that the sea bathes it from 2 sides.

Punta Molentis beach in Villasimius Sardinia Italy

Access to Punta Molentis beach 2023

What is very important to know is that access to Punta Molentis Beach is limited and subject to payment. For this reason, it is important to arrive early in the morning or you can book access to the beach and parking on the website

Booking is not mandatory, and you must consider that it is possible to book by midnight of the day before the date you want to go to Punta Molentis. It is impossible to cancel already paid reservations or change the reservation date. However, it is possible to change the car’s license plate that must access the Punta Molentis car park by midnight of the day before.

On the way to the beach, you will find a person in charge to whom you can make the payment and who will issue you the ticket to be displayed on the car.

Access by car costs 10 euros, including parking for the whole day. The parking ticket can be used on all the beaches of Villasimius. Sometimes we happened to use this possibility and come to Punta Molentis early in the morning and then move later to Porto Giunco. We were with friends who were only staying a few days in Sardinia, and this way, they could see 2 beaches in one day with just one parking ticket.

You also pay 1 euro per person for access to the beach.

Punta Molentis Closed number 2023

In recent years, access to Punta Molentis beach has been limited for various reasons and this year too the Punta Molentis beach is limited in number. The maximum number of people who can access the beach in 2023 is 600 with a total of 200 parking spaces. Therefore, having reached 600 entries, others are not allowed to enter until someone decides to leave.

It must be said that 600 people in Punta Molentis are a considerable number, considering the beach size. However, in order not to risk it, I recommend arriving at Punta Molentis early in the morning, I would say before 9, to be sure of accessing without problems. 

You can also book access to the beach but arriving early I personally have never needed to book and have never had a problem. In any case, if you are not sure about arriving early or if you plan to go in a busy period such as mid-August, you can certainly consider booking.

In fact, I happened to see people who arrived late in the morning, in the car in the sun waiting for someone to come out. Surely this is not pleasant.

Arrival of the bathers at Punta Molentis on a morning at the end of June 2023

To help you better understand how the Punta Molentis beach fills up and the arrival time of tourists, let’s take a weekday morning at the end of June 2023 as an example.

  • At 08:50 the Punta Molentis beach is almost completely empty. There are some, but very few people.
  • It is now 09:23 and the beach is much busier as many people have already arrived, so even though it is quite early in the morning the beach is already starting to get crowded.
  • At 09:30 the first motorboat arrives on the beach to take people to Punta Molentis. So the paradise of Punta Molentis not only begins to get crowded with people arriving by car, but also with people arriving by boat. Moreover, the quiet is disturbed by the comings and goings of motorboats. Therefore it is definitely better to arrive a little before 9 or around 9 at the latest, in order to take some nice pictures and see the beach when it is not too crowded.
  • At 10:15 am the beach is decidedly crowded and also the bathing establishment begins to be full. As for sunbeds and umbrellas, seats in all rows are no longer available but only a few seats are available. Furthermore, some umbrellas and sunbeds seem free, but they are not because they are booked. In fact, if you want you can book umbrellas and sunbeds in advance.
  • At 12:30 peace and relaxation are now irreparably interrupted as the beach is crowded with people. There is a great coming and going of people brought by boats. There are many people in the water; there is excitement and noise. Children who generally love water and sand by nature show extreme happiness and joy by working tirelessly in the most various construction jobs. As in the best building sites, they call each other loudly. Some have a beautiful ringing voice. Those who want to walk must pay attention to the carefully dug holes on the shore of this beautiful but not very long beach. Anyone who just wants to relax or rest does it very hard.
  • At 12:35 we want to compare the current aspect of Punta Molentis beach from that of 9 in the morning and we conclude that it is completely different. It’s still a nice place, but it’s definitely not a piece of heaven anymore. 
  • At 13:00 we have a better look at the free part of the beach of Punta Molentis. The beach is no longer a paradise but more like a super crowded tent city.

Is it possible to book access to the Punta Molentis beach?

Yes, it is possible to book access to the Punta Molentis beach from the website .
Booking is not mandatory and you must consider that it is possible to book by midnight of the day before the date on which you want to go to Punta Molentis. It is not possible to cancel already paid reservations or change the reservation date.
It is possible to change the license plate by midnight of the day before.

Video Punta Molentis beach Sardinia

In this video we see Munta Molentis from above, seen from the beach and underwater. Watch the following video!

Punta Molentis beach in Villasimius Sardinia Italy

Snorkeling Punta Molentis Sardinia

Punta Molentis is a great place to snorkel. The fish reach the shore and for this reason it is also very good for the less experienced.

We immerse ourselves in the beautiful clear waters of the Punta Molentis beach. Snorkeling in Sardinia is always spectacular, but Punta Molentis in particular is the ideal place for snorkeling.

Immersing ourselves in the waters of Punta Molentis beach we get to know a nice friend: a small colored fish that swims among the other silver fish. This fish appears to be a Thalassoma fish. We immediately like this colorful fish and we like to observe it. While swimming, it flaps its fins rapidly. He likes to swim close to us and hide among the rocks.

Also, on other occasions, when we snorkeled in Punta Molentis, starting from the beach, we saw different types of fish such as our silver fish friends who welcomed us in the water swimming with us, fish with light yellow streaks. Moreover, every now and then you happen to see some bigger fish that stands out among the others.

The following video was also shot in Punta Molentis but while swimming from the boat:

Punta Molentis beach in Villasimius Sardinia Italy


The toilet facilities are not connected to the beach service or the bar. Just before going down to the beach there is a bathroom available to both those who are on the free beach and those who have rented umbrellas and sunbeds. Of course, even the toilets are paid! 😉

However, the wonder of this beach pays off.

Some opinions

So Gabriel, after this day at Punta Molentis in June 2023 what can you tell me, what do you think?

Beautiful, crystal clear sea, somewhat crowded beach, many children and families. 

Beautiful, crystal clear sea, somewhat crowded beach, many children and families. 

And what do you think, do you think it is the most beautiful beach in the area or do you think there are other more beautiful beaches? Whether it’s a beach where you can go for just one day or whether it’s a beach you can go to several times in one vacation? 

It is one of the most beautiful beaches, I think of the South of Sardinia. There are others too, but this one is very special. It should be remembered that entry is limited to a specific number of people. It’s a beach where you can go for several days, but one day is enough. 


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