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Best places to visit in Sicily things to do and see

TOP 10 Best Places to visit in Sicily things to do and see

TOP 20 Best places to visit in Sicily things to do and see – Here we are ready to leave for Sicily, but before leaving, we ask ourselves, which are the only places to visit in Sicily? What see? Sicily is a wonderful island but also quite large. To understand what to see in Sicily, we divide our magnificent island into two parts, east and west, according to the two most famous airports: Catania to the east and Palermo to the west.

Best places to visit in Sicily East and West

Let’s see together the best places to visit in East and West Sicily. In both cases, we do it with a virtual tour and a succession of wonderful places. These 2 tours of East and West Sicily are also good examples of things to do and see in Sicily for your holiday of a week or more.

East Sicily things to do and see

East Sicily things to do and see: to get an idea of ​​which places to visit in the eastern part of Sicily, let’s first draw up a list and then go on to describe them better.

  1. Taormina
  2. Giarre
  3. Syracuse
  4. Marzamemi and Pachino
  5. Portopalo di Capo Passero (beautiful sea)
  6. Ragusa
  7. Gela
  8. Caltagirone
  9. Capo d’Orlando
  10. Catania

If we land in Catania, the destinations not to be missed are Taormina and Giarre, sites known for their sea and their very picturesque small towns.

Moving slightly further south, a place worth seeing is Syracuse. Syracuse is a town with a rustic character, but it is also very archaeological. From an archaeological point of view, a site not to be missed is the Ear of Dionysus: a cave located in a stone quarry.

Continuing your journey along the coast, you can visit Marzamemi and Pachino. Marzamemi and Pachino are two little-known cities, but they are truly special for their true Sicilian life. Also, not far from Pachino, passing through Portopalo di Capo Passero, you can see a wonderful sea.

We now continue our tour passing through Ragusa: another very archaeological city and absolutely not to be missed.

Continuing in our direction, we arrive directly in Gela. Especially in the oldest part, Gela will show us special things to see, and the neighborhoods are very picturesque. The archaeological area, together with its museum, has recently been modernized, so it is a site that deserves our attention. You should be able to visit it in a few hours, and this is positive because you will also have time to walk along the seafront, which has also been recently renovated and refurbished to give value to the whole area.

Up to this point in our tour, we’ve been heading north to south and then heading west. Now always remaining in the eastern part of Sicily, we head north again towards Caltagirone. Caltagirone is the city of ceramics, famous for its staircase, where you will see different decorations on each step.

Caltagirone is a Sicilian town known and famous worldwide for its hand-decorated ceramics. They are very beautiful, and it will be difficult to resist the temptation not to buy one, you’ll see!.

The staircase is certainly a “must” in Caltagirone, but it is not the only place to visit here. Another place to visit in Caltagirone is also Piazza Armerina to go and see the Villa Romana del Casale: ancient remains of an ancient Roman Villa.

This Roman Villa is well preserved and well equipped to facilitate its visit to tourists who come to appreciate its beauty.

We now travel north again to Capo d’Orlando. The road that leads from Capo d’Orlando to Milazzo is a spectacle of nature: the sea is wonderful, and even the small towns have a very nice seafront. As if that were not enough in front of us we will also have the Aeolian Islands.

We return to Catania to visit the city center and if we still have time, we organize ourselves to take an excursion to Etna Park: possibly to visit the Sapienza Refuge or the Alcantara Gorges, which is a botanical and geological park.

At this point, we have completed our wonderful tour of eastern Sicily.

West Sicily things to do and see

West Sicily things to do and see: to get an idea of ​​which places to visit in the western part of Sicily, let’s first draw up a list and then go on to describe them. Also in this case, as in the previous subtitle, “East Sicily things to do and see”, our list of places in succession can be taken as an inspiration for your holiday of a week or more in Sicily Italy.

  1. Palermo
  2. Zingaro Natural Park (sea)
  3. Temple of Segesta
  4. Trapani
  5. Erice
  6. Salt marshes of Marsala
  7. Mazara del Vallo
  8. Islands of Favignana
  9. Agrigento and its Valley of the Temples
  10. Enna

If we land in Palermo and, therefore, in the western part of Sicily, we already have many historical and natural treasures around us. Furthermore, Palermo is a wonderful city, even if chaotic.

A marvel of this area and a place not to be missed is the Zingaro natural park from Castellammare del Golfo, passing through Scopello to San Vito Lo Capo. Here the beaches are truly extraordinary, and some are accessible only on foot or by boat.

Best places to visit in Sicily things to do and see

We continue our tour going towards Trapani, but before arriving in Trapani, it’s really worth stopping to visit the temple of Segesta: one of the best archaeological sites in conservation in all of Sicily.

Going toward Trapani we find the City of Science: Erice. Besides being the City of Science, Erice is an ancient city whose road climbs a small mountain. Visiting Erice allows you to leap into the past, and you will feel like you have gone back in time.

Going from Trapani to Marsala, passing through the salt pans of Marsala, you will find an authentic Sicily, not only historical but also tasty. We are talking about tasty Sicily because in this area you can taste very delicious foods and dishes.

Following the coast, you can reach Mazara del Vallo. The characteristic and specialty of Mazara del Vallo is fish, as it is a fishing town, and the life of the inhabitants of this town revolves around this hard and difficult work.

The most adventurous and early risers can go at 3:45 am to visit the fish market. You will be surprised to see how ordinary people negotiate the price of very fresh fish, which you can then enjoy in the best restaurants or, if you prefer, buy to cook and enjoy at home.

Still, on the western side of Sicily, we find the Islands of Favignana. The Islands of Favignana are part of the Egadi Islands and are accessible by ferries.

Continuing our journey along the coast, we reach a unique and wonderful place to visit here in Sicily: Agrigento and its Valley of the Temples. Agrigento’s fame for the beauty of its archaeological finds is certainly well-placed.

Agrigento Valley of the Temples | Best places to visit in Sicily things to do and see

In the center of Sicily, you absolutely cannot miss Enna. This is also a historic city surrounded by quite high hills: in some seasons these hills are green and almost remind you of the center of Italy.

There are many beauties of Sicily, and in this little trip, we have mentioned only a few.

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