You are currently viewing TOP 10 Italy Lake Como Bellagio things to do

TOP 10 Italy Lake Como Bellagio things to do

Italy Lake Como Bellagio things to do – What to do and visit in Bellagio? Here our list:

  1. I Giardini di Villa Melzi
  2. Lungolago Europa
  3. Salita Serbelloni
  4. Villa Serbelloni park and Bellagio castle ruins
  5. Punta Spartivento
  6. Defensive medieval Tower
  7. Piazza Mazzini
  8. San Giacomo church
  9. Salita Antonio Mella
  10. Salita Genazzini

Let’s see some of these places together.

Video Bellagio Lake Como in winter

Bellagio Lake Como in winter

Lakeside Europe

The lakefront of Bellagio is gorgeous as it is wide, tidy and offers beautiful views of the Bellagio profile. Walking along the lakefront towards the center of Bellagio, you can admire some beautiful views.

The colorful buildings that overlook the lake in the center of Bellagio, the swans that move elegantly on the lake, and the comings and goings of the boats are the predominant elements of these scenarios.

Walking along the lakefront of Bellagio, we must take the time to enjoy these views to enjoy them to the fullest.

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Salita Serbelloni

The Salita Serbelloni is maybe the most famous Bellagio street because you always see it in the social. It’s a very instagrammable place. This street is always cute as a wide staircase forms it, it is full of colorful little shops and characteristic corners, but I think autumn is the best period to see it.

However, this steer is cute to see and has particular historical importance. The inhabitants of Bellagio still call it “The Moat” today because, in the Middle Age period, a moat was used to defend the village.

Furthermore, the wall on the right, if we see the Salita Serbelloni with Via Garibaldi behind us, was part of the medieval defensive system of Bellagio, with three entrances or city gates towards the village.

Where were the 3 city gates to the village of Bellagio in the Middle Ages?

  1. One of the city gates was located right at the top of Salita Serbelloni, where there was also a drawbridge.
  2. One on the side of the lake, still highlighted today by the passage under the small porch.
  3. One near the current bell tower.

Villa Serbelloni park and Bellagio castle ruins

The visit to the Park of Villa Serbelloni can only be done through guided tours.

Italy Lake Como Bellagio things to do. Visit Villa Serbelloni and Bellagio Castle ruins

Usually the visit to this park is possible from mid-March to October. However the opening hours you can refer to the following site: Park of Villa Serbelloni.

Defensive medieval Tower

The medieval defense tower stands out in Piazza Della Chiesa in the historical center of Bellagio. It is an 11th-century tower that you can see outside for free and now houses the tourist office.

Bellagio free things to do See the Defensive Medieval Tower

The Medieval Defense Tower is the only part of Bellagio’s ancient medieval defense system that has survived to this day. Where is it? Here is the map:

Bellagio Beaches

Bellagio public beach

Public beach with free access. However, the beach also has deck chairs and umbrellas for hire.

Beach in Pescallo

Small and quiet beach in Pescallo, located on the opposite side of the lakefront of Bellagio.

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