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Lake Maggiore Baveno Italy Things to do

Top 5 Experience the Best of Baveno Italy: Lake Maggiore Delights

Baveno, Italy, nestled by the stunning Lake Maggiore, offers a plethora of activities for all visitors. From breathtaking natural landscapes to cultural gems, this charming town has something for everyone. Whether you’re an adventurous soul seeking outdoor thrills or a culture enthusiast eager to explore the local heritage, Baveno promises an unforgettable experience. In this blog post, we present the top 5 things to do in Baveno, Italy, ensuring that your visit to this enchanting destination becomes truly remarkable. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the wonders awaiting you in Baveno!

Best things to do in Baveno Italy

If you are in Baveno, here are the 5 best things to do:

  1. The lakeside of Baveno
  2. The Borromean Islands: see the Borromean Gulf and the 3 Borromean Islands Lake Maggiore: a real gem
  3. Stresa Italy
  4. Feriolo.
  5. Verbania: see Top 10 Lake Maggiore Verbania what to do?

Baveno Lake Maggiore in Winter what to do?

Baveno is a perfect place to visit in Spring and Summer but it’s also a good idea in winter. What can I do in Baveno in Winter? Let’s watch the following video to find a very good idea for a special day!

Video text:

Hi everybody, we are in Baveno on Lake Maggiore in winter. Let’s enjoy this relaxing walk. Our final destination is Fisherman Island or Isola Pescatori. In front of us is the famous Hotel Dino. Very famous hotel here on the lake.

And then in front of us is Pallanza, where we see the characteristic bell tower of the church. Then we have the Isola Madre or Mother Island and then Laveno, where you can take the cable car to get to the top of the Sasso del Ferro. And here on the other side, we have the other 2 islands.

The Beautiful Island and the Fisherman Island. And as we said, here the famous Dino hotel. Let’s continue our walk!

This is very cute. Because we can see all these flowers. And then we always have a view of the 2 islands. Now they can be seen in the distance. The Beautiful Island and the Fisherman Island.

Here in Baveno you can walk quietly. And in front of us … … we also have the Imbarcadero or landing stage. Where you can take the boat. For the Islands. Or for Pallanza for example.

It is now December and therefore everything is very quiet. Few people around. But during the summer there are many people. Here we are at the Imbarcadero or landing stage right in front of us.

Where we can take the boat for, in our case, the Fisherman Island or Isola Pescatori. Going to the Fisherman Island or Isola Pescatori is a good idea even in winter because there are so many good restaurants.

We are now on the boat because we’re having lunch at the Isola Pescatori! We can now see the Fisherman Island or Isola Pescatori! We’re now arrived!

See you in the following video! Bye!

The lakeside of Baveno Italy

Here are some pictures of the Baveno lakefront.


Feriolo is a small town on Lake Maggiore and remains under the municipality of Baveno. Feriolo is one of the most characteristic villages of Lake Maggiore and has its own unmistakable profile.

If you don’t have much time to dedicate to this location, I recommend that you park your car in the parking lot that you find right on the main road.

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From here with a few steps, you can reach the gazebo which offers you a beautiful view of Feriolo di Baveno.

I personally love to stop and admire Feriolo both during the day and in the evening. Feriolo is really beautiful in the evening. In fact, the moment of the day I prefer to admire Feriolo is in the evening, when the lights of the town are reflected on the lake and the town takes on a magical atmosphere.

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What to do in Feriolo?

Here are the main things to do in Feriolo:

  1. See the country from a gazebo and take a nice selfie here
  2. Take a nice walk around the lakefront
  3. In the summer, relax and sunbathe on the beach: Feriolo, for being such a small town on Lake Maggiore, is full of beaches. In particular we have one in front of the town center when the lake level is not too high and a wide beach at the bottom, after the town.
  4. Try the restaurants and choose your favorite restaurant. Did you know there’s a restaurant on a boat here?

Feriolo in winter

Feriolo in winter is an extremely quiet place, even too quiet. If you want to take a nice walk, Feriolo is an excellent idea, but on the lakefront, it is easy to find everything closed. If you want to find some open bars you have to head towards the main road. At this point, if you want to eat or have breakfast, better choose Baveno, Verbania, or the Fisherman Island.

Enjoy this beautiful walk in Feriolo in winter, in the following video we are in the first days of December.

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