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alpyland stresa mottarone roller coaster

Alpyland Coaster Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore

Alpyland – When you are in Stresa you can relax on Lake Maggiore, visit the Borromean Islands, and much more.

However, if you want to add something special to your holiday you should go to the top of the mountain called Mottarone. Here there is a beautiful view of seven lakes and you can go to Alpyland.

Alpyland is a Rollercoaster where you can regulate your speed, enjoy the ride and at the same time, you can see an amazing view of Lake Maggiore.

Watch the following video of our ride:

Here you can see the prices 2021 of the tickets according to the rides and riders:

You can ride alone or with someone. Each rider pays for his ride even if he goes with someone else.

This ride is much better when it’s sunny because with good weather you can have a clear view of the lake.

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