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Unforgettable 1 day in Florence: visit Florence in a day

1 day in Florence – You’d need more than 1 day in Florence but if you don’t have a lot of time and you want to visit Florence in a day in this article you’ll find your possible day itinerary.

1 day in Florence

1 day in Florence: morning

Use the morning to walk in the city. You can start by Piazza del Duomo where there is the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. From there you can go in the Piazza della Signoria.

In this square you’ll see also the David of Michelangelo but pay attention! This is only a copy. The original statue is placed in the Accademia Gallery. The Statue was removed from the square in 1872 to preserve it. If you spend only 1 day in Florence you don’t have enough time to see the original statue. Anyway be aware that this Statue is important not only because is masterpeace work of art but also for its meaning.

The David is a young man who has to fight against a giant. The David was made in fact a few years after the new republic was instituded. This young republic had to fight against giants as it could be the papacy of that time.

Another curiosity is that the David had originally to be placed on the Duomo as one of its decorative statue and not in the square.

After having enjoyed this amazing square we can continue our itinerary of 1 day in Florence.

Go through the streets and find out all the shops where you can buy very cute leather bags and clothes.

Unforgettable 1 day in Florence: visit Florence in a day 13

You can then pass through the bridge Ponte delle Grazie to go to Piazzale Michelangelo.

Passing on Ponte delle Grazie you’ll have a beautiful view of the famous Ponte Vecchio. This is one of the most characteristics views of Florence. A picture here is very instagrammable.

Continue now your tour by going to piazzale Michelangelo. From piazzale Michelangelo you can have an amzing view of Florence from above. When we want something is special we have to earn it and in fact a big effert is needed to get here 😉 … You’ll have to do a long stairway …

Unforgettable 1 day in Florence: visit Florence in a day 14

… but the view rewards your efforts and then you also have an excuse to have one more delicious fiorentina.

After this spectacle it’s the time to go back to the center and look for a restaurant.

Unforgettable 1 day in Florence: visit Florence in a day 15

While you are going back to the center take the opportuninty to go along Arno river …

Unforgettable 1 day in Florence: visit Florence in a day 16

… and pass on the Ponte Vecchio bridge.

The particularity of this bridge is that there are many shops on it. Here there are goldsmiths, silverware and jewelers.


After having visited the city you can continue your day in Florence visiting his main important museum: The Uffizi Gallery. The Uffizi Gallery is big and you have to plan well your time in it.

That’s why I’ve planned it for the aftenoon and not for the morning: the risk is to dedicate too much time to the museum and then, at the end, you don’t have time for all the other monuments you should visit.

In this museum you’ll see artworks of many famous painters and paintings of extraordinay value. So plan well your time and concentrate your attention to what you are more interested in.

At the end of your tour you’ll probably arrive where there is the coffee shop that has a beautiful terrace. The picture below shows what you can see from that terrace.

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