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Disneyland Paris Rides: What are the 7 most popular rides?

In this post we are going to see to best Disneyland Paris Rides. What are the most popular rides? Watch the videos below!

Disneyland Paris adrenaline rides

Disneyland Paris Rides: Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain is a very beautiful roller coaster ride and it’s similar to the one in Disneyworld however its setting has been carefully designed and adapted. So you can have a lot of fun and enjoy the setting.

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Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril

This roller coaster has more adrenaline than Big Thunder Mountain so it’s not suitable for everyone.

Although it’s a roller coaster and not a scene ride through the waiting line they’ve created a perfect setting in Indiana Jones style. So in that way you are ready for the adventure!

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Hyperspace Mountain

It’s very similar to Space Montain in Disneywold but when you enter you are projected into a world of Star Wars. During the ride you will see big screen that simulate the space battle.

Surely it’s a good idea that enriches the classical version of Disney Space Mountain however it should be updated or revised according to the newer technology.

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Disneyland Paris Rides: adventure

Disneyland Paris Rides: Star Tours

Star Wars is suitable and fun for everyone. You will enter the space craft for intergalactical ride and will be accompanied by C-3PO. With a pilot like that surely something will go unexpected.

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Pirates of the Caribbean

This ride is suitable for everyone. On a boat you explore the adventurous world of the pirrates and the famous Jack Sparrow. Well done indeed!

Disneyland Paris Rides: What are the 7 most popular rides? 3

Peter Pan’s Flight

Disneyland Paris Fastpass: Yes

Buzz Lightyear Laser Blast

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