You are currently viewing Disneyland Paris in one day? 2 parks in 1 day? Impossible?
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Disneyland Paris in one day? 2 parks in 1 day? Impossible?

Disneyland Paris in one day? Yes, you can do Disneyland Paris in one day visiting the parks and doing your favorite attractions.

How many parks are there at Disneyland Paris?

Disneyland Paris has only two parks: Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios. You may compare Disneyland park to the Magic Kingdom and Walt Disney Studios to Hollywood Studios. Futhermore Walt Disney Studios is opened but a part of it is being refurnished.

Can Disneyland Paris be done in one day?

In one day you can’t visit the two parks, do all the attractions and see the shows.

Anyway if you are in Paris for a few days and you want to visit Disneyland Paris one day it can be enough. In one day you can go around the two parks, do your top attractions and see a couple of shows. Alternatively you can focus your visit only on Disneyland Park.

How can I do 2 parks in 1 day?

  • Start your day at the opening time in Disneyland Park.
  • Take your first Disneyland Paris fast pass as soon as possible.
  • Spend your morning in the Disneyland Park doing the top attractions.
  • In the afternoon go to the Walt Disney Studio Park till it closes.
  • Go back to Disneyland Park because it usually closes after the Walt Disney Studio Park. So you should have still time to complete the park.
  • Finish your day in Disneyland with the final show in Disneyland Park.

In Disneyland Park you should do the following attractions:

In Walt Disney Studio:

  • Ratatouille. Don’t miss this attraction! You can use the single rider option on this attraction.
  • Choose a couple of shows you want to watch.
  • Crush’s Coaster. If you can, do also this attraction but here the line is often too long and there isn’t the fast pass option.

Disneyland Paris opening times

It’s important to be aware that the opening times in Disneyland Paris are different according to the season. In summer time Disneyland Park closes at 11 pm but in other seasons at 8 pm for example. If you want to visit Disneyland Paris in one day you should consider the opening times of your visit.

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