The Dragons lair Disneyland Paris

Discover the Disneyland Paris Dragon under the castle! Wow!

The Disney Castle in Disneyland Paris in very well made. It has many nice details. For example you can enter inside it and on the first floor there is a gallery where the Sleeping Beauty Story is rapresented on the windows.

Anyway what it’s really suprising it’s the Disneyland Paris Dragon. Don’t miss it! It’s not so easy to be found. If you don’t know that there is a Dragon under the castle you may not find it.

Where is the Disneyland Paris Dragon?

In order to find the Disneyland Paris Dragon you have two options. Your first option is the following. Don’t to go on the bridge and don’t enter in the main door of the castle but go otherwise on on the left side of the castle. You should then enter in the little door you see also in the video below.

The Disneyland Paris Dragon Cave has also another entrance in the cristals shop inside the castle. There is a stair that bring you downstairs where there is the dragon.

Discover the Disneyland Paris Dragon under the castle
Discover the Disneyland Paris Dragon under the castle! Wow! 3

The Disneyland Paris Dragon is very well rapresented and sometime it seems to sleep but someother times it wakes up! Everybody around the Dragon waits the time when it it wakes up and it roars.

Sometime the cave is closed and it’s better you vist the cave in the occasion you find it opened.

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