Lake Maggiore Borromean Islands Italy
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Lake Maggiore Borromean Islands Italy

Lake Maggiore Borromean Islands Italy

Lago Maggiore Isole Borromee things to do?

Lago Maggiore Isole Borromee cosa vedere? Ecco al nostra top 5

Lake Maggiore Borromean Islands what to see? Here’s to our top 5

  1. Isola Bella Palace inside and gardens
  2. Fishermen Island
  3. Isola Madre
  4. Isola Bella area in front of Isola Pescatori (no ticket required)
  5. Isola Bella and Fishermen in the evening illuminated.

Lake Maggiore Borromean Islands how to get there?

Borromean Islands hop on hop off 

The Borromean Islands can be reached by boat thanks to the Navigazione del Lago Maggiore service from Verbania, Baveno and Stresa. No reservation is required for the boat to the islands. Just go to the landing stage of the place where you are and buy the tickets.

If you want to visit several islands, you can buy a single ticket and move freely between the chosen islands without a set time: it very similar to a hop on hop off tour.  During your visit you will decide the boat’s most suitable time for your tour.

There are also numerous private transport services, especially by speedboat, which take you to the islands.

What are the islands that are part of the Borromean Gulf?

The islands of the Borromean Gulf are 3:

  1. Isola Madre: entirely private and can be visited according to the opening hours and by purchasing the entrance ticket.
  2. Isola Bella. On Isola Bella we find the beautiful Borromeo palace with its gardens. Unlike the Isola Madre, a part of the island can be visited for free as this part is occupied by restaurants, bars and shops.
  3. The Isola Superiore or Isola dei Pescatori. This island does not need any entrance tickets. On the island there are no sumptuous palaces but the village is very characteristic. Then on this island there are some excellent restaurants;).

Beautiful island

Until 1630 Isola Bella was only a rock inhabited by fishermen but today it is one of the most beautiful things to visit on Lake Maggiore for the magnificent Borromeo palace and its gardens which have been included among the most beautiful gardens in the world by sites and specialized magazines.

Isola Bella Lago Maggiore Italy
Lake Maggiore Borromean Islands Italy: Isola Bella

Fishermen Island

Isola Pescatori can be easily reached by boat from Stresa, Verbania Pallanza and Baveno. To take the boat you do not need special reservations. You can also buy the ticket just before boarding.

Access to Isola Pescatori is free and you do not have to pay any entrance ticket apart from a small tax from the municipality of Stresa, already included in the amount paid to take the boat. When to visit Isola Pescatori? The best time is certainly during the summer but it is also a good idea to come during the winter.

Why come to Isola Pescatori? Because it is very characteristic and beautiful to explore especially after a good lunch in one of the restaurants found here. Hours spent on this island are always special.

🌈 Lago Maggiore Isola dei Pescatori cosa vedere? Come arrivare? Isola Pescatori Lago Maggiore Stresa
Lake Maggiore Borromean Islands Italy: Isola Pescatori

Isola Madre or the Mother Island

Isola Madre, already owned by the Borromeo family from around 1500, is now worth a visit, especially for its garden. Today of Isola Madre is a unique botanical garden for rare plant essences from all over the world.

Lake Maggiore Mother Island Gardens Walking Tour Lake Maggiore - ISOLA MADRE LAGO MAGGIORE
Lake Maggiore Borromean Islands Italy: Isola Madre

Isola Bella and Isola Pescatori Illuminated

In the following video we see Isola Bella and Pescatori illuminated. The illuminated islands are clearly visible from the boat but also from the coast, for example from Carciano Stresa.

Lago Maggiore illuminato  - Golfo Borromeo Lago Maggiore
Lake Maggiore Borromean Islands Italy

Are the Borromean Islands the only islands of Lake Maggiore?

They are certainly the most famous islands but they are not the only ones! If you want to know more, go to the following post: TOP 3 Lago Maggiore Switzerland things to do

Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery Lake Maggiore Borromean Islands Italy

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