Things to do in Laveno Mombello Lake Maggiore Italy
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Things to do in Laveno Mombello Lake Maggiore Italy

Things to do in Laveno Mombello Lake Maggiore Italy – Laveno is located on the Lombard shore of Lake Maggiore in front of Verbania Intra. It is a beautiful place on Lake Maggiore and in this post we want to find out what are the best things to do in Laveno Mombello.

Useful information

Here is some useful information about Laveno Mobello on Lake Maggiore.

How to get to Laveno from Verbania?

You can get to Laveno from Verbania by car but it takes approximately 1 and a half hours. The quickest and most comfortable way to reach Laveno from Verbania is to take the ferry from the Verbania Intra pier. At Verbania Intra you can board either on foot or by car.

The Verbania Intra – Laveno ferry route is a direct route and is very convenient because there are many times during the day to take the ferry to move between these 2 locations.

Laveno landing stage

The Laveno pier is in a very convenient position as it is close to the lakeside pedestrian promenade. This way, if you arrive in Laveno by ferry without a car in tow, you are already in the center of Laveno.

You can still get to Laveno by ferry and car as the pier is located in an area that is also accessible by car.

Video Things to do in Laveno Mombello Lake Maggiore Italy

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Lake Maggiore Laveno Italy what to do? Laveno cosa vedere?
Things to do in Laveno Mombello Lake Maggiore Italy

Text of the video

Hi everybody, we are on a boat on Lake Maggiore. We boarded in Verbania Intra to go to Laveno. We’re going to Laveno to spend the afternoon on the top of the Sasso del Ferro and to enjoy a good dinner in a magnificent place.

Two other things to see here in Laveno are the lakefront and the Hermitage of Santa Caterina which is easily reachable from Laveno. We are almost there in fact and we can admire Laveno in front of us. To climb the Sasso del Ferro, we have to go to the cableway, but in the meantime, we can enjoy a nice walk along the Laveno lakefront.

To go to the Hermitage of Santa Caterina from Laveno, you can go by boat or car. The ferry from Verbania to Laveno can also bring cars. This way you can come to Laveno from Verbania and then go to the Hermitage by car. However, the best option to go to the Hermitage is by boat. This way you can see the Hermitage from the lake. Now let’s go back to Laveno to see the ascent on the cable car and the view from the Sasso del Ferro.

Laveno Mombello What to See?

Here are the 3 main things to see in Laveno:

  1. Il Sasso del Ferro
  2. The lakefront of Laveno
  3. The Hermitage of Santa Caterina

Sasso del Ferro

One of the main reasons to go to Laveno is to climb the Sasso del Ferro. By taking the cableway up the Sasso del Ferro mountain which is located behind Laveno you can get to the top where you will find a fantastic panoramic terrace. On Sasso del Ferro there are also picnic tables, a bar and a restaurant.

If you want to see more images watch the following video:

Laveno lakefront

The lakeside promenade of Laveno is very pretty and worth a walk during the day, but even more so in the evening when the lights of the historic center are reflected in the lake. You can see the lights reflected in the lake on the Laveno lakefront in this part of the video related to Laveno:

Hermitage of Santa Caterina

The Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso is certainly one of the most beautiful destinations on Lake Maggiore due to its particularity and characteristic. The Hermitage of Santa Caterina del Sasso is in fact set in the rock overlooking the lake not far from Laveno and offers an absolutely evocative setting.

You can get to the Hermitage of Santa Caterina da Laveno by car in about 10 minutes. Once you park the car you have to go down to the level of the Hermitage of Santa Caterina. You can use the free stairs or use the lift which is subject to a fee.

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