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1 Affordable Picturesque Fisherman Island Lake Maggiore Italy

Fisherman Island Lake Maggiore Italy – The Isola Superiore or also called Isola Pescatori (Fisherman Island) is a very characteristic island in the Borromean Gulf of Lake Maggiore. Furthermore, Isola Pescatori is affordable because access to the island is free and you do not have to pay any entrance fee apart from a very small tax from the municipality of Stresa, already included in what you paid to take the boat.

On Pescatori Island, there are no ancient buildings like on the nearby Isola Madre and Isola Bella but it is no less fascinating for this. There are no palaces on Pescatori Island as it does not have a noble tradition behind it but has a simpler tradition, as the name used to identify this island well describes; in the past families of fishermen lived here.

You realize the beauty and peculiarity of Isola Pescatori as soon as you arrive by boat and as you gradually get closer to the island. I have been to Isola Pescatori countless times but I never tire of admiring the view from the boat as it gets closer to the island. In fact, when I go to Isola Pescatori I always sit on the boat on the left, right on the side of the island.

You too can see this beautiful view in the following video:

Fishermen’s Island is a fascinating strip of land that rises from the waters of Lake Maggiore. When you arrive by boat from Baveno, the first thing you see is the characteristic tree-lined avenue also known as the “tail”, then a series of houses with an ancient flavor and a characteristic bell tower. The island ends with a small pier from which you can admire the Isola Bella palace up close. This point is the ideal place to take a souvenir photo.

Isola Pescatori is the ideal place to walk around the island admiring unique views of Lake Maggiore. On Pescatori Island there are also excellent restaurants and therefore many people come here to Pescatori Island to eat lake specialties in a unique setting. The narrow streets of the center of the island are another attraction not to be missed as walking along these small streets always makes you feel like you are discovering special places, also from time to time fishermen have glimpses of the lake from the central street of the island. These small glimpses form beautiful “pictures”.

Enchanting Isola Pescatori: A Serene Italian Escape. Video Fisherman Island Lake Maggiore Italy

Explore the enchanting secrets of Isola Pescatori, or the Superiore Island, nestled in the picturesque Lake Maggiore, Italy. Join us on a serene journey as we take a leisurely stroll through this captivating island. Discover the hidden treasures and immerse yourself in the tranquility of this charming destination. Lose yourself in the beauty of the surroundings as we unveil the captivating sights and sounds of Isola Pescatori. Indulge in the serenity of a calm day and let the island’s allure transport you to a world of sheer bliss. Come along and experience the magic of Isola Pescatori firsthand in this mesmerizing video.

Fisherman Island Lake Maggiore Italy

Video Text

Hi everybody, and welcome to a new adventure! Today we are at Lake Maggiore. We explore the Isola Superiore or Isola Pescatori, which means Fishermen’s Island. The Isola Pescatori can be easily reached by boat from Stresa, Verbania Pallanza and Baveno. You don’t need to buy the ticket in advance or make a reservation to take the boat.

You can also buy the ticket just before boarding. Access to Isola Pescatori is free. You do not have to pay any entrance fee apart from a small tax from the municipality of Stresa, already included in the amount paid to take the boat. When is the best period to visit Isola Pescatori? Naturally, the best time is during the spring and summer, but it is also good to come during the winter.

Why come to Isola Pescatori? Because it is very characteristic and beautiful to visit, especially after a good lunch in one of the good restaurants you can find here. Hours spent on this island are always unique. After lunch, we take some pictures in one of the most instagrammable places on the island. From here you can see very well the beautiful palace of the nearby Isola Bella or Beautiful Island. Behind the Isola Bella there is Stresa. Now we see the restaurant and hotel Verbano.

Then, on the right, we have the Isola Madre with Verbania behind it. Let’s now go to the opposite side of Pescatori Island to see Isola Madre and Verbania better. In doing so, we will see some of the very characteristic places of the island.

This side of the island with this view is also beautiful. What do you think? If you prefer this view, you can choose to have lunch in one restaurant on this side of the island. We are walking along the tree-lined avenue that we saw from the boat! In front of us, we see Baveno!

We are now back to our starting point, but there is also a lot to explore. Let’s now pass through the main street of this narrow island and admire the views that this path also gives us. Ok! It’s time to relax while waiting for the next boat to arrive.

La “Coda” or Tail

At the Isola Pescatori, there is a tree-lined avenue also known by the islanders as the “tail”.

The beautiful tree-lined avenue of Isola Pescatori which is located right on the tip of the island is called the tail by the islanders. The queue is the first part of the island you see when you arrive by boat from Verbania Pallanza and Baveno. (

This tree-lined avenue that characterizes Fishermen’s Island and which today tourists can admire and appreciate for its particularity also has a history behind it, as it was a very important place and frequented in the past by the island’s fishermen.

The tail is a magical and enchanted place, for true islanders the tail of the Upper Island was the primary place where fishermen gathered to work. It is also the place where they mended and mended their nets.

In the past, the fisherman had to dedicate hours and hours to repairing and replacing the damaged parts of the nets. The nets were a precious asset, to be carefully preserved as they constituted an essential means of their work and consequently to be able to support their family.

Nets were spread along the queue avenue or towards the shore. Here the fisherman carefully examined each individual link to see if any repairs were necessary. The net was then placed on the sedan chairs and put back in the boat ready for the next day.

Restaurants Fisherman Island Lake Maggiore Italy

Here are some restaurants you can find in Isola Pescatori.

Italia restaurant Isola Pescatori

The Italia restaurant is located on the tip of Isola Pescatori, with a tree-lined avenue. As for the tables inside, it has a veranda and also a garden with a lake view. Some of the tables have a partial view of the lake.

It has several dishes with lake fish as well as Italian cuisine from other regions.

Some lake dishes are:

  • Assorted lake fish appetizer
  • Cacciucco di Lago with homemade bread croutons
  • Borromean risotto with perch fillet
  • Fresh tagliolini with Lago Rosa
  • Lake fish ravioli with cherry tomatoes and chives
  • Golden perch fillet with butter and sage
  • Grilled whitefish fillet from Lake Maggiore
  • Mixed grill of lake fish
  • Great mixed fried lake fish
  • Grilled zander fillet or white wine

To understand the prices of this restaurant, here is an example of a bill made in autumn 2023.

Lunch for two people:

  • Covered for two people
  • A Lake appetizer
  • A Borromean risotto
  • A second course of fish: pike perch
  • A 0.75 l bottle of water
  • A 375ml bottle of wine
  • 2 coffees

Total of the bill: 79 euros.

Hotel Restaurant il Verbano

The hotel restaurant Il Verbano has an outdoor garden overlooking the lake, on the Isola Bella side. It is therefore located on the opposite side of the island from the Italia Restaurant.

La Pescheria restaurant

Restaurant with tables both inside and outside. The outdoor terrace has a lake view over the portion of the lake on the Stresa side.

Generally open in both summer and winter.

FAQ Fisherman Island Lake Maggiore Italy

Here is some useful information relating to Fisherman Island Lake Maggiore Italy.

How do I get to Isola Pescatore?

The Isola Pescatori can be easily reached by boat from Stresa, Verbania Pallanza and Baveno. You don’t need to buy the ticket in advance or make a reservation to take the boat. You can also buy the ticket just before boarding.

Do I have to pay to visit Fishermen’s Island?

Access to Isola Pescatori is free and you do not have to pay any entrance fee apart from a very small tax from the municipality of Stresa, already included in what you paid to take the boat.

Are there public toilets in Fisherman Island Lake Maggiore Italy?

Yes, there are public toilets near the tree-lined avenue or the area also called the queue. In October 2023 the cost of access to public toilets was €0.50. This cost was justified by the fact that a person was responsible for cleaning the bathrooms. The people who used it were satisfied. It must be said, however, that during the winter, therefore during the period of low tourist attendance on Pescatori Island, it is probable that this service is not available.

What to do when you come to Fisherman Island Lake Maggiore Italy?

Isola Pescatori is located in a privileged position on Lake Maggiore. It is in fact located in the Borromean Gulf, on one side a few hundred meters from Isola Bella, very close to Stresa and on the other side it sees Isola Madre and the magnificent Verbania Pallanza. In front of the tip of the tree-lined avenue there is also Baveno, another beautiful town on Lake Maggiore.

What to do when you come to Fishermen’s Island?

Fishermen’s Island has an avenue where you can walk and go all the way around the island. As you go around Fishermen’s Island the scenery changes. You can admire the different locations and beauties found around Isola Pescatori.

The walk is therefore very pleasant and also scenic. You will find many points where you can take a nice souvenir photo.

Isola Pescatori is a small island in Lake Maggiore and therefore the total tour of the island does not take much time. But the visit to Pescatori Island does not end here. In fact, you can delve into the internal streets of the island which are very characteristic and occasionally offer wonderful views of Lake Maggiore.

An excellent idea when you come to Isola Pescatori is to have lunch in one of the restaurants on the island to taste and enjoy the lake specialties while admiring the beautiful view.

Isola Pescatori is a small world unto itself here on Lake Maggiore. Very far from the traffic of big cities, it is the ideal place for a bit of relaxation. There is therefore nothing better than coming to Isola Pescatori and sitting on one of the benches on the lakefront or directly on the beach to relax and enjoy the lake, with the pleasant and relaxing sound of the lake’s waves in the background.

Can you swim at Pescatori Island?

Yes, of course, if the season and temperatures allow it, you can safely swim in the lake here at Isola Pescatori. However, the beach is not the main attraction of the island and usually people don’t come to Isola Pescatori to go to the beach.

What island is in Lake Maggiore Italy?

Lake Maggiore’s most famous islands are the ones we find in the Borromean Gulf, between Stresa and Verbania. There are 3 islands: Isola Madre, Isola Pescatori and Isola Bella. However, they are not the only islands we have on Lake Maggiore. In fact there is also: Isolino di San Giovanni, private and not visitable, the islands where there are the Castles of Cannero and in the Swiss part the 2 islands of Brissago, one of which can be visited.

What are the three islands in Lake Maggiore?

In Lake Maggiore there are not only 3 islands but more. Anyway the most famous Islands are the Borromen Island that are:

  • Isola Madre (Mother Island)
  • Isola Bella (Beautiful Island)
  • Isola Pescatori (Fisherman Island)

When to visit Fishermen’s Island?

It is always a good idea to visit Isola Pescatori, clearly each period has its own characteristic. Let’s see together what Pescatori Island is like in some periods of the year.

Fishermen’s Island in October

October is a great month to visit Isola Pescatori. Especially if you go at the beginning of October you can find very mild days, some still with almost summer temperatures. You can still see a good movement of tourists on the island, but without the crowds of August or the Easter period.

Here is Pescatori Island on a Sunday in early October 2023:

Fishermen’s Island in Winter

Peace reigns on Pescatori Island in winter. You can see Fishermen’s Island from the boat in early December in the following short video:

In winter most of the stalls selling souvenirs are closed and there are generally few tourists walking around the island. However, some restaurants are open.

When snow is in the mountains, you can see the snow-capped Alps well from the island.

In the following video, you can see Fishermen’s Island from the boat and on the island at the end of December 2019: The link starts you at the point where the images of Fishermen’s Island begin.

The video was shot on a winter day during a beautiful tour on the Borromean Islands. Stresa and its hotels are closed and there is no bustle of boats that crowd Lake Maggiore in spring and summer.

We leave from Verbania to enjoy a complete tour of the Borromean Gulf. Starting from Verbania, we pass in front of Isola Madre, we stop in Baveno to get to Isola Perscatori. The next stop after Isola Pescatori is Isola Bella.

It’s beautiful to see Isola Bella and Isola Pescatori empty. This way you can truly enjoy the original beauty of these islands. They are empty and the flowers have not yet begun to embellish the gardens by Lake Maggiore but the lake reveals all its splendor and tranquility. The snow-capped peaks of the Alps, Lake Maggiore, Isola Bella and Isola Pescatori are a beautiful picture.

It’s true that the islands are not crowded but that doesn’t mean the restaurants are closed. The highlight of our tour can be had on Pescatori Island by tasting the typical dishes. What’s better than a good lunch with this beautiful view? One last look at the Borromean Islands, in particular at Isola Bella and Pescatori, one last look at Stresa.

See you soon when, at the opening of the spring season when Stresa will resume its regular coming and going of boats and tourists, the islands will no longer be such a peaceful place but will certainly always be there lush and with new splendor in this stretch of Lake Maggiore.

Fishermen’s Island in June

Spring and summer are the periods when Isola Pescatori is most popular. However, June is a good month as not everyone is on holiday yet, and walking on the island is generally possible without too much crowd.

However, since June 2nd is a national holiday, Isola Pescatori could be more crowded than usual. In the following video you see Fishermen’s Island from the boats on June 2, 2022:

As you can see, people are queuing to board the private boats that take you to the Borromean Islands. Furthermore, the scheduled boat is full.

Isola dei Pescatori illuminated by night

Isola Pescatori is very beautiful during the day but becomes magical in the evening. If you pass by Isola Pescatori in the evening by boat, don’t miss the opportunity to admire it.

Watch Fishermen’s Island in the evening in the following video: Don’t miss also to see Isola Pescatori’s colorful lights, a special edition of the 2023 winter holidays. You can see it in the following paragraph.

It is very beautiful even if you look at it from the “mainland”, i.e., from the coast of Lake Maggiore, located between Baveno and Stresa.

Fishermen’s Island illuminated for the 2023 holidays

For the 2023 holidays, Isola Pescatori is transformed into an enchanting paradise of lights. Its picturesque streets and characteristic buildings light up with a thousand colors, creating a magical and evocative atmosphere. Visitors who admire this show are enveloped in a warm embrace of sparkling lights dancing on Lake Maggiore’s waters. It is an unforgettable experience to carry in your heart.

Video Isola Pescatori illuminated for the 2023 holidays

24 December 2023. Today, we leave for a new adventure from Verbania Pallanza on Lake Maggiore: we also want to admire the Isola Pescatori illuminated for the 2023 holidays. At 5.40 pm, we take the boat heading towards Stresa, which allows us to see up close to Fishermen’s Island.

And what are you waiting for? Don’t miss Fishermen’s Island, all lit up in fantastic plays of light. Watch the following video to share our wonderful experience with us!

Isola Pescatori, Fisherman Island illuminated for the 2023 holidays. Magical holiday lights have turned Fishermen’s Island in Lake Maggiore, Italy into a mesmerizing wonderland! ✨✨✨ Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of shimmering lights and sparkling reflections. Don’t miss this incredible transformation that will transport you to a world of pure magic! Share the joy with your friends! 🌟✨ #MagicalHolidayLights #FishermensIsland #LakeMaggiore #Italy

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