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3 Best Day Trips From Milan: plan your days!

Best Day Trips From Milan – Milan is a very famous city and it’s the business center of Italy. It’s worthy of a visit. Anyway there are many other places close to Milan you can visit. In this post I’ll give you 3 ideas of the best day trips from Milan.

Naturally there are more day trips you can do. If you want more ideas you can go to the following page: Day trips from Milan

1 – Day Trips From Milan to Lake Maggiore Stresa

Stresa is a gorgeous town on lake Maggiore. It has beautiful gardens, luxory hotels and a beautiful view on the Borromean Islands. It’s very easy to reach Stresa from Milan by train. It takes about 1 hour by train and you can walk from the train station to the city center. You don’t need the car.

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You can complete your day in Stresa by chosing 3 of these tours:

  1. Stresa and the Borromean Islands (Isola Pescatori + Isola Bella + Isola Madre)
  2. Mottarone and Stresa – read the following article: Mottarone Stresa Lake Maggiore.
  3. Stresa and the Borromean Islands (Fisherman’s Island and Beautiful Island) + Eremo Santa Caterina

2 – Day Trips From Milan to the historic Verona

Verona is one of the most romantic cities. It’s the city of love. Verona is the town of Romeo and Juliet.

In Verona there is also a beautiful arena and magnificent castle to visit: Castelvecchio. And you can also go up Torre Lamberti and from the Tower see the panoramic view of Verona.

Read the following articles:

To reach Verona from Milan by train it takes about 1 and 15 minutes.

3 Best Day Trips From Milan: plan your days! 11

If you chose to dedicate only half a day to Verona you can also visit Sirmione Lake Garda.

3 Best Day Trips From Milan: plan your days! 12

Sirmione is a very nice town on the Lake Garda. It has a nice city center and beautiful castle on the lake. It is nice in every season.

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3 – From Milan to Bergamo

Bergamo is very close to Milan and it take only 1 hour or less to arrive here by train.

Bergamo is a very historic city and its characteristic is that it’s divided in 2 parts. Below you find the business centre and then on the hill surrounding Bergamo is “Bergamo alta” with its old buildings and monuments. And from there you can have a panoramic view of the valley below.

In Bergamo you can have very good food!

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