Lake Maggiore Switzerland Amazing Complete View

TOP 3 Lago Maggiore Switzerland things to do

Lago Maggiore Switzerland things to do – As you probably know, a big part of Lake Maggiore is in Italy, but a portion is in Switzerland anyway. Here in Switzerland, there are very nice things to do and see. Let’s go to find out together what are.

TOP 3 Lago Maggiore Switzerland things to do

  1. Cardada Panoramic View Point
  2. Ascona
  3. Brissago Islands

Cardada Panoramic View Point

Lake Maggiore is beautifully nestled between the Alps, and an excellent way to fully appreciate its beauty is to admire it from above. There is a place in Switzerland that allows you to see the whole Swiss part of Lake Maggiore very well from above. This place is the panoramic point of Cardada, a fantastic balcony that juts out and overlooks the Swiss Lake Maggiore.

To go up the mountain and see this beautiful viewpoint you have to go to Locarno, take the funicular

and once you arrive at the funicular terminus, take the Cardada cable car.

Video Lake Maggiore Switzerland View

We are in Switzerland at Lake Maggiore and in this video, we see a beautiful complete view of the swiss part of Lake Maggiore. Let’s go to see!

Lake Maggiore Switzerland Amazing Complete View

You have to know that a big part of Lake Maggiore is in Italy but a part is in Switzerland anyway. So we go to Locarno and we go up and then we go up again.

We go to the Cardada Panoramic View Point and here we see the beautiful Swiss Lake Maggiore.

You can have a Lake Maggiore beautiful view also while you go up in the cableway. First of all, you see Locarno under you, then you can see Ascona on the right, which is divided from Locarno by a river. So Locarno is on the left and Ascona is on the right. Ascona is worthy of a visit.

The two islands you can see are the Brissago Islands: the Isola Grande and the Isola Piccola. The Isola Grande can be visited. On the Isola Grande, there is a botanical garden created in the late nineteenth century, and a neoclassical villa built in the 1920s.

Now we relax, enjoying the view and the place. See you in the next video! Bye


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What are the top activities in Lake Maggiore?

Lake Maggiore is a beautiful lake and there is a lot to see and do. Among the top activities in Lake Maggiore, we can mention its islands: the Borromean Islands and the Brissago Islands. Beautiful palaces, villas, and gardens on the lake. Borromean Islands are under Stresa in the Italian part of Lake Maggiore. Instead, the Brissago Islands are in the Switzerland part of Lake Maggiore. The visits to the islands are not the only activities you can do at Lake Maggiore. You can also visit The Hermitage of Santa Caterina, go to the top of Mount Mottarone, where you can see 7 lakes, and go on Alpyland and do many other activities.

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