Mari Pintau beach Sardinia near Cagliari Italy
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1 authentic beach: Mari Pintau beach in Sardinia near Cagliari Italy

Mari Pintau beach Sardinia near Cagliari Italy – Mari Pintau is a beautiful beach in the South East of Sardinia, about 30 minutes by car from Cagliari. The landscape that you can observe while you are in Mari Pintau is very wild and characteristic of Sardinia.

Mari Pintau beach is set between two promontories. More precisely on the right you have the profile of three rocky promontories covered with Mediterranean scrub, green if it is not too dry due to drought.

On the left, however, a single promontory that acts as a divider. This promontory is also made up of rock and is covered in the greenery of wild Mediterranean scrub. This natural conformation means that the beach of Mari Pintau remains isolated from the rest of the southern coast of Sardinia, despite being an averagely long beach.

At this beach, the transparency of the water is positively striking, even with slightly rough seas. When you are in the water, it is a thrill to see the sea sparkle and to be able to see the bottom clearly.

14 sec video of Mari Pintau beach

Before continuing reading, watch this video lasting only 14 seconds to immerse yourself more in the atmosphere of Mari Pintau beach.

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Mari Pintau beach Sardinia near Cagliari Italy

How is Mari Pintau beach?

The beach is made up of fairly large stones, therefore almost everyone uses shoes, slippers or slippers to walk on the beach. Fortunately, when you enter the water from the very first meters, you find a few pebbles, but otherwise, it’s all sand.

This also makes getting back from the water not very difficult because as long as your feet are in the water, you can walk peacefully, then later, of course, when you get right to the beach it’s better if you have shoes or slippers at hand.

Precisely for what has been said above it is very convenient if you have the bed positioned near the sea: in this way, you do not have to walk a long way with bare feet on the stones. At Mari Pintau, you can rent a single bed and then place it where you prefer. The cost of the cot alone is 5 Euros (price at the end of June 2023).

The 5 euro cost of the sunbed does not include the umbrella, but in the morning this is not a big problem because at Mari Pintau beach you have the sun behind you. So if you rent only the bed in the morning with the head cover you can already get some shade, at least on the upper part of the body. In the afternoon it is instead more problematic because if you are facing the sea you have full sun.

The pebble beach and the shore

When you enter the water you can walk and enter for a good number of meters, as the seabed does not become deep immediately, on the contrary! The water near the shore remains low, so much so that even the elderly or not exactly young people love to walk in the water.

You can walk barefoot in the water as the sand is soft and there are very few pebbles.

The beach, on the other hand, is made up of fairly large stones and to walk on the beach you need slippers or something to protect your feet.

Shoes are very useful for entering the water, even if in my opinion they are not entirely necessary. It still takes care not to get hurt, but once inside you can walk safely. You still find a few pebbles here and there, but they are few. So all you need is a little caution to enter and walk in the water without shoes.

The feeling you get when you’re standing still and barefoot on the pebbles, just before entering the water, is quite pleasant. In the morning the pebbles give you a feeling of freshness. They are also of a size that does not give much discomfort underfoot, in fact it is pleasant. It is also pleasant to slide your feet on the stones and hear the noise they make.

A little more problematic instead is walking right on the stones. This might hurt a bit underfoot so it’s only good if you have very little walking distance. Okay so if we are barefoot very close to the sea, then we can venture out and take a few steps, touch the water to better feel the sensation of the sea, a very pleasant sensation.

A few more steps and there are no more stones in the water, just soft white sand.

Mari Pintau beach: a true paradise, a typical Sardinian paradise

The enthusiasm for this beach leads us to exclaim, “Wow, Wow!”. Wow for Mari Pintau with this crystal clear water and behind this pebble beach.

Mari Pintau is a little different compared to other beaches that we always have in this area, such as the beaches of Costa Rei for example.

Mari Pintau is however a true paradise, a typical Sardinian paradise. It is a beach that remains separate from the rest of the south coast of Sardinia thanks to the “use” of promontories. Here you can truly say you are in Sardinia because you have all the characteristic elements of this magnificent island. I understand why Mari Pintau Beach is so highly rated.

Is Mari Pintau Beach suitable for everyone?

Of course, being a pebble beach, it is not suitable for everyone, it is not suitable for those who love walking on the beach. Therefore, if you love walking for long stretches on the beach, I suggest you may prefer a beach on Costa Rei such as Porto Giunco. Or you can go to the Scoglio di Peppino and walk from there to the end: a good long walk, there you have a lot to walk.

This beach is suitable for those who love to swim and want a corner of Sardinia, a different corner of Sardinia.

Mari Pintau snorkeling

In Mari Pintau as we walked through waist-level water in a central beach location, I don’t see much fish, in fact I only see a few small minnows hovering around me. Instead, at other beaches, such as the beach of Cala Monte Turno or even at the Scoglio di Peppino, you can see much more fish already at this depth. Going to the sides of the beach, more towards the rocks there were a few more fish though.

Shallow sea water

The depth increases as I walk and enter the sea, but I must say that the entry is quite gentle. So I can walk quietly and have no problem getting in, it doesn’t get deep right away. In fact I had this fear seeing the hills and promontories behind me, the fear that it would immediately become deep, but no, it’s not like that.

The little big problem with this beach is that once you enter the water you never want to leave. So now that I’m in the water, who gets me out anymore? Seriously, it is really very beautiful.

Walking into the water, I see that it’s all sand, there are no pebbles or rocks in the water.

Rocks to the right of the beach

To find some rocks I have to go more to the right, more towards the promontories where there are some rocks in the water and some that also emerge out of the water. It must be said that this in particular is even more a corner of true paradise. An even more beautiful corner than the central area as the water has spectacular colors.

Mari Pintao beach is all beautiful, it’s really hard to find a bad spot. There is plenty of choice.

I approach the rocks that emerge from the water and I also notice some small shells attached to the rock, it is very nice to observe them because they move even slightly: they are covered and uncovered by the water.

Exploring this part of Mari Pintau beach is very nice because you can also discover the underwater life.

FAQ: answer to questions about Mari Pintau beach

Here is some useful info and answers to questions about Mari Pintau beach.

Where to park in Mari Pintau?

To go to Mari Pintau beach you can park your car along the main road which is located just above the beach. 
From the main road, you then have to follow a small road or path that goes down to the beach. 
The path is quite wide.

Do you pay for parking in Mari Pintau?

No, in Mari Pintau you do not pay for parking also because the car must be parked along the main road which is located above the beach. 
There are not even reports of a parking disc or parking payment.

Where is Mari Pintau beach located?

The beautiful beach of Mari Pintau is located in southeastern Sardinia about thirty kilometers and minutes from Cagliari.

How much does it cost to rent sunbeds and umbrellas in Mari Pintau?

The cost of renting two sunbeds and an umbrella at the end of June 2023 was as follows: 30 euros for the first row, 25 euros for the second row, 20 euros for the third or fourth row. 
At Mari Pintau, you can rent single beds and place them where you prefer. 
The cost of the cot alone is 5 Euros (price at the end of June 2023).

Are there showers in Mari Pintau?

Yes, there are showers at Mari Pintau beach. 
In fact as you go down, just before arriving at the beach you see a small wooden house on the left where they rent out sunbeds. 
There are also showers there. 
As you go down to the beach you probably don’t see or notice them right away because they are behind there. 
The showers are paid.

Can you see the sunset over the sea from Mari Pintau beach?

Looking at the map, you can see that this stretch of coast and beach faces southwest. 
As the sun sets in the west, looking slightly to the right, you can see the sunset over the sea.

Can I rent SUP boards at Mare Pintau beach?

At Mari Pintau beach it is also possible to rent Sup boards. For the rental you must leave your identity card when you pick up the board, which is returned to you when you return it.

Is there a bar at Mari Pintau beach?

At Mare Pintau beach there is a bar and it is also quite nice. 
In the morning at a certain time a musical background is also played, a little music. 
In this way, at noon or at the time you prefer, you can have lunch, have an aperitif or something to drink at the bar. 
The bar is located a few steps from the beach, along the path that descends right to Mari Pintau. 
It remains inside the pine forest, so it does not directly overlook the beach. 
The bar is not panoramic because you cannot see the beach and the sea from the bar. 
However it is a nice corner in the shade in which to take a break.

Sometimes the bar is open not only for lunch but also for dinner, more often during the weekend. 
The evening opening days are indicated and signaled directly from the bar.

Are there bathrooms, toilets or WCs at Mari Pintau beach?

Yes, there are also toilets, bathrooms or toilets. 
They are located behind the beach where there is a wooden house. 
In fact, as you go down, just before reaching the beach you see a small house on the left where they rent sunbeds, SUPs and kayaks and where there are also showers. 
The cost of using the bathrooms or toilets is €2.

How is the internet and cellular connection at Mari Pintau Beach? Does the phone pick up at Mari Pintau Beach?

Since the beach of Mari Pintau is not located near inhabited centers, we wonder what the internet connection is like. Internet and mobile phone connection is not a problem at Mari Pintau beach as mobile phone and internet connection work well.

Where is Mari Pintau beach?

Where is the beautiful beach of Mari Pintau located? The beautiful beach of Mari Pintau is located in southeastern Sardinia about thirty km from Cagliari. Here is the location of Mari Pintau beach on the Google map.

Can you find a seat easily in Mari Pintau? Does it get very busy?

To avoid many inconveniences, I personally always recommend arriving at the beaches you want to visit early enough in the morning, so as not to have problems with parking, renting umbrellas and sunbeds or to locate yourself on the beach in the place you prefer.

In any case, to help you better understand what your experience at Mari Pintau beach can be like, I want to share our experience with you on a midweek day at the end of June 2023. Clearly your experience will also be greatly influenced by the period in which you plan to go. August will certainly be busier than for example July and September or June.

Here is our experience in the very last days of June.

  • 9 in the morning. Despite being a popular beach at 9am on a midweek day in late June, the beach is still very quiet. We found parking very easily. The deckchairs to rent are almost all still available. A few people are starting to arrive right now.
  • 10:40 in the morning. We just returned from our exploration near the rocks to find fish. On our return we find a more crowded beach: the sunbeds have all already been placed in the front row near the water and a second row has already formed. On the beach, there is more excitement: people in the water chatting, walking or simply bathing. However, the beach at this time is still fully livable. Nothing to compare to the overcrowding we have at the nearby Punta Molentis beach at the same time of the morning.
  • 12:20. We have just returned from a refreshing and rejuvenating bath. Being completely immersed in the water, therefore a little further from the shore, you will find fantastic peace and relaxation, although the Mari Pintau beach is quite full now. However, the width of the beach allows you to still find peace in the water, especially going in and out of the shore, while remaining where we can still touch the bottom.
  • 12:30. Observing the choices of the people present at Mari Pintau beach, I can say that the solution of renting deck chairs for 5 euros is much appreciated. Many people have chosen to take the sunbed for 5 euros instead of putting the towel directly on the floor or instead of going to get the umbrella and the sunbeds at a higher cost. Very valid solution, especially if you only spend a half day at the Mari Pintau beach and not the whole day.
  • 12:40. You can still find a place in the bathing establishment where you can rent an umbrella with 2 sunbeds.

Did you know that…?

Did you know that in Mari Pintau you can rent a single sunbed without an umbrella and then place it where you prefer? The cost of the single cot is 5 Euros (price at the end of June 2023).

Single bed rental in Mari Pintau

At Mari Pintau you can rent a single bed and then place it where you prefer. The cost of the cot alone is 5 Euros (price at the end of June 2023).

The 5 euro cost of the sunbed does not include the umbrella, but at Mari Pintau beach in the morning you have the sun behind you. So if you rent only the bed in the morning with the head cover, you can get some shade, at least on the upper body. In the morning you can cover your head and upper body but in the afternoon you get full sun, if you face the sea.

This solution is a much-appreciated solution in fact many people choose to rent a single sunbed instead of placing the towel on the floor or instead of renting an umbrella with 2 sunbeds at a higher cost.

The sunbed rental solution is especially valid if you plan to spend only half a day at Mari Pintau Beach. If you spend the whole day perhaps it is better to choose the classic solution of the bathing establishment, including an umbrella to protect yourself from the sun during the hottest hours of the day. Of course it depends on your preferences.

How does the €5 cot rental work?

How does the €5 cot rental work? To rent a sunbed for €5, just go to the kiosk where there are sunbeds. You must leave your identity card, take the sunbed or sunbeds you intend to rent, place them wherever you want and before leaving, you must bring the sunbeds back and take back your identity card.

Reviews Mari Pintau

We ask for an opinion on Mari Pintau beach.

I: Gabriel, how is it on this beach?

G: very well, divinely I would say. Crystal clear water, splendid sun. Waves relaxing all very nice!

I: So Gabriel, can you tell me your general experience at Mari Pintau beach?

G: So my personal experience in Mari Pintao is that it’s a relaxing place, where you can swim, sunbathe, snorkel, even if there aren’t many fish. A pleasant day can be spent, I would say half a day, no more.


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