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Top 10 Sardinia Cagliari Italy things to do

Top 10 Cagliari Italy things to do – Cagliari is the principal city in the South of Sardinia. The Cagliari area is worth visiting for its history, fauna, beaches, and fantastic sea!

Cagliari from the sea

To start, let’s enjoy the beautiful view of Cagliari from the sea with the following video.

Top 10 Cagliari Italy things to do

What to do in Cagliari? Below we bring you the main things to see in Cagliari.

  1. The Pink Flamingos at the Molentargius Park
  2. The Poetto beach
  3. The castle of Cagliari or the San Michele castle, which rises at the top of the hill
  4. The Elephant Towers
  5. Tower of San Pancrazio
  6. The Cathedral of Santa Maria in Cagliari
  7. Sanctuary of Bonaria in Cagliari
  8. Mari Pintau beach
  9. Porto Giunco ​​beach and Stagno di Notteri
  10. Chia beaches

The Poetto beach

Poetto beach is the city beach of Cagliari. This beach divides the sea into salt flats where you can admire the beautiful flamingos.

You can admire the Poetto beach from above in the following video.

Castle of San Michele Cagliari

The San Michele Castle is inside San Michele Park. This park has undergone a notable historical evolution.

The San Michele Park is located in the northern part of the city on a hill at 120 meters above sea level. You enter the park via a stone path marked by wooden fences through the hairpin bends surrounded by pine trees. Here the white of the limestone rocks alternates with the green of the agaves and Mediterranean essences.

On top of the San Michele Park hill stands the medieval Castle of San Michele, even if the first plant was of Byzantine origins. The elevated position of the Castle offers a vast and breathtaking view. It goes from the Campidano plain to the Sella del Diavolo.

The Pisans built the Castle of San Michele. Subsequently, it passed to the Catalan, Aragonese, conquerors of the kingdom of Sardinia. It was besieged in the fourteenth century resisting the troops of the Arborea, rulers of the last surviving Sardinian judged.

After becoming the fortified residence of the Carroz family, the Castle offered refuge to dangerous fugitives for a certain period, so much so that the councilors of the Municipality of Cagliari asked the sovereign in vain to requisition it and have it demolished.

In 1652, during a plague epidemic, it was used as a hospital, then went through a phase of decline during the Austrian and Piedmontese periods. 

From 1820 to ’48, it became a barracks for the disabled.

In 1895 its new owner, Roberto di San Tommaso, had it restored by the architect Dionigi Scano and surrounded it with the still present pine forest. 

From 1929 to 1972, it was a radiotelegraph station of the Navy.

The Castle is currently a modern center of art and culture and hosts exhibitions. The visit inside the Castle is, of course, enjoyable.

Still, if you don’t have enough time for a complete visit coming here to the top of the hill to see the Castle from the outside and admire the vast surrounding panorama is also a good idea.

You need a ticket to visit the castle but the Castle square with the view is free.

Photo Gallery Castle of San Michele Cagliari

Mari Pintau beach

Mari Pintau is a beautiful beach set between the blue colors of the sea and the Sardinian mountains. As we can see, even near the city of Cagliari we find magnificent beaches and Mari Pintau Beach is a great example!

Porto Giunco ​​beach and Stagno di Notteri

Porto Giunco beach is located near Villasimius, on the southeastern tip of Sardinia.

Porto Giunco ​​beach is a beautiful beach washed by a crystalline sea and it is possible to walk safely in the water as the seabed is shallow near the beach.

The main feature of Porto Giunco beach is that the beach acts as a dividing line between the sea and the Stagno di Notteri. This division has not always existed. In more ancient times, in fact, the sea reached inside the pond allowing this area to become a Phoenician port as has emerged from the studies conducted in the area.

The division created over time makes this place unique: on one side the transparent sea of ​​Sardinia and on the other a pond that hosts flamingos.

Those who come to this beach, therefore, have 2 options: a nice refreshing bath or a nice walk along the pond for a more naturalistic observation.

You can see the beach in the following video:

Porto Giunco ​​beach is a very long beach with several accesses. On the main access road to the beach, you will find several ways to turn to access the various car parks. This video was recorded in the final part of the beach but you can also park towards the beginning of the beach very well.

Text of the video:

We are in Porto Giunco!

Hi Everybody! From the parking lot, we walk a short distance and in front of us, we find the beautiful Porto Giunco ​​beach,  in the south Sardinia, near Villasimius.

Porto Giunco ​​is not only one of the most famous beaches of Villasimius but also on the whole island. What are the characteristics that make it so famous?

A transparent sea washes the white beach. The shallow and sandy seabed makes it an ideal destination for families with children.

Being a known beach is very busy, maybe not the favorite for those who love peace and tranquility, but the beach is long and wide, so you shouldn’t struggle to find a place to lie down.

Porto Giunco ​​beach is not only known for its beautiful sea. It’s particular because enclosed between a lagoon and the sea.

You can drive along the pond for a while, passing through Via Dei Ginepri.

However, you can get to the pond also directly from the beach. Let’s go to explore!

The Pond of Notteri has no connection with the sea and is shallow: thus it favors the presence of pink flamingos. Here you can admire both pink flamingos and other migratory birds.

After this walk, we relax and enjoy this beautiful sea. Bye and see you on the next adventure!

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