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Plitvice Lakes National Park croatia pictures Is Plitvice lakes worth visiting

Plitvice Lakes National Park: Is Plitvice lakes worth visiting?

Plitvice Lakes National Park

Is Plitvice lakes worth visiting? Yes! Plitvice Lakes it’s a beautiful National Park in the centre of Croatia. It’s really a paradise. In this article we’ll see why.

How long do you need at Plitvice Lakes? You need 1 day. If you come from far away it’s better you stay al least 1 night in one of the Plivitche hotels.

How long does it take to walk around Plitvice Lakes? You can choose between 2 routes. One is shorter and it takes about 3 hours. The other is longer and it takes about 4 hours. Anyway I recommend to take your time in visiting Plivitche in order for you to enjoy the park.

Why is Plitvice lakes worth visiting?

What makes Plitvice lakes so amazing and unique are all its waterfalls. You’ll see all kind of waterfalls: in the forest, all along the river and very high.

It’s a walk in the nature and you’ll see all this precious beauty very closely thanks to the patwalks that create a lot of flat bridges on the water. In Plitvice you can walk by while in other parks you can’t.

Look at the following picture. The patwalk is among these outstanding waterfalls! In other parks you can only admire from far away these beautiful scenarios.

In all your route you’ll see this park from different points of view. You’ll have chance to take pictures form the hight of a hill and next to a waterfall.

You’ll look out from a special balcony and you’ll see this waterfall. Unbelivable how many shapes a waterfall can create!

In Plitvice you can feel a sense of peace and enjoy the nature. The view is noteworthy but the route isn’t too difficult. You can choose between 2 routes. In the second one which is longer, there are lakes where you can use the boat.

You’ll like also to observe the permanent residents of this park: fish, ducks and birds.

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