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Top 10 Day trips from Florence

Day trips from Florence – Florence is the most famous city in Tuscany, but there is much more to see and many nice cities in Tuscany in this area. If you stay several days in this city, it’s a good idea to plan one or more day trips from Florence.

In this article, I’ll give you a few ideas about where you can go. If you want to know something more about Florence go to the following post: 3 Unforgettable Things to do in Florence Italy.

Day trips from Florence: best cities in Tuscany

Florence is of course the main and most visited city in Tuscany. Anyway, there are other cities in Tuscany worthy of being visited. The best cities in Tuscany are the following:

  1. Siena
  2. Pisa
  3. San Gimignano
  4. Certaldo
  5. Chieve in Chianti and all the Chianti area.
  6. Volterra
  7. Montepulciano
  8. Viareggio
  9. Lucca
  10. Arezzo

All these cities in Tuscany are good day trips from Florence. Let’s see a few of these cities.


Siena stands out for its medieval buildings made of bricks. The square is famous for the special event called Palio di Siena. Siena is divided into areas called “contrade”. The Palio di Siena is a competition between the Contradas of Siena in the form of an equestrian carousel of medieval origin.

This makes you understand what a big influence the medieval origin has on Siena.


Pisa represents one of the best day trips from Florence. It’s a city you should visit if you are in Florence because of its main square Piazza Dei Miracoli. The symbol of Pisa is its leaning tower.

Only a curiosity: Do you remember Superman in Superman III who corrects the leaning tower?

Pisa Italy: Video

Apart from its famous leaning the Tower of Pisa is a very unusual building and one kind. This is true because of the high historical and artistic value of its forms and because of its peculiar location. In fact, the tower is located far from the Cathedral and not as usual along one side of the church.

The Tower, the Cathedral, and the Baptistery give a unique “look” to this square. There isn’t another square like this one in Italy.

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San Gimignano

San Gimignano is very famous for all its towers. From the top of its tallest tower, you can see the beautiful Tuscany.

San Gimignano videos:

Chianti area wine tour

If you want to admire the characteristic Tuscany hills and taste good wine, you should go to the Chianti area. You can start your tour in Greve in Chianti and continue with Panzano, Gaiole, Radda, Castellina and Castelnuovo Berardenga. I’ll surely dedicate an additional article because it’s very interesting.


If you want to relax and walk along the beach, you can organize a day trip from Florence to Viareggio. A wide walkway, shops, bars, and restaurants make Viareggio an enjoyable city.

If you instead want very clear water where to swim you need a different destination.

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