TOP 10 Things to do in Amalfi Italy
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TOP 10 Things to do in Amalfi Italy

Welcome to our post “TOP 10 Things to do in Amalfi Italy”. Amalfi is a small but very characteristic town. The center itself is not very large but full of beautiful shops. The symbol of Amalfi, however, is certainly the Cathedral. The Duomo is also recognizable as you arrive in Amalfi by boat. The Cathedral of Amalfi is, in fact, one of the most photographed monuments of this beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast, as it is one of a kind.

If it is true that the center of Amalfi is not very extensive and does not require a lot of time to visit, it is also true that there are many things to see around Amalfi. For this reason, if you come to Amalfi, allow yourself at least a few days to enjoy this fantastic location on the Amalfi Coast.

Video Amalfi seen from the sea

To begin we admire Amalfi from the sea in the following video which also shows you some things to do and see here in Amalfi.

Amalfi seen from the sea and some of the top things to do and see here in Amalfi.

Video Text:

Amalfi Italy what to do? Things to do in Amalfi!

Hi! In this video, we see the beautiful Amalfi from the sea! Admiring Amalfi from the sea always gives us a beautiful view.

Arriving by boat in Amalfi is not only beautiful but also very comfortable. You can reach the center of Amalfi with only a few steps to see the cathedral more closely, choose between excellent ice cream and a super lemon granita, or go shopping in one of the beautiful shops you can find here.

As you can see, the bus stop is right in front of the port. Then, you can easily travel by bus to places like Positano and Ravello. The beach is also right here next to the port and the center of Amalfi! Now we have only to choose what we want to visit! In the meantime, I greet you and see you in the following video!

TOP 10 Things to do in Amalfi Italy

Exploring Amalfi, Italy is a must for any traveler! From the picturesque pedestrianized town center to the vibrant coastline, there are so many incredible activities to experience. In this post, we dive into the best things to do in Amalfi. From exploring beaches to strolling the alleys of the old town, there is something for everyone. So don’t miss this opportunity to uncover the beauty of this small Italian gem. Watch our video to get started.

What to see in Amalfi? What are the things to see in Amalfi not to be missed? Here is our list!

  1. Historic center of Amalfi
  2. Amalfi Cathedral
  3. Villa Cimbrone in Ravello with the magnificent Infinity Terrace
  4. Villa Rufolo has a magnificent auditorium for outdoor concerts overlooking the sea
  5. The Duoglio Beach (in summer)
  6. The lido of Ravello or Castiglione beach
  7. Positano
  8. The Vallone delle Ferriere: nature reserve.
  9. Minori and the Sal del Riso pastry shop
  10. The beach of Santa Croce

Historic center of Amalfi

The historic center of Amalfi, located in the picturesque coastal region of Italy, is a testament to the area’s rich history and cultural heritage. With its narrow streets, ancient buildings, and stunning architecture, the historic center offers visitors a glimpse into the past. From the magnificent Cathedral of Amalfi to the charming Piazza del Duomo, this enchanting district is a must-visit destination for those seeking a truly immersive experience in Italian history and culture.

Amalfi Cathedral

The Cathedral of Amalfi can be considered the symbol of this magnificent location on the Amalfi Coast. Many particularities and characteristics make this monument unique; now let’s look at some of them together.

For example, did you know that the Amalfi Cathedral is ancient because its construction began in 987? Access to the cathedral is made important and monumental by a staircase built in 1203 with 62 steps. The cathedral’s central monumental bronze doors are extraordinary as they are the oldest doors of their kind in Italy. They were built in Constantinople around the year 1060.

Did you know that the cathedral’s central monumental bronze doors are the oldest in Italy of their kind?

They were built in Constantinople in the year 1060.

Amalfi Italy

Villa Cimbrone and Villa Rufolo

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The Duoglio Beach

The Duoglio beach is located near Amalfi. It is a very beautiful beach and is particularly appreciated for its crystal clear waters. It is suitable for those who want to relax on deck chairs, for those who simply want to relax on the shore listening to the waves of the sea that become more lively every time a boat arrives from Amalfi and it is also suitable for those who like to swim and snorkel.

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Positano is a picturesque and captivating town on Amafli Coast. With its colorful cliffside buildings cascading down to the sparkling Tyrrhenian Sea, Positano exudes an undeniable charm. Its narrow, winding streets are lined with boutique shops, inviting restaurants, and picturesque views at every turn. Whether relaxing on its pristine beaches or exploring its historic landmarks, Positano offers a delightful blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and Mediterranean allure.

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Vallone delle Ferriere

Dive into the postcard-perfect landscapes of the Vallone delle Ferriere Amalfi. This stunning national park is a harbinger of Italy’s natural beauty. From peaceful trails to lush groves, this vibrant valley beckons visitors from all corners of the globe. Get a glimpse of the enchanting panoramas that greet travelers as they explore the trails and vistas throughout the park. Discover an unforgettable adventure in the Vallone delle Ferriere Amalfi, and take your memories of an Italian paradise with you.

Explore the beauty of the Vallone delle Ferriere Amalfi and see why Italy is the perfect vacation destination. With breathtaking landscapes and an atmosphere of peace, this national park is the ideal place to relax and recharge.

Amalfi in winter

Amalfi is known all over the world for its beauty and particularity. What are Amalfi’s most characteristic areas? We certainly have the main square where we see the Cathedral of Amalfi and the port, among many others. These 2 places have also been the set of numerous international films.

Amalfi is an excellent destination for spring-summer when we can enjoy the beaches of Amalfi, the beautiful sea and when we can go shopping as all the shops are open. But what about Amalfi in winter?

Amalfi is an excellent destination to go to even in winter: a walk through the streets of the center, a lunch in one of the excellent restaurants, a stop in the square to admire the Cathedral of Amalfi, and for super delicious ice cream even in winter thanks at the mild temperature of Amalfi.

The sunset is not to be missed on the Amalfi Coast in winter. In fact, both in winter and in summer we have more opportunities to admire magnificent sunsets. In this video, we are mainly located near the tourist port of Amalfi. On one side is the illuminated Amalfi seafront and on the other a magnificent sunset.

Things to do in Amalfi Italy in winter: the sunset.

Amalfi winter outfit

The temperatures in Amalfi are quite mild, but anyway, you always have to consider that in Italy, winter is cold. So during the day, you can wear a middle-season jacket thanks to the heat the shining sun can give you, but in the evening, it’s better to wear a heavy jacket.

Here in the picture some examples:


Here are some frequently asked questions and answers where you can find further information and tips about Amalfi.

What are some top things to do in Amalfi Italy?

The top things to do in Amalfi are for sure to walk on the main street of the historic center and enjoy the atmosphere of this Amalfi Coast town. I’m sure you’ll stop in front of the Amalfi Cathedral to admire its uniqueness. In the meantime, while you walk, you can also stop in a shop to buy some delicious local food to taste.

Another unique thing to do in Amalfi is to take the bus in front of the tourist port square and go to Ravello to visit Villa Cimbrone. This Villa is very famous because it has been the location for many movies. At Villa Cimbrone, there is the Infinity Balcony, from where you can have an amazing view of the Amalfi Coast in front and under you.

Are there any outdoor activities to enjoy in Amalfi Italy?

Yes, of course! First of all, you can walk in the historic center to explore the town, then you can visit the amazing villa gardens in Ravello. Ravello can be easily reached by bus from Amalfi. In Summertime you can also enjoy the sun and beaches and swim in this beautiful sea.

What cultural experiences can be found in Amalfi Italy?

You can explore the majestic beauty of Amalfi Cathedral, one of Italy’s most iconic landmarks. Discover the illuminated frescoes, grand arches, and spectacular mosaics that make this incredible monument a must-visit for any tourist. Immerse yourself in the history, culture, and architecture of Amalfi Cathedral.

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