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Best Amalfi Coast Sunset Positano Italy

Best Amalfi Coast Sunset Videos

Best Amalfi Coast Sunset Videos. Amalfi Coast offers beautiful scenarios.

Watch the following videos and enjoy the Amalfi Coast Sunsets and Sunrise.

Sunset Positano Italy in winter

We’re ready for an amazing visit to Positano in winter. 20 minutes of video to see and enjoy Positano in winter. Wow! The beach is empty, and walking is so relaxing! We also end the day with a beautiful sunset and an amazing Positano all illuminated. Enjoy the video!

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Amalfi Coast Sunset Positano Italy

Amalfi Coast Sunset Positano Italy in summer. Watch the following video.

Amalfi Coast Sunrise Positano Italy

We admire the sunrise in Positano from the balcony of the Hotel California. Sunrise in Positano is special for many reasons.

Among these, there is certainly the fact that we can admire the coast gradually light up. First, the sun touches the most extreme point of Positano and slowly extends to illuminate this beautiful town on the Amalfi coast completely.

The following video is another video about Positano sunrise.

Positano Italy Sunset from Le Sirenuse restaurant

Positano Italy Sunset from La Sponda Le Sirenuse restaurant.

Positano Italy Sunset from La Tagliata restaurant

The following video shows you the amazing view from the terrace of the restaurant La Tagliata.

Amalfi Sunset in winter

Amalfi is known all over the world for its beauty and particularity. What are the most characteristic areas of Amalfi? We certainly have the main square where we see the Cathedral of Amalfi and the port among the many. These 2 places have also been the set of numerous international films.

Amalfi is an excellent destination for spring-summer when we can enjoy the beaches of Amalfi, the beautiful sea and when we can go shopping as all the shops are open. But what about Amalfi in winter?

Amalfi is an excellent destination to go to even in winter: a walk through the streets of the center, a lunch in one of the excellent restaurants, a stop in the square to admire the Cathedral of Amalfi, and for super delicious ice cream even in winter thanks at the mild temperature of Amalfi.

One thing not to be missed on the Amalfi Coast in winter is the sunset. In fact, both in winter and in summer we have more opportunities to admire magnificent sunsets. In this video, we are mainly located near the tourist port of Amalfi. On one side is the illuminated Amalfi seafront and on the other a magnificent sunset.

Amalfi Coast Maiori Sunset in winter

The sunset we could see in Maiori in winter was magnificent. You can have an idea of its beauty by watching the following short video.

You can also watch more about Maiori and the sunset in the following video. The video starts with walking along the seafront and ends in the evening with the sunset.

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Amalfi Coast Sunset Sorrento Marina Grande

Amalfi Coast Sunset Sorrento Marina Grande. Watch the following video.

Capri Island Marina Piccola sunset

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