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Amalfi Coast Ravello Italy things to do

Amalfi Coast Ravello Italy things to do

Amalfi Coast Ravello Italy things to do – Ravello is a beautiful town on the Amalfi Coast which is located in a higher position than other towns on the Amalfi Coast. Ravello is most famous for 2 extraordinary villas and for the breathtaking views you can admire from here.

Ravello Italy things to do

  1. Villa Rufolo
  2. Infinity Terrace at Villa Cimbrone
  3. Piazza Duomo

Amalfi Coast Ravello Italy Villa Rufolo

Villa Rufolo is in the center of Ravello, only 5 minutes far from the bus stop. Villa Rufolo is a fantastic place for its gardens and, of course, for the beautiful Amalfi Coast view.

In Villa Rufolo there are also extraordinary concerts. What better than good music while you admire the fantastic Amalfi Coast view?

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Amalfi Coast Ravello Italy Villa Cimbrone

Villa Cimbrone is a luxurious 5-star Villa and Hotel. It is, however, possible to access the gardens of the villa thanks to an entrance ticket. The most famous point of Villa Cimbrone is the Infinity Terrace.

The view from the Infinity Terrace is genuinely magnificent and impressive. The infinity balcony is decorated with Roman-style statues along its fence, overlooking the sea and the Amalfi Coast. It is no surprise that it is internationally famous and that it is among the best places to visit not only in Ravello but on the entire Amalfi Coast.

Amalfi Coast Terrace of Infinity in Winter

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Hi everybody, we are in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast to see the Infinity Terrace at Villa Cimbrone.

How can you reach Ravello? For example, you can come to Ravello by car and park at the Piazza Duomo car park. Beware that the road to travel by car is quite narrow and in periods of particular crowding you may struggle to find a parking space.

You can also come to Ravello by bus from Amalfi thanks to the Amalfi – Ravello – Scala line.

In Amalfi, as you can see, the bus stop is near the beach. The bus takes you to Ravello, and the bus stop where you can get off is very close to Piazza Duomo.

From Piazza Duomo, you can reach Villa Cimbrone on foot. Keep in mind that the road to get to the villa is uphill and there are several steps.

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Piazza Duomo

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How to get to Ravello?

You have 2 main options to reach Ravello:

  1. by bus
  2. by car

How to get to Ravello by bus

If you are in Amalfi, you can easily get to Ravello by bus. The bus trip is impressive because you can see a beautiful part of the Amalfi Coast, and then you can appreciate your skillful bus driver: it’s challenging to drive on that narrow roads with those big buses.

When you arrive in Ravello and go off your bus, you can immediately see a fantastic view. In the following video, you can see the view you can admire when you are at the bus stop. Indeed, this view makes your waiting time very special.

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Ravello by car

Getting to Ravello by car is very convenient because you can park in the Piazza Duomo car park. As you can imagine from the name, the Piazza Duomo car park is located right next to the main square of Ravello, where there is also Villa Rufolo.

The parking price in January 2022 was 1 euro per hour. Relatively cheap for the area.

The disadvantage of coming to Ravello by car is undoubtedly the narrow road connecting Ravello’s coast. We did not struggle to find a place for the car but certainly in periods of greatest crowding you may have problems finding the place.

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Ravello Beach

Ravello is a town built on the side of a mountain. Consequently, you don’t have the beach in Ravello, but you have a beautiful view of the Amalfi Coast. If you want to relax on the beach, you can go to the beach or Amalfi or Castiglione Beach.