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Extraordinary Pompeii Bodies: How are they been preserved?

Pompeii Bodies pictures – How are the bodies in Pompeii preserved? We can now see the body shapes thanks to the Fiorelli Method. Fiorelli method consists in pouring liquid plaster in the cavity left by the bodies in the solidified ash layer that has preserved its shape intact.

Are there still bodies in Pompeii?

The bodies we can see now in Pompeii are only the shape of the bodies, and not the bodies themselves. Anyway those bodies help us to understand what really happend in the last moments of their life. As a result it’s impossible not to be touched by the terrible tragedy those people experienced.

Pompeii Bodies pictures:

You can see the bodies in the Garden of Fugitives which is one of the most visited and emotional areas of the entire archeological park. It’s located in the south-eastern area of Pompeii, near Porta Nocera. You can find other bodies in the Forum Granary.

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