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Top 6 Summer in Amalfi Coast best beaches

Amalfi Coast best beaches – The Amalfi Coast is one of the most coveted Italian places for international tourism. What makes the Amalfi coast such a special place? The Amalfi Coast is the sea, history, and characteristic places. The Amalfi Coast is especially suitable for those who love the sea but not only. The Amalfi Coast offers a holiday dedicated to the sea, history, good food, and art.

In our post “Coast of Amalfi: best things to do in Amalfi Coast” what to visit o the Amalfi Coast. For this reason, in this post, we are going to see the most beautiful beaches on the coast, places to visit at least in summer.

Let’s see together some of the Amalfi Coast best beaches.

  1. Positano Beach
  2. Il Duoglio Beach
  3. Marina di Praia Beach
  4. Lido di Castiglione Beach
  5. Furore Fjord Beach
  6. Sorrento beach

Positano Beach

Positano is of course one of the best Amalfi Coast towns so we place its main beach at the top of the Amalfi Coast best beaches. The main beach of Positano is the Spiaggia of Marina Grande. This beach is not only the main beach of Positano but also the most photographed because it is very scenic.

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If we want to enjoy the beautiful sea of ​​the Amalfi Coast, however, we must choose well where to position ourselves.

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The Spiaggia Marina Grande of Positano has an area dedicated to free beaches and another area dedicated to bathing establishments. The free beach is located on the right looking at the sea, right next to the embarkation of the motor ships. This causes some problems for swimmers who would like to relax in peace on the free beach and swim.

The free beach of Positano on 18/08/21 at 4:30 pm

Especially in the middle of August, when you get to the maximum crowding of this portion of the beach, the experience can be totally negative! The portion of the beach is limited, therefore extremely crowded and not always clean. The sand is large, dark, and difficult to remove. In addition, the great comings and goings of motorboats make the air not well breathable because it is full of smog.

A completely different experience is lived a few meters away in the area dedicated to bathing establishments! The further you move away from the free beach, the more you will find peace, tranquility, pebbles instead of dark sand and it is pleasant to enjoy the sea.

It is incredible how passing from right to left on the beach of Positano you go from rags to riches in terms of comfort, but you also reach the stars in terms of costs.

In fact, it starts from a zero cost of the free beach of Positano, but with the disadvantages described above especially in high season, then moving on to the beaches such as the Lido Incanto which in August has a cost of about 50 euros for 2 sunbeds and 1 umbrella, until you reach the end of the beach and the cliff.

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The end of the beach and the adjoining cliff is right where the exclusive La Scogliera Beach Resort is located. Here too, the more you push to the left with the position of the sunbeds, the more the prices rise. Here are some prices for September 2021 in the progression of the position. Of course, in August 2021 they were higher.

Going to the far left of Positano beach, in addition to finding more tranquility and less smog, we also have a fantastic view of the beach with Positano in the background: truly beautiful and unique!

Il Duoglio Beach Amalfi

The Duoglio beach is located near Amalfi. It is a very beautiful beach and is particularly appreciated for its crystal clear waters. It is suitable for those who want to relax on deck chairs, for those who simply want to relax on the shore listening to the waves of the sea that become more lively every time a boat arrives from Amalfi and it is also suitable for those who like to swim and snorkel.

Duoglio beach Amalfi how to get there?

The Duoglio beach can be reached by bus thanks to the staircase that connects the beach to the main road or by a boat service that leaves from the port of Amalfi. The boat transport service is usually paid but some beaches offer a private service included in the rental of beach umbrellas and beach chairs.

Scala Duoglio: How to reach the beach thanks to the staircase?

As we have just said above, The Duoglio beach can be reached not only by sea but also by bus, thanks to the staircase that connects the beach to the main road that runs along the Amalfi Coast.

For more details watch the following video:

Text of the video:

Hi everybody, we are sailing along the magnificent Amalfi coast, and we see two beautiful beaches. How to reach them? In this video, we want to talk specifically about the beach on our right: The Duoglio Beach.

You can get to this beach by boat from Amalfi but also by bus. If you look attentively, you can see the road that runs along the Amalfi Coast above this beach. The beach is connected to the road by a long staircase. But let’s take a closer look!

We arrive at the Duoglio beach from Positano by bus. The closest bus stop is Lone, a hamlet of Amalfi, a few steps from the staircase gate to get to the beach. As you can see, access to the staircase may be limited. In this case, the sign indicates that only those who have a reservation in one of the two bathing establishments can access the stairs.

We begin the descent along this staircase. The steps are said to be more than 400, but to tell the truth, we started counting them, but then we were distracted by the magnificent view and lost count.

As we go down, we have a different view of the beach below. A pleasant descent, as the view is breathtaking and downhill, the effort is reduced to a minimum. The fatigue is undoubtedly much greater uphill.

For this reason, if you do not want to face the climb, you can opt for the boat service that takes you to the port of Amalfi. You can opt for the paid service of the Amalfi Battellieri Group or, as in our case, the shuttle service included in the rental of sun loungers and umbrellas at the Lido Degli Artisti bathing establishment.

We have now arrived at the beach, ready for a beautiful day at the Duoglio beach. The adventure continues in the following video! Bye, see you soon!

The Duoglio Beach by boat

The Duoglio beach can also be easily reached by boat. The Amalfi Battellieri Group offers a transport service from the port of Amalfi to The Duoglio Beach and vice versa. In addition to this service, there is also the Lido Degli Artisti which transports free of charging its customers who have rented sunbeds and umbrellas for the day.

Text of the video:

Hi and welcome back! After a beautiful day at the Duoglio beach, it’s time to reach our next destination. It is 4 pm, and the shadow begins to arrive on the beach.

As we saw in another video, we arrived at this beach by bus, and then we went down the staircase that connects the road to the Duoglio beach.

For the return, we opt for the boat instead. In this way, we avoid all the uphill steps, and we have the pleasure of admiring this magnificent beach and Amalfi from the sea.

In our case, we use the Lido Degli Artisti service, but it’s also possible to take the boat of the Amalfi Battellieri Group. Let’s enjoy the beautiful view now!

Here is Amalfi! Do you want to see the rest of the navigation and Amalfi more closely? Watch the suggested video here that you also find in the description and comments!

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Amalfi Duoglio beach Snorkeling

Amalfi Duoglio beach Snorkeling: watch the following video!

Text of the video:

Hi everybody! Here we are at the Duoglio beach, near Amalfi, to discover what lies beneath the sea’s surface.

Let’s go snorkeling together!

We have to say that our snorkeling will be a little agitated at certain times due to the waves of the sea. Even fish sometimes get carried away by the waves.

Let’s continue to explore.

Snorkeling here at The Duoglio Beach was a beautiful and fun experience.

Now we let ourselves be lulled a little by the waves even here on the shore before relaxing on our sunbed. In the meantime, I greet you. Bye and see you on the next adventure!

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Marina di Praia Beach

Marina di Praia beach: very characteristic as it is set between 2 fjords. The beach of Marina di Praia is not the best known but it is really very characteristic.

Watch the following video! The video is in Italian but you can enable the subtitle in your favorite language.

Text of the video:

Hello, we have just arrived in Praiano and more precisely in Marina di Praia. This beach is an extraordinary place, and during this video, we will get to know it better. You can get to Marina di Praia by bus or by car. Parking spaces are available here, even if they are limited. We are observing this magnificent beach from above, from the road where we find the bus stop. Below we see the beach set between 2 majestic rock walls.

Here we also find some hotels and restaurants. We go down to access the beach. The beach is very characteristic, and the sea is fantastic. The only negative note is that precisely because of the two side rock walls that make this beach so unique, the sun illuminates the beach only in the central hours of the day. However, we can go beyond this beach by following the path that runs along the coast to find other options to relax and swim. Let’s explore. To conclude, you cannot miss an excellent lunch on the beach.

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Lido di Castiglione Beach

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Furore Fjord Beach

The Fiordo di Furore is internationally famous as it is one of the most particular and characteristic realities of the Amalfi Coast.

Regardless of the suggestions aroused by the ancient, tiny building settlement, the valley has one of the most important naturalistic riches of the entire peninsula. You can get to the Fiordo di Furore from the state road, thanks to the steps that bring you directly on the small beach or from the Punta Tavola: the rocky spur above.

The steps to reach the beach are not many and absolutely nothing compared to the steps necessary to reach the Duoglio beach. However, the staircase has a total of about 700 steps.

The environment surrounding the long staircase is characterized by the so-called vegetational inversion for which the valley floor is occupied by essences which, in general, are characteristic of higher altitudes.

The Furore Fjord is a popular destination in summer but is very characteristic also in winter. Watch the following video that shows you the Furore Fjord in winter.

The baths of Queen Giovanna Sorrento

Bagni Regina Giovanna Sorrento Italy beach Sorento Amalfi Coast The baths of Regina Giovanna are located not far from Sorrento. They are a natural pool surrounded by rock walls. Very suggestive!

You can also reach the Bagni della Regina Giovanna from Sorrento on foot, but it is advisable to take the bus. In fact, the walk can be quite pleasant but the sidewalk is not present all along the road.

Especially in the high season, it is advisable to come to Bagni Della Regina Giovanna early in the morning. Otherwise, you risk not finding a place as space is limited.

Near the baths of Queen Giovanna, there are also the remains of a Roman villa to visit. We, therefore, combine sea, landscape, and archeology.

When you take the boat from Sorrento to Positano you pass right in front of the Bagni Della Regina Giovanna.

Marina Grande Beach Sorrento

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