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TOP 10 Amazing Things to do in Capri Amalfi Coast Italy

Things to do in Capri Amalfi Coast Italy – Capri what to see? – Capri is an island, or rather, it is a real jewel very close to the Amalfi coast. In fact from Capri, you can see the Amalfi Coast very well and from some places on the Amalfi Coast, you can see well not only Capri but also its mythical Faraglioni.

Boats depart every day from the major towns of the Amalfi Coast to connect the mainland to this beautiful island. At this point, a spontaneous question arises: once you arrive in Capri what to see? There are many attractions on the island: the famous Blue Grotto, Anacapri and Mount Solaro, without forgetting the imposing Faraglioni which are a bit the symbol of the island.

Top 10 Things to do in Capri Amalfi Coast Italy

Let’s start making a list of the top 10 things to do in Capri:

  1. Blue Grotto Capri
  2. Faraglioni Capri
  3. The Piazzetta of Capri and the main street. The city of Capri attracts many tourists every year. The square is where the paparazzi are looking for well-known faces in the summer. Furthermore, Via Camerelle hosts a huge concert of high fashion shops. From the square of Capri, you can also admire the beautiful panorama: from the square you can see Marina Grande and Mount Solaro.
  4. Gardens of Augustus with a view of the suggestive Via Krupp.
  5. Via Tragara, Belvedere Tragara and Via Pizzolungo
  6. Anacapri and Monte Solaro with the Monte Solaro chairlift and the beautiful view we have when we reach the top of Monte Solaro
  7. We absolutely have to snorkel to see the fish
  8. Marina Grande and Cala Grande beach
  9. Green Grotto & White Grotto
  10. Marina Piccola

Blue Grotto Capri

Also known as the Blue Cathedral for its wonderful color, it offers the visitor a unique spectacle. The entrance is only one meter high and in fact, the authorized boatmen, who accompany you on the visit, make you lie down to be able to enter.

You can visit the Blue Grotto starting from Marina Grande thanks to the motorboat companies or arriving by land.

One of the best attractions on the list of what to see in Capri is definitely the Blue Grotto. You can access the Blue Grotto of Capri by land or by sea thanks to the organized tours that take you around the island and stop at the Blue Grotto.

At the entrance to the Blue Grotto, you will find boatmen who take you inside the cave with small rowing boats. Before entering, they make you stop at the boat used as a ticket office where you pay the entrance service plus the access fee to the Blue Grotto of Capri.

The entrance to the cave is very narrow and for this reason, you have to lie down to enter and even the boatman in an almost automatic gesture lies down to be able to access the Blue Grotto.

As soon as we enter we cannot immediately perceive the wonderful color of the Blue Grotto because, as the boatman explains, our eyes have to get used to it. After a few seconds, however, we can admire the splendid spectacle that awaits us.

The wall of the Blue Grotto is partially raised from the bottom and this allows the light to enter, pass under the rock, reflect on the white sand, and is a wonderful natural phenomenon coloring the cave with its characteristic color.

The Blue Grotto is 60 meters long and 20 meters deep. It was the swimming pool of the second emperor of Rome Tiberius who, lucky he came here to bathe. He passed through a tunnel carved into the rock that probably led him from his villa to the Blue Grotto. He certainly hadn’t picked a bad place!

Very characteristic when you enter the Blue Grotto is to hear the boatmen singing and whose voice is amplified in the cave. Adds a romantic touch to the cave visit.

If you want to visit the Blue Grotto, it is better if you do it early in the morning, when there are fewer queues. Then you have to consider that in the afternoon, let’s say after 2 pm, the light changes and the color is not as beautiful as in the morning. The Blue Grotto is also often closed due to sea and tidal conditions. For this reason, when you find it open and you have the time to visit it, you should take advantage of it!

The Faraglioni of Capri

The Faraglioni of Capri are visible from various panoramic points as well as clearly from the boat. Usually, in organized boat tours, you pass through the stack with the central opening. It is said that those who kiss under the stack will remain together forever.

Things to do in Capri: Faraglioni Capri

The Faraglioni of Capri is visible from different points. If you want to know more details about the Faraglioni and where you can see them go to the following post: Faraglioni Capri what to see.

The Piazzetta of Capri and the main street

One of the most famous things about Capri is certainly its center and its square. The center of Capri has a very high concentration of high fashion shops and therefore it is pleasant to stroll even just to window shop.

The Piazzetta of Capri is not only famous for its social life but also for the beautiful panorama that you can admire from here.

Things to do in Capri: The Piazzetta

Dalla piazzetta di Capri puoi vedere Marina Grande ed il Monte Solaro. Dalla piazzetta di Capri puoi vedere Marina Grande ed il Monte Solaro.

Things to do in Capri: The Piazzetta

The Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp

One of the things to see in Capri is definitely the Gardens of Augustus. The gardens of Augustus are, as the name implies, beautiful gardens with colorful flowers but what makes this place special is the view you can enjoy from here.

Things to do in Capri: The Gardens of Augustus and Via Krupp

In fact, from the Gardens of Augustus, you can admire the Faraglioni of Capri and also one of the most suggestive streets in the world: Via Krupp. The Gardens of Augustus are easily reachable as they are just a few minutes on foot from the square of Capri.

How to get to the Gardens of Augustus?

From the Piazzetta di Capri head towards the main street of the center or Via Vittorio Emanuele, go all the way and at a certain point, you will find yourself in another square as you can see in the following image.

TOP 10 Amazing Things to do in Capri Amalfi Coast Italy 33

Arriving here, take the road in front of you on the right which leads to the Gardens of Augustus. On the wall, there are also tiles that show you the right direction to follow.

This route is very pleasant for 2 reasons. In fact, on the road, you will find a beautiful perfumery characteristic of the place with colorful flowers in front of it and also absolutely do not miss the kiosk where you can get a fantastic lemon or fig granita! Even the granita alone is worth the journey.

Perfumery The scents of Capri

Below you can read the story of The Perfumes of Capri placed in front of the aforementioned perfumery.

Here are some photos of the small garden in front of the perfumery.

Granita kiosk

After the perfumery, just before the Gardens of Augustus, we find the granita shack. The choice of your favorite granita is yours.

How to access the Gardens of Augustus?

To access the gardens of Augustus you must buy a ticket online. In the following image, you find the bar code that brings you to the ticket page.

Via Krupp Capri

Its history in Via Kupp dates back to the early 1900s and is closely linked to the figure of the German Friedrich Alfred Krupp, owner of the great German steel mills and passionate about marine biological research.

Things to do in Capri Amalfi Coast Italy

From the hotel where he was staying it was very difficult and uncomfortable for him to reach his yacht moored in Marina Piccola. It was then that he decided to find a solution. To easily reach the boat, he had this splendid panoramic road built into the rocky ridge dominated by the Gardens of Augustus. Via Krupp could thus connect the historic center of the island with Marina Piccola, which could only be reached from Via Mulo at the time.

Things to do in Capri: Via Krupp

Via Krupp is currently closed due to the danger of falling rocks. 

It is however possible to admire the street from above, from the terrace of the Gardens of Augustus. This is certainly the most spectacular observation point of Via Krupp.

Gardens of Augustus and the view of the famous stacks of Capri

The gardens of Augustus are definitely something to see in Capri because they offer you on one side a suggestive view of Via Krupp from above and on the other of the famous Faraglioni.

Things to do in Capri Amalfi Coast Italy

Via Tragara, Belvedere Tragara and Via Pizzolungo

One of the best walks you can take here in Capri is along the Via Tragara, which takes you to see the Belvedere Tragara.


Via Tragara, Belvedere Tragara and Via Pizzolungo

Video Text

Hi everybody, we are in Capri in Italy and at this moment, we are walking along Tragara street or in the Italian language Via Tragara.

Via Tragara is an elegant walk that takes you to one of the best views of Capri: the Belvedere Tragara.

The Belvedere Tragara is one of the busiest spots in Capri because it is a good vantage point to admire the famous Faraglioni of Capri, it is just a few minutes on foot from the Piazzetta of Capri, and the access is complimentary.

Belvedere Tragara is a romantic and relaxing place, but it is also a good starting point for those who love adventure.

Belvedere Tragara is a romantic and relaxing place because you can sit on the benches directly toward the sea and enjoy the view in peace.

We have said that the Belvedere Tragara is also a destination for those who love adventure. In fact, from here you can take different paths as you can see in the video.

For example, from Belvedere Tragara, you can go down the stairs or follow the downhill road to take the Via Pizzolungo.

Via Pizzolungo looks like a natural continuation of Via Tragara, but it is different.

If you want to walk it, I suggest you wear comfortable shoes suitable for walking as it is quite long and is more like a path than one of the streets in the center of Capri.

I want to specify that in Google Maps, the first stretch of Via Pizzolungo is marked as the continuation of Via Tragara instead of correctly reporting Via Pizzolungo but it is not very important because what interests us is where it leads us.

Easy to reach and close enough is the Belvedere del Pizzolungo: a spectacular balcony overlooking the Faraglioni and the bathing establishment “Da Luigi Ai Faraglioni”.

This is one of my favorite spots to see the Faraglioni of Capri.

The Via Pizzolungo continues, but we’ll see it in another adventure! Bye and see you in the next video!

Anacapri and Monte Solaro

Monte Solaro is a mountain located in Anacapri and it is beautiful to climb to the top of this mountain especially because it offers a magnificent view of the island.

You can get to the top of Monte Solaro thanks to the chairlift located in Anacapri, in Via Caposcuro, 10.

Getting to the Anacapri chairlift that takes you to the top of Monte Solaro is very simple. You can take the bus that brings you here to Anacapri from both Marina Grande and Capri, starting from the bus station which is very close to the square. The bus lines are well signposted and this also makes it easier for those who are on Capri for the first time.

Things to do in Capri Amalfi Coast Italy – Capri what to see: Anacapri and Monte Solaro

Getting on the Monte Solaro chairlift is a wonderful experience not only for the unique view you can see once you get to the top. In fact, even during the ride on the chairlift which lasts about a quarter of an hour you have the opportunity to admire the beautiful panorama of Capri. The Monte Solaro chairlift is an extremely relaxing route that allows you to see Capri from different perspectives.

As you go up you can admire an increasingly larger portion of this beautiful island. The ascent of the Monte Solaro chairlift begins gently until you reach the final point where the ascent becomes steeper.

Things to do in Capri: Chair lift to Monte Solaro

If you are in Capri, getting on the Monte Solaro chairlift is a must, one of those things that are definitely on the list of what to do in Capri. I know someone for whom the Monte Solaro chairlift was the best experience of their entire visit to Capri. Of course, this may not be the case for you but it is still very beautiful, especially because as you climb comfortably you are absolutely grateful that you don’t have to do all this climbing on foot! 😉

We finally arrived at the top of Monte Solaro and thanks to the chairlift and we are therefore ready to admire the magnificent panorama that the island of Capri offers us from above. We have already had the pleasure of enjoying the view from the top of Capri while we were on the chairlift but what we see now once we get to the top is something unique: you can see a wide view of the stacks and the coast.

Enjoy this video “Anacapri Monte Solaro Vista Faraglioni Capri” before continuing to read.

Things to do in Capri Amalfi Coast Italy

As we have already said, Monte Solaro offers a unique view of the stacks of Capri. Monte Solaro not only gives us, and certainly not cheap, a beautiful view of the stacks of Capri but also offers a beautiful view of the cliff of Anacapri and the color of the sea below us.

On Monte Solaro, it is also possible to relax on the deckchairs that are on the panoramic square as you can see in the image below …

TOP 10 Amazing Things to do in Capri Amalfi Coast Italy 34

… Or it is also possible to have something to drink or eat at the bar at the top.

After a bit of relaxation, however, you can only take another look at the beautiful panorama. The color of the sea seen from above, especially near the rocky beaches is a marvel. When we were at the top of Monte Solaro we didn’t want to leave and we looked at the magnificent panorama over and over again.

This is why I propose another video of the view from Monte Solaro in order to make you live an experience similar to ours in some way.

Things to do in Capri Amalfi Coast Italy

In the end, however, we had to go down because another exciting adventure awaited us.

Snorkeling in Capri

Capri is a beautiful island and offers magnificent views, but what about the sea and its inhabitants? To find it out you can do one of the best things to do in Capri: snorkeling. Snorkeling here on Capri is a great experience! Watch the following video.

Things to do in Capri Amalfi Coast Italy: Snorkeling

Marina Grande and Cala Grande beach

Marina Grande is the landing point of the motor ships that take you here to Capri and is, therefore, a must. Is Marina Grande just a crossing point or is it also interesting to see?

Marina Grande is absolutely interesting, especially for the Cala Grande beach. This beach has a crystalline sea, is easily accessible, and has an area reserved for the free beach. Cala Grande beach is, therefore, an excellent idea if you want to visit the island but are also looking for a place to take a nice swim. On hot summer days, it is truly regenerating!

things to see in Capri beaches Marina Grande and Cala Grande beach scaled

Another of the things to do in Capri that you can’t miss here in Marina Grande is the Salumeria Da Aldo. With a few euros, it makes a super great sandwich. Great idea for a cheap, good, and quick lunch. You can find this delicatessen easily because, especially in the high season, there is always a queue outside.

Green Grotto and White Grotto Capri

Green Grotto Capri

This magnificent cave takes its name from the color of its water, which, thanks to the play of light, takes on its green color. The bottom of the sea at the Green Grotto is made up of sand and rock.

Things to do in Capri: Green Grotto

White Grotto Capri

The White Grotto’s name comes from the light color of its rock. It also contains stalactites and stalagmites.

Explore The Stunning White Grotto Of Capri And Its Majestic Coast In 4k! Explore the breathtaking beauty of the White Grotto of Capri and its magnificent coast in mesmerizing 4K! Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring scenery as we take you on a visual journey through this hidden gem. Discover the dazzling turquoise waters, the dramatic rock formations, and the enchanting play of light that make the White Grotto a true natural wonder. Get ready to be captivated by the charm and allure of Capri’s most stunning secret. Embark on this cinematic adventure now and get ready to be transported to a place of pure wonder and amazement. Indulge your senses and let the White Grotto of Capri leave an indelible mark on your soul. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary experience!

Things to do in Capri Amalfi Coast Italy: White Grotto

Marina Piccola

Marina Piccola is a much-loved place as it has a privileged position. In fact, from Marina Piccola, it is possible to see the Faraglioni of Capri very well. This feature makes the houses and villas built in this area extremely expensive.

Sunset in Marina Piccola:

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