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Top 10 amazing things to do on Amalfi Coast in winter & weather

Where to stay on Amalfi Coast in winter weather and things to do – We always love the Amalfi Coast and it’s always appreciated by many people coming from different parts of the earth. We love coming to the Amalfi Coast in summer when we can enjoy the beaches and sea fully. We also love coming here in spring when the Amalfi Coast offers us mild temperatures. What about the Amalfi Coast in winter? What are the Amalfi Coast weather and temperatures in winter? Where to stay? What are the top things to do?

Amalfi Coast in Winter Yes or No?

Is it worth visiting the Amalfi Coast in winter? Yes, it is. There is always a good reason to visit the Amalfi Coast. Although the temperatures don’t allow you to swim and stay on the beach, the weather is milder than in other Italian places. The Amalfi Coast is very known not only for the sea but also for beautiful views, good food, and history.

Of course, you have to decide wisely where to stay on the Amalfi Coast in Winter. That’s why we are going to ask the following question: Where to stay on Amalfi Coast in Winter?

Where to stay on Amalfi Coast in Winter?

Where to stay on Amalfi Coast in Winter? As we explained in the post “Where to stay in Amalfi Coast“, some of the Amalfi Coast Towns are very seasonable. That’s true for Positano, for example. That’s why staying in a bigger city such as Sorrento is better.

Amalfi Coast in winter: Sorrento Italy

Sorrento, it’s perfect for your Amalfi Coast vacation in winter because it always offers good services and transportation. Sorrento has a train station, buses for the Amalfi Coast Towns, and a tourist port with ferry boats with different destinations.

How to travel Amalfi Coast without a car?

On Amalfi Coast, you can easily travel without a car thanks to the App “Unico Campania” which contains all the transportation times for busses, trains, and metros not only of the Amalfi Coast but also of Naples.

That’s why I suggest you download the “Unico Campania” app on your smartphone, which is a valid help for local transportation.

It helps you not only to find the time of the busses but you can also buy the tickets directly in the app.

You can calculate your route by clicking on the “CALCULATE ROUTE” button and you have the following screen.

Amalfi Coast transportation App Unico Campania

Click now on the button “Where do you want…” and you have the following screen where you can insert your destination and your current position.

Amalfi Coast transportation guide bus schedule App Unico Campania

Click on “Search solutions”. As you can see in the following image, you can choose your best option and see the ticket price. You can also buy the ticket by clicking on your chosen option.

As you can see in the following images, you can select the number of tickets you need and then buy the tickets that will be saved in your App account.

Amalfi Coast transportation guide bus schedule App Unico Campania

To buy the tickets after you chose your route is very useful because, in this way, you don’t have any doubts about the validity of your ticket. In fact, the price for the bus from Sorrento to Positano is, for example, different from the price from Sorrento to Amalfi, and when you have the paper tickets many times, you’re not sure where you can arrive with your ticket.

In this way, first of all, you don’t waste time going around Sorrento, Positano or Amalfi looking for a place where you can buy tickets, you can buy when you want only the tickets you need and you always know the times of busses and trains.

You can use the same procedure if you want to check train times and buy tickets, for example, for Naples.

Amalfi Coast transportation guide train times App Unico Campania

What are the top things to do on the Amalfi Coast in winter?

What are the top things to do on the Amalfi Coast in winter? There are really a lot of things to do on the Amalfi Coast in winter, especially if you stay in Sorrento. Yes, in fact, Sorrento is a lovely town full of cute streets and shops. Walking in these streets, shopping, and tasting delicious food are always enjoyable.

Then Sorrento is also a perfect point to stay if you want to visit nearby towns and tourist places. You can go by train to Napoli for a fantastic pizza, to Pompei or Ercolano for a time travel. You can go to Positano or Amalfi by bus. You can also go to Capri by boat.

To go to Capri by boat from Sorrento it’s enough to go to Sorrento tourist port and buy the tickets directly to the ticket office that you find there. In winter, you usually don’t need to buy boat tickets in advance because the Amalfi Coast is not very crowded.

Amalfi Coast in Winter: Sorrento tourist port boat ticket office

You have to know that there are fewer boats in winter than in summer. So plan your day tour according to the available boat times. These are, for example, the boat times that were available in winter 2021/2022.

Amalfi Coast in winter Sorrento Capri boat

Here is a list of the Top 10 places to visit on the Amalfi Coast in winter:

  1. Sorrento
  2. Pompeii
  3. Positano + Nocelle: Path of the gods
  4. Amalfi and the Emerald Grotto
  5. Ravello & Terrace of infinity
  6. Capri
  7. Maiori
  8. Fjord of Furore + Marina di Praia Beach
  9. Naples: Pizza + area of ​​Spaccanapoli + Castel Dell’Ovo + excavations of Piazza Bellini
  10. Herculaneum


Sorrento is a lively town, and spending your time here is enjoyable. Sorrento is full of characteristics corners, streets, and shops. The food is good and the sea view is beautiful.

Sorrento is built on a tuff cliff: under you, there is the sea of beautiful green color and in front of you is the Vulcan called Vesuvio.

Video Sorrento Italy in Winter

How is Sorrento in winter? In this video, “Sorrento Italy in Winter vs Summer,” we see the main parts of Sorrento in winter. We also see the same areas in summer when people swim in the sea and relax under the sun. Watch the video!

Amalfi Coast in winter: Sorrento Italy in winter
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Pompei in winter is even better than in summer because you don’t have to fight against the heat in winter. Pompei is really amazing and unique. It’s original and not rebuilt like other ruins sites in Europe.

You can get to Pompeii by car or by train.

If you chose the car, you can park the car at Pompei Parking,

or any other car park in the area. I mentioned Pompei Parking because we parked the car there and our experience in the car park was good.

Pompeii, how long do you need to visit it?

Pompeii ruins are very extensive so you need the full day to visit the entire archeological site. You can do a shorter visit with a local tour guide who shows you the main points but it is not the best solution.

There are many tour guides in Pompeii; some are very good, but some are less. An excellent option to have more information about what to visit is the app “Discover Pompeii”. While you visit Pompeii you can select on a map what you want more information about and listen to the audio guide. Very cheap and good solution.

Positano Italy in winter

Positano is a magnificent location both in summer and winter. To get to Positano from Sorrento, you can take the bus. In the summertime, you can get here also by boat but in winter the service is discontinued.

Positano Italy in winter by boat – Amalfi Coast in winter

The Positano beach in winter

Positano in winter is really amazing! It’s not crowded as in summer and you can enjoy its beauty even more. Many people prefer Positano in winter to summer. You can freely walk on the beach that in summer is instead full of sunbeds and umbrellas.

Not all restaurants are open but it’s not a problem to find a place where to eat because, in the beach area, there are restaurants and bars open.

MAR Museum Positano

Something I really recommend you to visit is the MAR Museum. The MAR is the archaeological museum of Positano and is not a common archaeological museum. In fact, this archaeological museum was established with the discovery of a wonderful Roman Villa in Positano near the current church.

The museum is a fantastic testimony of the passage of time and the change of the territory. It is fascinating to see how the history of Positano has been built “layer by layer”.

The MAR archaeological museum of Positano is composed of different levels corresponding to the various eras of Positano. In fact, above, we have the upper Crypt, while below, we have the Roman Villa Positano, of which you can see the frescoes of the triclinium.

The visible portion of Villa Romana is quite limited, but it is particularly beautiful for the colors of its frescoes: Pompeian red, green which is a very rare color to find in Pompeii, and then there is Egyptian blue.

The wall is also decorated with relief stucco monuments. The combination of fresco and stucco monuments is extremely rare to find in a Roman Villa, almost unique. This combination was found, in fact, only in the Campania-Vesuvius area. This is probably due to the origin of the workers. The origin could be Sicilian and Magno Greek or North African.

The floor of the room is also visible and is made up of a large mosaic with black and white tiles, very simple but of fine workmanship.

What you see today of the Roman Villa is only a small part of the Villa that once stood here in Positano. Certainly, in the future other parts of the villa will be visible thanks to the commitment and constant work of the archaeologists.

Sunset and Positano illuminated

I never get tired of seeing the sunset in Positano and then waiting for the lights of the houses and hotels in Positano to be turned on. The view is really amazing and unique. My favorite point in observing this view is in Via Cristoforo Colombo; as a reference of the point, you can consider Via Cristoforo Colombo, 173 Positano.

Video Positano Italy in winter

The following video shows you Positano in winter, starting with a walk in the main street of Positano that takes you to the beach, we walk then on the beach and of course, we see the sunset and Positano by night from Via Cristoforo Colombo. In some parts, we quickly compare Positano in summer vs winter. Positano is always beautiful in summer or winter.

Watch the video!

Amalfi Coast in winter: Positano Italy

Text of the video:

Hi everybody, we are in Positano in winter. Positano is a magnificent location both in summer and in winter.

Clearly in winter, it presents itself in a completely different way than in summer.

For example, we remember well what the beach of Positano is like in summer.

In the summer we were worried if we would find a place on the beach and if there were umbrellas still available. Surely this problem does not exist now!

Our umbrella was right over there!

In Positano, many restaurants are closed in winter, but you have no problem finding the place you like best for lunch. Both for a lunch at the restaurant and for a quick lunch and why not even with a sea view.

Wow, what waves! Right there where in summer we wait for boats to Amalfi, Sorrento or Capri. Clearly, boats do not leave here in winter.

What to visit in Positano in winter? An excellent idea is to visit the very interesting MAR Roman Archaeological Museum, where you can also see part of the remains of an extraordinary Roman Villa. The museum ticket office is located near the church near the beach.

Walking on the beach is also very enjoyable, especially when there is a beautiful sunset.

Let’s now move to via Cristoforo Colombo to admire the beach of Positano and the view from above.

We wait for it to get darker and the lights of the houses to be turned on. I like admiring Positano in the evening.

Photo Gallery Positano in Winter

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Amalfi in winter

Amalfi is known all over the world for its beauty and particularity. What are the most characteristic areas of Amalfi? We certainly have the main square where we see the Cathedral of Amalfi and the port among the many. These two places have also been the set of numerous international films.

Amalfi is an excellent destination for spring-summer when we can enjoy the beaches of Amalfi, the beautiful sea and when we can go shopping as all the shops are open. But what about Amalfi in winter?

Amalfi is an excellent destination to go to even in winter: a walk through the streets of the center, a lunch in one of the excellent restaurants, a stop in the square to admire the Cathedral of Amalfi that you can also visit inside, and for super delicious ice cream also in winter thanks at the mild temperature of Amalfi.

The sunset is not to be missed on the Amalfi Coast in winter. In winter, we have more opportunities to admire magnificent sunsets. In this video, we are mainly located near the tourist port of Amalfi. On one side is the illuminated Amalfi seafront and on the other a magnificent sunset.

Amalfi Coast in winter: Amalfi Italy

Photo Gallery Amalfi in winter

3 / 25

Emerald Grotto

Amalfi is one of the symbols of all the Amalfi Coast. In Amalfi, you can visit the city center the unique church, and the Emerald Grotto that is not far from Amalfi. You can get to the Emerald Grotto by boat from the Amalfi port, by bus, or by car.

The best part of the day to visit the Emerald Grotto is the early afternoon.

The Emerald Grotto can be closed due to the sea condition when it’s too agitated to visit the grotto. You may arrive at the grotto and find it closed.

Anyway, no problem because there is a lot to see here on the Amalfi Coast, so you can choose another beautiful destination to spend an amazing day on Amalfi Coast.

Ravello & the Infinity Terrace

Visiting Ravello and its beautiful villas is a good idea if you are in the Amalfi area. The most famous is Villa Cimbrone, where there is the Infinity Terrace. You can go to Ravello by car or bus from Amalfi. If you choose to go by car, you must know that the road is very narrow at some points.

In the following video, it’s the beginning of January and we are in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast to see the Infinity Terrace at Villa Cimbrone. Watch the following video!

Amalfi Coast in winter: Ravello & the Infinity Terrace

Text of the video

Hi everybody, we are in Ravello on the Amalfi Coast to see the Infinity Terrace at Villa Cimbrone.

How can you reach Ravello? For example, you can come to Ravello by car and park at the Piazza Duomo car park. Beware that the road to travel by car is quite narrow and you may struggle to find a parking space in periods of particular crowding.

You can also come to Ravello by bus from Amalfi, thanks to the Amalfi – Ravello – Scala line.

In Amalfi, as you can see, the bus stop is near the beach. The bus takes you to Ravello, and the bus stop where you can get off is very close to Piazza Duomo.

From Piazza Duomo, you can reach Villa Cimbrone on foot. Keep in mind that the road to the villa is uphill and has several steps.

Maiori Amalfi Cost in winter

In Maiori, the winter temperature is mild and in this period, it is a fairly quiet location even though there are always people who love to walk along the beautiful promenade that runs along the beach.

In fact, here in Maiori, we have a beautiful wide and long beach with an equally long promenade that runs along the beach. This is an almost unique scenario here on the Amalfi Coast, where the beaches are usually smaller than this one.

What amazes, fascinates and I like about the Amalfi Coast is this variety. Each location has its beauty and particularity. You can choose your favorite location on the Amalfi Coast or simply choose the town of your destination daily, considering what you would like to do that day.

In the following video, we are in Maiori and it’s a splendid winter day. Enjoy the video!

Amalfi Cost in winter: Maiori

Text of the video

Look at the sea.

Hi! Where are we? We are in Maiori on the Amalfi Coast!

What I like about Maiori is this long walk along this large beach. We don’t have many long and wide beaches here on the Amalfi Coast.

It is a winter day, the climate is mild, and the sun shines. Let’s enjoy this beautiful walk together.

Leaving from Positano, Maiori is located after Amalfi. We have in fact Amalfi, Atrani, Minori and then Maiori.

What are other interesting things here in Maiori?

Here in Maiori, you can also hike doing the Path of the Lemons, which connects Maiori to Minori.

Just in Minori, we have, for those who love history and archeology, the remains of a Roman villa to visit, and for those who love the food, there is the famous pastry shop Pasticceria Sal De Riso.

Walking here in Maiori, it suddenly becomes evening, or at least in our video, and we can admire a magnificent sunset.

We’re at the end of this video, so I greet you. Bye and see you in the next video!

Fjord of Furore + Marina di Praia Beach

Fjord of Furore and Marina di Praia Beach are two very characteristics beach, one not far from the other. In winter you can visit these two beaches on the same day.

Furore Fjord Amalfi Coast in winter

The following video is about a winter day at the Furore Fjord. It was a cloudy day, but we liked this place a lot. One of my friends remembering that day said: “This was a cool little spot … it’s not that big but just amazing in the structure, water, and scenery to soak in”. Enjoy the video!

Amalfi Coast in winter: Fiordo di Furore

Furore Fjord Amalfi Coast Description

The Fiordo di Furore is internationally famous as it is one of the most particular and characteristic realities of the Amalfi Coast.

Regardless of the suggestions aroused by the ancient, tiny building settlement, the valley has one of the most important naturalistic riches of the entire peninsula.

You can get to the Fiordo di Furore from the state road, thanks to the steps that bring you directly to the small beach or from the Punta Tavola: the rocky spur above. The steps to reach the beach are not many and absolutely nothing compared to the steps necessary to reach Duoglio beach.

However, the staircase has a total of about 700 steps. The environment surrounding the long staircase is characterized by the so-called vegetational inversion, for which the valley floor is occupied by essences that generally are characteristic of higher altitudes.

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Marina di Praia Amalfi Coast in winter

The Marina di Praia Beach is close to the Fiordo di Furore and is very characteristic because it is set between 2 fjords. The beach of Marina di Praia is not the best known, but lovely. The beach of Mariana di Praia also has a great charm in the winter. Indeed the natural beauty of this beach stands out even more in the quiet winter.

Watch the following video Marina di Praia Beach Amalfi Coast in winter VS summer (Praiano is not far from Positano Italy)

Amalfi Coast in Winter: Marina di Praia Beach

How to get to Marina di Praia beach? Go to the following Post: Marina di Praia beach Amalfi Coast Italy

Things to do in Capri in winter

Capri is a very famous island for more than a reason: for its sea, for the Faraglioni that are unique Rocks in Water, for the Blue Grotto o the fancy shops and much more. What are the things to do in Capri in winter?

In Summertime, I like to do the boat tour around the Island, snorkel, and also relax on the Marina Grande beach before exploring the island, but winter is the perfect occasion to do those things I don’t have time to include in my Capri program for a day trip in the hot season.

For example, we can spend more time in Anacapri. You can include the beautiful Villa San Michele, walk in the Anacapri streets and go up the Monte Solaro with the chair lift.

Because the heat is not strong, we can also think of getting to Anacapri by climbing the Phoenician staircase if it is accessible.

When you arrive at Capri by boat is better to go first to Anacapri because all of these attractions close in the early afternoon. When we have finished, we can go to Capri to walk from the Piazzetta to the Augustus gardens to see the Faraglioni and Via Krupp.

Then from the Augustus Gardens to the Tragara viewpoint.

If you arrive in the early morning and the sea is calm, you can also dedicate a couple of hours to the island boat tour. In this way, you can pass through the amazing Faraglioni.

If you do this option probably, you’ll have less time for the Capri center, but seeing the Faraglioni or Rocks in water from the sea, you can cancel the Tragara Viewpoint.

Summarizing the following are the 2 options for Capri in winter

Capri in winter Option1

  • Anacapri climbing the Phoenician staircase if it is accessible. Walking tour.
  • Villa San Michele
  • Chairlift to Mount Solaro
  • Piazzetta Capri
  • Walking tour to Augustus Gardens to see the Faraglioni and The Krupp Street
  • Walking tour to Tragara View Point to see the Faraglioni.

Capri in winter Option 2

  • Anacapri by bus
  • Villa San Michele
  • Chairlift to Mount Solaro
  • Boat tour around the Capri island
  • Piazzetta Capri
  • Walking tour to Augustus Gardens to see the Faraglioni and Krupp Street if you have enough time

Napoli in winter

Naples has a lot of history and its archaeological museum is extraordinary (Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli). Winter is a good time to visit the museum, where you can see many archeological finds from Pompeii.

The history is very interesting but what attracts many people is the pizza. In Naples, there are a lot of good pizzerias and one of the most famous is the Pizzeria Sorbillo.

See also: Best Restaurants in Naples Italy: Where to eat in Naples

Naples Pizzeria Sorbillo Photo Gallery

5 / 9

Pizza is not the only traditional food you can find in Naples. Babà is a very well-known dessert here.

6 / 6


Like Pompeii, Herculaneum in winter is even better than in summer because you don’t have to fight against the heat in winter. Herculaneum is not as big as Pompeii but for some aspects, is even better.

I’ve placed Herculaneum at the end of the list not because it is not beautiful as the other places but because it’s farther than Pompei to the Amalfi Coast.

How long does a visit to Herculaneum take? It takes about 2 hours.

What is the best way to visit Herculaneum? The best way to visit Herculaneum is with a tour guide. I don’t know if we were particularly lucky but we’ve always had an excellent experience visiting Herculaneum with a guide. You can find the tour guide in front of the Herculaneum entrance.

Amalfi Coast in Winter Weather

Let’s see together a few examples of weather in winter by looking at the weather app. Of course, the weather can be different every year but these pictures are helpful in having an idea. Temperatures are in degrees Celsius.

Amalfi Coast weather in October

7 / 12

Amalfi Coast weather in November

Amalfi Coast weather in November:

8 / 7

Amalfi Coast weather in December

Amalfi Coast weather in December:

9 / 19

Amalfi Coast weather in January

Amalfi Coast weather in January:

10 / 12

Amalfi Coast Weather in February

Amalfi Coast Weather in February:

11 / 13

Amalfi Coast Weather in March

Amalfi Coast Weather in March:

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Frequent questions

What is the best time to visit the Amalfi Coast?

May and June. This is the time when spring explodes in a profusion of smells and colors and in especially in June, the sun is warm enough to enjoy the sea.
May is the best month for a trip to the Amalfi Coast: perfect temperatures, bright colors, and it isn’t too crowded.
Sorrento is very closed to Pompeii. You can arrive in Pompeii in only half an hour by train. Spring is a very good time also to visit Pompeii. In Spring it’s warm but not too hot and you can spend all day in the ruins without particular problems.

What is the cheapest time to visit the Amalfi Coast?

If you are looking for the cheapest time to visit the Amalfi Coast, avoid the summer. The Amalfi Coast is very busy and the prices are high. The winter is maybe the cheapest time to visit the Amalfi Coast. Also, autumn and early spring are good times to visit the Amalfi Coast without spending too much.