Portugal things to do in Algarve weather & towns

Portugal things to do in Algarve weather & towns – The Algarve is an extraordinary region to visit and discover. For this reason, we want to understand better the best things to do in the Algarve and the best time to go.

Portugal things to do in Algarve

What are the best things to do in Algarve? Here is a list of towns you should visit and their main attractions or places of interest.

  • Albufeira
    • Center of the town
    • Tunnel between the 5 de Outubro Street and Bathing Beach
    • Beach
    • Elevated waterfront street
    • Clock tower
  • Carvoeiro
    • Beach
    • Walkway and promenade
    • Dry Algar
    • Center of the country
  • Lagos
    • beautiful center with shops good for shopping
    • walk along the river
    • Ponta da Bandeira Fort
    • Ancient city gate: Sao Goncalo Door
    • marina
  • Portimao
    • Beautiful walk on Praia da Rocha thanks to wooden walkways
    • Belvedere overlooking Praia da Rocha on the left and Praia dos Tres Castelos on the right
    • Walk to the Lighthouse
    • Street on the seafront where you find hotels, shops and restaurants.

Portugal Algarve when to go?

The truth is that the Algarve is an extraordinary place, and every season is good for a visit. However, I advise visiting it in winter or spring when the beaches are not too crowded yet, and you can better enjoy the beauty of these places.

The mild temperatures allow you to wear a short-sleeved T-shirt even in winter, especially when you’re on the beach in the sun, perhaps in the late morning and early afternoon.

Algarve in August?

If you are considering to visit Algarve in August, you certainly want to know the best beaches.

The beaches of Algarve Portugal are very famous for their scenographic impact. On most of the beaches, the water is very clear. The problem is that the water temperature is very cold despite the fact that Algarve in August is hot. For example, the water temperature in the summer is between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius (between 59 and 64.4 ℉).

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Portugal Algarve weather Winter

The climate of the Algarve is always mild, with temperatures in winter, in the months of December and January, reaching up to 20 degrees. In general, the climate of the Algarve is very pleasant even in winter, and when you are in the sun during the central hours of the day, you can even wear just a short-sleeved shirt. However, the temperature drops by about 10 degrees in the evening, so it is better to cover up properly.

The ocean water is cool in winter, but on the other hand, even in the middle of August, the ocean is cold, and only the warmest can swim!

Algarve weather January temperatures

Algarve weather January temperatures:

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Algarve weather January temperatures 20230113
Algarve weather January temperatures 20230118
Algarve weather January temperatures 20230111
Algarve weather January temperatures 20230121
Algarve weather January temperatures 20230131
Algarve weather January temperatures 20230125
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Algarve weather February temperatures:

Algarve weather February temperatures 20230214

Algarve weather March temperatures:

Algarve weather March temperatures 20230308


Lagos is a lovely city for many reasons. First of all, Lagos has a very nice city center where you can walk and find many shops and restaurants.

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Lagos is a perfect place for your shopping, whether you want to buy gifts for your friends or something for yourself to take home as a souvenir.

In the shops of Lagos, you can find various items and cork products that are typical of this area. You can find cork products elsewhere in the Algarve, but here in Lagos, there is more choice of both in kind of shops and in the variety of products.

Once you have visited and strolled through the historic center of Lagos you can head towards the coast where you will find another very busy and popular area of ​​Lagos: the riverside area.

Lagos is also divided by a river, and along this river, there is a beautiful walk where you can relax and enjoy the city.

Portugal things to do in Algarve weather towns Lagos Marina and river walk
Portugal things to do in Algarve weather towns Lagos Marina and river walk

This pedestrian street connects the Marina de Lagos to the beach. Along this avenue, you can also find gazebos with various tour proposals in the area.

We also have ancient points of interest in this area, such as the Ponta da Bandeira Fort or the Sao Goncalo Door.

What about the beach? We are along the Algarve coast, so there is also an amazing beach!

Don’t miss the Ponta da Piedade panoramic point when you are in Lagos: it’s unique. It’s easily reachable by car.

Thanks to the city center and all the points of interest, Lagos is also a good idea for your travel destination in winter.

Lagos City center

What are some of the main streets to visit in Lagos? Here are some of them:

  • R. Infante de Sagres, 8600-728 Lagos, Portugal
  • Praça Luís de Camões, 8600-302 Lagos, Portugal
  • Platz Gil Eanes, Praça Gil Eanes, 8600-657 Lagos, Portugal
  • Av. dos Descobrimentos 5, 8600-645 Lagos, Portugal

In the shops of Lagos, you can find various items and products made from cork which are typical of this area. You can find cork items elsewhere in the Algarve, but here in Lagos, there is more choice of both shops and a variety of items.

Praça Luís de Camões

The Praça Luís de Camões is one of the points of greatest interest in the historic center of Lagos.

It is in this square that the characteristic green house is located.

R. Infante de Sagres Lagos, Portugal

Algarve Lagos portugal things to do City center R. Infante de Sagres
Algarve Lagos portugal things to do City center R. Infante de Sagres

Ponta da Bandeira Fort

You will find a very interesting historical building between the river and the beach: the Forte di Ponta da Bandiera, also known as Forte di Na. Lady. from Penha de Franca.

The Ponta da Bandiera Fort is a building of public interest with military architecture from the 17th century. It is located at the entrance to the port of the Ribeira de Bensafrim, the Fort of Na. Lady. da Penha de Franca was built between 1680 and 1690.

It was used t defend access to the quay and the south-eastern and eastern sections of the town walls, by cross-firing with the Porta da Vila Bulwark and the Governors’ Castle Bulwark.

In its time, the fort was one of the most advanced fortresses in the Algarve. It stands out for its quadrangular plan and for being particularly low with thick walls on the seafront, a good example of military architecture used for artillery warfare.

The moat can be crossed by means of a drawbridge (rebuilt) leading to the only door The cylindrical sentry boxes were added during 20th-century restoration works. The small Chapel of Santa Barbara is covered in 17th-century tiles.

Sao Goncalo Door

National Monument. Military architecture from the 14th century. As part of the Cerca Velha, the main entrance is flanked by two barbican towers, in keeping with Islamic fortresses.

This was the main access to the quay of the late medieval town in the 15th and 16th centuries. The main East-West axis of the town (nowadays Rua Miguel Bombarda) ended, which connected the port to the upper district where the Parish Church of Santa Maria da Grata was located.

Castle of Lagos

Lagos Castle is a medieval fortress surrounded by strong walls. Its walls surrounded the entire city of Lagos, providing the town with its main means of defense.

Parking area

Free and very convenient parking for visiting the center of Lagos up to the marina or the beach is the following: Aparcamiento Público R. Infante de Sagres 104, 8600-686 Lagos, Portugal.


Albufeira was conquered from the moors during the reign of D. Alfonso III and was placed under military authority by Avis. D. Manuel I granted independent rule in 1504. Albufeira remained an active fishing village for centuries. In 1986 it was promoted to a town and is today an important tourist center.

Center of the town

The pedestrian center of the Albufeira is nice to see, and here you can also do your shopping, maybe buying something to bring back home with you, some gift for your friends, or simply something for you to remember your holiday in Algarve.

Despite Lagos having more shops than Albufeira in the city center and, for me, Lagos it’s the perfect town for your shopping, Albufeira offers a good balance between a shopping and tourist town and a beautiful natural environment when you are on the beach.

One of the main streets of the Albufeira center is 5 de Outubro street.

5 de Outubro street Albufeira Portugal things to do in Algarve weather towns
5 de Outubro street Albufeira Portugal things to do in Algarve weather towns

Tunnel between the 5 de Outubro Street and Bathing Beach

I like this tunnel because it allows you to get to the beach from the city center. You walk in the center, and it’s enough to walk in this tunnel to see while as you approach the exit the beach more clearly. The first time you do that it’s a very good surprise.

In Albufeira, there are also signs where you can read the history of the main points of interest of the city. For example, on the tunnel sign, we read what follows.

In September of 1932, the Albufeira’s Initiative and Tourism Commission received authorization from the Ministry of Public Works, Engineer Duarte Pacheco, to begin excavating works to open a tunnel and connect the 5 de Outubro Street to Bathing Beach. Although the work was finished in June of 1935, only a year later, its official inauguration took place.


Albufeira beach is a beautiful vast, and long beach, and it’s the perfect place to relax both in summer and winter.

Clock Tower

It is considered the ex-Libris of the city, situated on Jose Bernardino Sousa Street and Republica Square, in an old Muslim tower and integrated into the building of the old jail. It was part of the defensive line of the Albufeira Castle, built by the Muslims to protect the main gate. In the 20th century, a wrought iron crown was added at the top to support the hour bell, and on the west wall of the tower, there is the clock. It is lit up at night.

Parking area

Free and very convenient parking for visiting the center of Albufeira and walking to the beach is the following: Free Public Parking R. Maria Teresa Semedo de Azevedo 1, Albufeira, Portugal.

Albufeira in winter

Albufeira in Algarve, Portugal, is a fantastic travel destination also in winter. The mild temperatures make Algarve the right destination to choose for all those who like the beach and walk along the coast. The Algarve coast is really a natural impressive monument all to discover.


Parking area

A free and very convenient parking space for visiting the center of Carvoeiro and walking to the beach is the following: Parque de estacionamento R. do Barranco 78 8400, Carvoeiro, Portugal.

However in Carvoeiro there are other options and areas to park your car. In fact, if you want a free car park that is very close to the footbridge and promenade that takes you to Algar Seco, you can opt for the car park located at the following point:

This car park is located in the area of ​​the Fortress of Our Lady of the Incarnation: Estr. do Algar Sêco 1, Carvoeiro, Portugal.

On the other hand, if you only want to visit Argar Seco and park directly in front of it, you can use the following car park: Parque de estacionamento Estr. do Algar Seco, Carvoeiro, Portugal.

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