Portugal things to do in Algarve weather & towns

Portugal things to do in Algarve weather & towns – The Algarve is an extraordinary region to visit and discover. For this reason, we want to understand better the best things to do in the Algarve and the best time to go.

Portugal things to do in Algarve

What are the best things to do in Algarve? Here is a list of towns you should visit and their main attractions or places of interest.

  • Albufeira
  • Carvoeiro
    • Beach
    • Walkway and promenade
    • Dry Algar
    • Center of the country
  • Lagos
    • beautiful center with shops good for shopping
    • walk along the river
    • Ponta da Bandeira Fort
    • Ancient city gate: Sao Goncalo Door
    • marina
  • Portimao
    • Beautiful walk on Praia da Rocha thanks to wooden walkways
    • Belvedere overlooking Praia da Rocha on the left and Praia dos Tres Castelos on the right
    • Walk to the Lighthouse
    • Street on the seafront where you find hotels, shops and restaurants.

Portugal Algarve when to go?

The truth is that the Algarve is an extraordinary place, and every season is good for a visit. However, I advise visiting it in winter or spring when the beaches are not too crowded yet, and you can better enjoy the beauty of these places.

The mild temperatures allow you to wear a short-sleeved T-shirt even in winter, especially when you’re on the beach in the sun, perhaps in the late morning and early afternoon.

Algarve in August?

If you are considering to visit Algarve in August, you certainly want to know the best beaches.

The beaches of Algarve Portugal are very famous for their scenographic impact. On most of the beaches, the water is very clear. The problem is that the water temperature is very cold despite the fact that Algarve in August is hot. For example, the water temperature in the summer is between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius (between 59 and 64.4 ℉).

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Portugal Algarve weather Winter

The climate of the Algarve is always mild, with temperatures in winter, in the months of December and January, reaching up to 20 degrees. In general, the climate of the Algarve is very pleasant even in winter, and when you are in the sun during the central hours of the day, you can even wear just a short-sleeved shirt. However, the temperature drops by about 10 degrees in the evening, so it is better to cover up properly.

The ocean water is cool in winter, but on the other hand, even in the middle of August, the ocean is cold, and only the warmest can swim!

Algarve weather January temperatures

Algarve weather January temperatures:

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Algarve weather February temperatures:

Algarve weather March temperatures:


Lagos Algarve Portugal is a charming coastal town that offers a delightful blend of history, natural beauty, and vibrant culture. Located in the southernmost region of Portugal, Lagos boasts stunning beaches with crystal-clear waters and dramatic cliffs that are a treat for nature lovers and sun-seekers alike. The town itself is steeped in history, with cobbled streets, charming squares, and ancient fortifications that showcase its rich heritage. Visitors can explore the fascinating Lagos Castle, wander through the picturesque old town, or enjoy the lively atmosphere of the marina. Additionally, Lagos serves as a gateway to the renowned Ponta da Piedade, where visitors can marvel at the breathtaking rock formations and take boat trips to explore hidden caves. Whether you want to soak up the sun, indulge in delicious seafood, or immerse yourself in history, Lagos Algarve Portugal has something for everyone.

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Albufeira is a splendid town located in the Algarve region, Portugal. This charming seaside destination boasts a unique combination of ancient and modern. Its enchanting golden sandy beaches, such as Praia dos Pescadores and Praia da Falésia, attract tourists from all over the world. In addition to stunning coastlines, Albufeira also offers a charming old town with narrow cobbled streets, picturesque squares and a lively atmosphere. History lovers will appreciate the Clock Tower and St. Anne’s Church, while younger people will find lively nightlife in The Strip neighborhood. Furthermore, Albufeira is an ideal starting point for exploring other beauties of the Algarve, such as the famous Benagil cave. Ultimately, Albufeira is an unmissable tourist destination, offering a perfect combination of sun, sea, culture and fun.

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Carvoeiro, located in the Algarve region of Portugal, offers numerous attractions that are worth visiting. This charming coastal town is famous for its stunning beaches, including Carvoeiro Beach, with its breathtaking scenery and crystal clear waters. Furthermore, the picturesque old town of Carvoeiro is ideal for a quiet walk, with its narrow cobbled streets and typical white houses. Nature lovers can explore impressive sea caves, such as Benagil Cave, which can be visited by boat. Finally, you cannot miss the suggestive panorama offered by the coastal paths surrounding Carvoeiro, perfect for hiking lovers. Carvoeiro Algarve what to see is a perfect mix of natural beauty, culture and relaxation.

Parking area

A free and very convenient parking space for visiting the center of Carvoeiro and walking to the beach is the following: Parque de estacionamento R. do Barranco 78 8400, Carvoeiro, Portugal.

However in Carvoeiro there are other options and areas to park your car. In fact, if you want a free car park that is very close to the footbridge and promenade that takes you to Algar Seco, you can opt for the car park located at the following point:

This car park is located in the area of ​​the Fortress of Our Lady of the Incarnation: Estr. do Algar Sêco 1, Carvoeiro, Portugal.

On the other hand, if you only want to visit Argar Seco and park directly in front of it, you can use the following car park: Parque de estacionamento Estr. do Algar Seco, Carvoeiro, Portugal.


Portimao is a charming coastal town located in the Algarve region of Portugal. Known for its stunning beaches, vibrant atmosphere, and rich cultural heritage, it offers a delightful experience for visitors. The town’s picturesque waterfront promenade, lined with cafes, restaurants, and shops, is perfect for leisurely strolls and enjoying the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean. Beach lovers can indulge in the sun-kissed sands and crystal-clear waters of Praia da Rocha and Praia dos Três Irmãos. For those seeking adventure, Portimao also offers exciting water sports activities like jet skiing and sailing. Additionally, history enthusiasts can explore the historic Fort of Santa Catarina and the Portimao Museum, which showcases the town’s maritime past. With its inviting ambiance and diverse range of attractions, Portimao is an ideal destination for a memorable getaway.

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