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Top 10 best beaches in Algarve Portugal

Top 10 best beaches in Algarve Portugal. The Algarve area in Portugal is wonderful. It’s characterized by amazing beaches. This post shows the best beaches in Algarve by watching videos and images.

The beaches of the Algarve Portugal are very famous for their scenographic impact. On most of the beaches, the water is very clear. The very problem is the temperature of the water is very cold. For example, the water temperature in the summer is between 15 and 18 degrees Celsius (between 59 and 64.4 ℉).

That’s why people prefer water activities out of the water to swimming. It’s also up to your cold resistance. In these areas kayaks, wave runners, and hiking are very popular sports. These sports and activities allow you to enjoy and admire the magnificent views.

Top 10 best beaches in Algarve Portugal

This is our list of the best beaches in Algarve Portugal.

  1. Praia da Marinha
  2. Praia da Balança near Ponta da Piedade
  3. Praia Três Irmãos
  4. Carvalho beach
  5. Praia de Benagil
  6. Praia dos Três Castelos
  7. Praia da Rocha
  8. Praia de Carvoeiro
  9. Praia do Vau
  10. Praia dos Careanos

Below we present the best beaches in Algarve Portugal.

11 – Meia Praia (Lagos)

We are in Ponta da Piedade, a panoramic point from which you can admire the long beach of Meia Praia. We chose this observation point despite not being very close to the beach to see it entirely.

Meia Praia beach is located near Lagos, Portugal and we place it tenth in our ranking of the most beautiful beaches in the Algarve. The beach has a nice extension, but now we want to look closely at another beautiful beach in ninth place in our ranking.

Best beaches in Algarve Portugal: Meia Praia (Lagos)

10 – Praia Dos Careanos Portimao Portugal

Praia Dos Careanos beach is very close to Portimao, where you will find many beautiful beaches. For this reason, the Portimao area is a very touristic area of ​​the Algarve.

Praia Dos Careanos is very nice, not particularly crowded, and quite reserved compared to the nearby beaches.

Best beaches in Algarve Portugal: Praia Dos Careanos Portimao Portugal

9 – Praia do Vao Portimao

Praia do Vao is located very close to Portimao. It is a fairly large beach compared to the neighboring ones, even if not comparable in extension to the famous Praia da Rocha. Praia do Vao has a part of a free beach and a part with sunbeds and umbrellas. In Praia do Vao, you can rent kayaks, pedal boats and do various water activities. In Praia do Vao you can have a good time on the beach.

Best beaches in Algarve Portugal: Praia do Vao Portimao

8 – Praia de Carvoeiro or Carvoeiro Beach

Praia do Carvoeiro is a very characteristic beach set between the rocky walls and is recognized by the boat for the colorful buildings close to the beach.

Not far from this beach, there is a beautiful walk in addition to the mythical rock in the shape of a pig’s face.

Watch the following video: TOP 10 – 8° Praia de Carvoeiro Beach Algarve Portugal 4k & STRANGE Rock in the shape of a pig face.

Best beaches in Algarve Portugal: Praia de Carvoeiro or Carvoeiro Beach

Text in the video:

This is Praia de Carvoeiro Beach Algarve Portugal and it’s a very cute beach not far from Portimao. The beach is not the only attraction in this area.

For example, there is a small fort with a nice view, but what is fantastic. This coast is impressive. Look at these cliffs and the holes in the rocks. And look, that girl in the cave is taking pictures, maybe to share with friends.

Up there is the Carvoeiro boardwalk. A wooden walkway along the coastline. A beautiful place to hike. Here there is also a restaurant with a natural swimming pool.

Now we are going to see the STRANGE Rock in the shape of a pig face. Lastly, we enter into one of these beautiful caves with the boat waiting for the next adventure or, better, waiting for one of the following videos.

Other beautiful things to see near Carvoeiro

ROMANTIC Carvoeiro heart-shaped rock Algarve Portugal

Carvoeiro heart-shaped rock Algarve Portugal. The Algarve Coast in the south of Portugal is unique and surprising. There are high cliffs, beautiful beaches and caves. We are now going to admire one of these caves. This cave’s main characteristic is that it is opened on the top and the rocks form a heart shape.

Best beaches in Algarve Portugal

This cave is so romantic, but another grotto is more romantic because it is called the cathedral of love.

Cathedral of Love Algarve Portugal

We are always in the area of Carvoeiro Algarve Portugal. Along this coast, we can discover many beautiful places and caves. It’s enough to enter into a grotto to discover a different little world that enchants you. We’ve seen the grotto that is opened at its top, where the rocks form a heart shape. Now we are in the cathedral of love.

Surely, this place is beautiful. It’s also lovely to admire the ocean from inside this grotto. It’s like admiring a live painting.

Best beaches in Algarve Portugal

7 – Praia da Rocha

Praia da Rocha is a vast beach located in Portimão. Portimão and Praia da Rocha are very popular mainly because they are an area and a beach where many services are available. The main feature of this beach is its size. Thousands of people flock to this beach in the summer.

Best beaches in Algarve Portugal: Praia da Rocha

6 – Praia dos Três Castelos Portimao

We are in Portimao Portugal. Portimao is a popular touristic area for many reasons, but undoubtedly one of these is its huge beach: Praia da Rocha.

Anyway, there is another beautiful beach here: Praia Dos Três Castelos. From the viewpoint of the Three Castles, you can see on one side Praia dos Três Castelos and on the other side Praia da Rocha.

In the following video, you can see Praia Dos Três Castelos during the day and sunset.

Best beaches in Algarve Portugal: Praia dos Três Castelos Portimao

5 – Praia de Benagil

We are in front of Benagil beach Algarve Portugal. This beach is one of the most famous in this area, especially because of what you can visit next to the beach. As you can see, many people arrive from the beach to the cave by kayak.

Best beaches in Algarve Portugal: Praia de Benagil

Do you want to enter the cave? Watch the following video for another adventure!

Best beaches in Algarve Portugal & Benagil Cave

Benagil Cave Portugal 8k – The Benagil Cave Portugal is located next to the Benagil beach and is one of the most famous and evocative places in the Algarve. The Benagil Cave is also easily accessible by kayak from the beach. The Benagil Cave is considered the most beautiful sea cave in Portugal. Its characteristic beach and the opening at the top make this cave unique.

4 – Carvalho beach Algarve Portugal

Praia do Carvalho is a spectacular beach near Lagoa. When you pass in front of this beach, you can easily recognize it for the high rock coming out of the water. The clear water invites you to dive and swim, but the only problem is that it makes you freeze if you are not used to it.

We needed the courage to dive into this water of 15-celsius degrees or 59 Fahrenheit to get to the beach. But we required much more courage to go inside the water for the second time to return to the boat.

Anyway, we couldn’t remain on the beach.

Best beaches in Algarve Portugal

3 – Praia Três Irmãos

We are in Praia dos Três Irmãos a beautiful beach close to Portimao. Why this name? Praia dos Três Irmãos means beach of the three brothers. The three big rocks on the beach are like three brothers to the eyes of those who come to this beach.

Best beaches in Algarve Portugal: Praia Três Irmãos

The beach has beautiful soft sand, and walking barefoot on this beach is enjoyable. As you see Praia dos Tres Irmãos consists of several small coves. There is a lot to see and explore. It’s fantastic to see Praia dos Tres Irmãos before and after the low tide. The beach changes completely. With the low tide, you can explore the beach better and walk from cove to cove. Anyway, this beach is gorgeous, either the high tide or the low tide.

2 – Praia da Balança

Ponta da Piedade is a highly panoramic point near Lagos. Right below this observation point, you will find postcard beaches. Praia da Balança is just one of these beaches. Watch the following video!

best beaches in Algarve Portugal: Praia do Barranco do Martinho

Text of the video:

Hi everybody! Do you like this place? It’s amazing. We are in the south of Portugal, not far from Lagos, and we are looking at the Ponta da Piedade view.

Here, you can see that many people love kayaking because it’s a great way to observe this wonder from the ocean in peace. Below, you can see Praia da Balança and a group of people with kayaks about to leave. Let’s see them leave!

Here are the first ones that went without particular problems. Now the others will arrive too! At least, I think. Let’s give them time to get ready; otherwise, they feel a bit watched. Let’s go back later.

Here others have left! Well done! Someone is still missing, though. You are right: calmly, there is no rush. There are some difficulties with the kayak, ok, now it’s better! Come on; there’s only the last one left! Let’s wait together with his companions that he arrives. In the meantime, we enjoy the view.

Look! Pay attention! You have to go to the other side. Ok good. Another one comes up! Then it wasn’t the last! Well, now we’re there.

Some prefer the speedboat to the kayak because it is more comfortable and you don’t need to row. Here are our heroes!

Today we instead head towards the lighthouse and take a nice walk along this scenic route.

1- Praia da Marinha

Praia de Marinha is located between Albufeira and Portimao. All the Albufera beaches in Portugal have a particular landscape value, but the Praia de Marinha beach has a significant scenic effect.

Do you want to see Praia da Marinha in high resolutiono? Do you want more information about this amazing beach? GO TO: 1 TOP World beach: Praia da Marinha beach Algarve Portugal

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FAQ about the subject “Top 10 best beaches in Algarve Portugal”

Which part of the Algarve has the best beaches?

The part of the Algarve between Lagos and Praia da Marinha is full of amazing beaches. Praia da Marinha is not to be missed because this beach is ranked as one of the best beaches in the world, and after admiring it, you understand why. Benagil and its cave are known internationally, and it’s something you’ll hardly forget. Portimao is famous for its beaches, but it’s also a lovely town where you can find good restaurants. Do we also want to speak about Ponta da Piedade and its beautiful scenery?


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