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Experience the Captivating Beauty of Monterosso Beach in 5 Terre

Welcome to our blog post about the stunning beaches of Monterosso al Mare in Cinque Terre, Italy. Whether you are a sun-seeking traveler or simply a beach enthusiast, Monterosso’s shores offer a delightful escape from the ordinary. With its picturesque landscapes and crystal-clear waters, this charming coastal village is the perfect destination for those in search of a beachside paradise. So pack your swimsuit, grab your sunscreen, and get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and tranquility of Monterosso’s breathtaking beaches.

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Cinque Terre Monterosso beaches

The Cinque Terre are a unique place of its kind; each town has its own characteristics. Monterosso al Mare is the right choice for all those who want to visit the Cinque Terre but don’t want to give up a beautiful beach.

Monterosso al Mare has 2 main beaches:

  1. Fegina Beach and
  2. Tragagià beach.

Italy beach payment system: how can I pay for the beach in Italy?

Italy beach payout – We have to say that access to most of the beaches is free of charge in Italy. Only a few beaches, such as someone in Sardinia, have to be paid to contribute to preserving the environment.
In Monterosso al Mare, access to the beach is free of charge. What you pay for is the umbrella and sunbeds only if you want to rent them at the bathing establishment.
If you want to rent them, you have to ask the lifeguard or the person in charge of it which one is available, and you can sit only after the lifeguard assigns you the umbrella. Don’t sit before you have your assigned umbrella.
Most places accept credit cards for payment, but I suggest you bring some cash just in case of problems.

Fegina Beach

Fegina Beach is the main beach of Monterosso al Mare and the largest beach in summer and is also equipped to welcome tourists.

Fegina Beach is a beautiful beach with some areas of sand and others of pebbles.

The sandy part is stunning because a characteristic of this beach is that where there is sand, it mixes with shiny grains.

Observing the shoreline with the water that gradually covers the sand that releases flashes and sparkles is truly very beautiful: it seems like a highly precious beach. As if someone had purposely placed a shower of golden glitter on the sand.

In addition to this small detail we can say that Fegina beach is a beautiful long beach, especially if you compare it to other beaches here in the Cinque Terre.

The Cinque Terre are in fact typically famous for their unique scenery, for towns rich in history, for walking routes, for good food, for the beautiful sea but less so for the beaches. The beach of Monterosso al Mare remains in my opinion, the most beautiful beach here in the Cinque Terre.

Fegina beach is a long beach and can be divided by characteristics and location. Some portions of Fegina beach are consecutive but differ in characteristics while another portion of the beach is adjacent but slightly offset as it is separated from the Fegina parking lot.

Let’s see together some of these portions of the beach.

Giant’s Beach

The Spiaggia del Gigante is part of the Fegina beach, the longest beach in Monterosso al Mare. In the final part of Fegina beach which is located further towards Levanto, overlooks the characteristic Statue of the Giant, the great guardian of the beaches of Monterosso.

Thanks to this characteristic statue we can call this portion of the beach the Giant’s Beach for convenience. The Spiaggia del Gigante also lends itself to having its own name as it remains separate because it is divided from the rest of the Fegina beach by the Fegina Parking car park.

The statue of the Giant represents Neptune and was created in 1910. It was made of reinforced concrete and iron, 14 meters high and weighing 1700 quintals. Unfortunately, a strong storm in 1966 damaged and weakened the Great Giant.

It was later restored, but only partially. In fact today he appears without arms, without a trident, without a shell and without a leg. In any case it still presents itself as an impressive and exciting statue that is worth seeing.

In summer, Spiaggia del Gigante is a beach equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds. Along the seafront of Spiaggia del Gigante there are games for children and there is also a five-a-side football pitch. The five-a-side football pitch and games for children are located next to the Fegina Parking car park.

After the children’s games we have the Bagni Fegina bathing establishment, the Barabba restaurant, then the walkway with the observation point to see the beach and the giant. Shortly after we have the Il Gigante bathing establishment with its beach bar. At the end, near the giant’s statue, we have a small portion of free beach.

Spiaggia dello Scoglio di Monterosso

Fegina Beach is also the one where there is the great rock of Monterosso. The rock of Monterosso al Mare is nothing more than an enormous rock that rises upwards from the shoreline and plunges into the sea at its outermost base.

The rock of Monterosso al Mare is a distinctive feature of Fegina Beach. In fact, as soon as you see a photo where there is this rock, you can immediately identify where it was taken.

The rock of Monterosso stands in the longest part of Fegina beach. Walking along this beach we can see that some of its characteristics change. The initial part of the beach closest to the Fegina parking is mainly made up of sand, while as we head towards the Monterosso rock the beach and the sandy seabed give way to pebbles.

In addition to the difference in the seabed, the transparency of the sea is also often different. The transparency of the sea in the area of ​​the large rock of Monterosso is often better than the transparency of the sea in the initial part of the beach. For all these differences, it is worth identifying the area of ​​Fegina beach where there is the Monterosso rock as Spiaggia dello Scoglio di Monterosso.

Tragagià Beach

Continuing beyond the Fegina beach towards Vernazza and Levanto, we arrive in front of the historic center of Monterosso al Mare. Here, we have another beach commonly called Spiaggia Tragagià. This beach is bordered on one side by the pier where boats are taken to reach the other villages of the Cinque Terre and on the other side by the cliff.

Tragagià Beach is suitable for those who like to swim near rocks and reefs, perhaps for snorkeling.

Going towards Punta Corona from the Tragagià beach we notice that there is a cliff and along the path to Punta Corona you can see the sea from top to bottom. From here the view of the sea and Tragagià beach is truly spectacular.

Monterosso free beach

Monterosso al Mare beaches are entirely free from October to April/May as there are no umbrellas and sunbeds in the bathing establishments on the beach.

In summer, however, the beaches of Monterosso are equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds and are leased to bathing establishments. In summer, therefore, to be able to position yourself in these areas you must rent umbrellas and sunbeds. You cannot put your towel on the floor in front of these beach clubs.

Do I have to pay to access the beach in Italy?

In Italy, most of the beaches are free of charge. Only a few beaches, such as someone in Sardinia have to be paid to contribute to preserving the environment.
In Monterosso al Mare, access to the beach is free of charge. You only pay for the umbrellas and sunbeds if you want to rent them at the bathing establishment.
In these paragraphs, we are speaking about free and public beaches not equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds, and for these areas of the beach, you don’t have to pay because they are free of charge. Can you reserve a place for your towel? I’m sorry, but you can’t reserve a place. Just arrive and place your towel if you find space. For this reason, it’s better to arrive early in the morning in the crowded periods.

However, you can use the free beach if you don’t want to rent an umbrella. In fact, both at Fegina beach and at Tragagià beach there are some delimited areas dedicated to the free beach.

Clearly the portions of free beach are much smaller than the parts dedicated to the equipped paid beach.

Where do we find the portions of free beach in Monterosso al Mare? We have 2 portions of free beach at Fegina beach in the area that goes from the Fegina Parking to the Grande Scoglio of Monterosso.

We also have a portion of free beach at Spiaggia del Gigante, right at the end of the beach, practically at the foot of the Statue of the Giant. On the opposite side of Monterosso, at Tragagià beach we also have a free beach here that you can use if you prefer to stay on the historic center side and swim near the cliff because you love snorkeling.

Free beach in August

To understand if you can easily find a place on the free beaches of Monterosso al Mare in August or if there are space problems, let’s take for example the free beach on Fegina beach, in the longest area between the Grande Scoglio di Monterosso and the Fegina Parking.

Given that the period of most significant crowding on the beaches of Monterosso is in the central weeks of August let’s take some of these days in mid-August as an example.

The free areas at Fegina Beach get quickly crowded especially during high-season periods such as August.

In fact, already from the morning at 8:00 people begin to arrive and occupy the first places on the sand with their mats or towels.

For example, at 9:30 on the morning of Sunday 13 August 2023, the free beach is almost wholly occupied if we consider that there should be a certain distance between one family and another.

Since it’s August and it’s still quite early in the morning, I’m sure that many more people will arrive. The end result will be that there won’t even be a place to place your towel anymore.

However, at 9.30 am on the same day, many places are still available at the bathing establishments.

At 1pm there are no more free places on the free beach where you can place your towel and umbrella. In fact, you can see people wandering around the beach looking for an umbrella and sunbeds to rent in a beach establishment but by now they are practically all already occupied.

So if you plan to come to the free beach in August, on weekends in the middle of summer or in any case during a crowded period on the beach, you should come early in the morning to be sure of finding a place.

What has just been said was even more confirmed to us by observing what was happening on the beach on 14 and 15 August 2023. Below are our observations of these days.

The free beach fills up very easily in August. So if you want to find a strip of sand where you can put your towel, you’d better come early in the morning because there are already people coming to the beach at 7:00 in the morning and already by mid-morning the beach is entirely complete.

If you want to relax and feel comfortable without worrying too much about your neighbors with towels, I strongly advise you not to use the free beach on August 15th and in any case in the days around August 15th because it really turns into a carnage.

The people who gradually arrive are desperately looking for a corner where they can put even just their bags and then dive directly into the water. Those who arrive in the afternoon no longer find a place and look for an umbrella to rent, but they are all busy. Someone gives up and leaves.

Watching people trying to position themselves on the free beach feels like watching them play Tetris, but it’s certainly a lot less fun.

So if you are considering coming to Monterosso al Mare during the mid-August period and your hotel does not have a reserved beach, the absolute thing to do is come early in the morning and rent an umbrella and sunbeds immediately. This saves you from finding yourself in an unmanageable situation in which I personally would never want to find myself on a day of vacation without worries and fun.

In August even the umbrellas and sunbeds are positioned very close together, but you are sure at least of having your space. However, remember to arrive in the morning around 9:00 or 10:00 maximum to find an umbrella and sunbeds available.

After what has been said above I would like to specify that with the right precautions your holiday in Monterosso al Mare can be a wonderful experience even in August. We didn’t have any particular problems with our umbrella and sunbeds and we really liked the beaches of Fegina and Monterosso al Mare.

FAQ Monterosso beaches

Here are some questions and answers about the beaches of Monterosso al Mare where you can find some useful information.

Has Monterosso al Mare clearwater?

When we choose a sea travel destination, it is normal to wonder what the sea water is like in that place, if it is more or less clear. Swimming in a beautiful place with clear, transparent water is the best.

So, how is the seawater in Monterosso al Mare? The sea water in Monterosso al Mare is on average clear. Clearly, it is not comparable to the clearwater of other places such as Sardinia or Puglia where you can’t help but get into the water and swim and the beauty of the sea alone is a valid reason to choose these places.

In any case, the clearwater Monterosso al Mare is on average, and it is pleasant to swim here. Then, in some portions of Fegina beach the water is more transparent than in others. For example, near the rock of Monterosso al Mare, the seabed is made of pebbles and there is better clearwater than it is in the sandy part of the beach near the Fegina Parking.

Moreover, generally in the morning the sea water is more transparent than in the afternoon and therefore it is preferable to swim in the morning if possible.

Making a quick change of beach and going to see Tragagià Beach we already notice that there is a cliff and also going towards Punta Corona you can see the sea from top to bottom. I must say that the sea here is a natural spectacle and I couldn’t help but stop to admire it.

Returning instead to the beach of Fegina I can say that if you admire it from the other, it also has a WOW effect for the sea’s beauty. Of course, not everyone is crazy about pebble beaches, but we are in Northern Italy, only about 3 hours by train from Milan, in the unique scenery of the 5 Terre. This whole combination makes this sea even more appreciated.

At Monterosso beach, can you touch it or does the sea get deep immediately?

When you enter the water at Monterosso beach, it doesn’t get deep immediately, but you can touch it for a few meters from the shore. The fundamental of the sea gradually gets higher and deeper until you can’t touch it anymore, but you have to swim.

The beach of Monterosso al Mare is not one of those beaches where you enter the sea, and then afterward you can walk for many meters without swimming, but it is still suitable even for those who cannot swim.

If you stay close to the water’s edge, you shouldn’t have any problems as the sea gets deep gradually. As for the children, it’s better if they stay and play near the shore.

How much does renting an umbrella and 2 sunbeds at Fegina Beach in Monterosso al Mare cost?

The cost of an umbrella and 2 sunbeds in August is about 38 euros. This is the verified price in one of the bathing establishments at Fegina Beach in Monterosso al Mare in August 2023.

How to get to Monterosso al Mare beach?

Given the big parking problem we have during the high season here in Monterosso al Mare I can tell you that the train station is located right in front of the beach. Then you arrive by train in Monterosso al Mare and you are immediately on the beach.

Water temperature Monterosso al Mare: what is the sea water temperature?

In Italy, we use to swim in the sea only in the period between June and the first half of September. Sometimes, this period can be extended if the weather is particularly warm. Summer is the best period to swim in the water because the sea has a good temperature. The sea in Italy is never warm like it is sometimes the ocean in Miami, but it is the Mediterranean sea and in summer, it is very pleasing to swim in it for its good temperatures.

To better understand the customs and use of the Italians I can tell you that in the summertime most Italians dedicate at least a weekend to a beach and sea travel destination because in this way they can swim in the sea.

Also Monterosso al Mare every year in summer guests a large number of people who come here to swim in the water. Fegina Beach in Monterosso al Mare is a very famous and appreciated beach.

Between May and September is covered by sunbeds and umbrellas to be rented by everyone who loves to come here and relax under the sun and enjoy this water.

The beach is empty in other periods of the year; sometimes you can see someone brave swimming in the sea. Still, usually, it is not Italian, maybe someone from the north because the water temperature is cool or even cold and not suitable for swimming. Between the autumn and the middle of the spring, it is better to visit the Cinque Terre than to swim.

If you like seawater, I suggest a boat tour between the Cinque Terre. In this way you’ll stay on the water but not in.

Monterosso al Mare in the various seasons

Monterosso al Mare is an excellent place to visit and experience at different times of the year. Let’s go and see together what Monterosso al Mare is like in some periods of the year.

Monterosso al Mare summer

Monterosso al Mare is the best of the 5 Terre to visit in summer. In fact, Monterosso al Mare has one of the largest and longest beaches in the 5 Terre and I dare say also the best beach in the 5 Terre.

Here in Monterosso al Mare the beach is very popular in the summer and many people come right here to Monterosso to enjoy the sea and swim. Some like to get up early and come to the beach around 8 in the morning when the beach is still almost deserted. Others stay late, sometimes even into the evening. In fact, we saw people calmly bathing in August even in the evening.

Monterosso al Mare is not just beaches but also good food and places to visit. Monterosso al Mare in summer suits those who love the sea but don’t want to live on the beach. In Monterosso al Mare during the summer you can enjoy the sea but also have the pleasure of visiting unique places, doing outdoor activities, and enjoying good food in excellent restaurants.

If you plan to go to Monterosso al Mare in the summer, however, you must choose the right month or organize yourself so that your experience on the beach is positive even during the busiest periods.

Snorkeling in Monterosso al Mare swimming in summer

Do you want to see the Cinque Terre nice fish, snorkeling with us? Watch the following video:

Snorkeling in Monterosso al Mare swimming in summer | TOP 10 Cinque Terre Monterosso + Unique Beach Monterosso

Hi everybody, we’re in Monterosso al Mare, a beautiful town of the Cinque Terre, in a part of Fegina beach where the water is particularly clear. Let’s go to find out together which kind of fish we can see. We’re swimming not far from the beach, as everyone can do. Ok, we don’t wait further. Let’s go to make friends with the Cinque Terre fish. Please like and subscribe. Thank you! OK, let’s go!

Video Monterosso al Mare in summer

Here is a series of short videos of Monterosso al Mare in summer during the central week of August:

Cinque Terre Monterosso beach Restaurants & Things to do

Monterosso al Mare in August

If you go to Monterosso al Mare in August you can enjoy the long days in terms of light. This way in the morning you can go to the beach and spend some beautiful days at the seaside and in the evening, when it is no longer too hot you can explore Monterosso al Mare or you can go and visit some other location in the 5 Terre.

During the summer period, which runs approximately from the end of May to mid-September, the beaches of Monterosso al Mare are equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds that can be rented. In other periods of the year, however, the beach is accessible but is completely free and is not equipped.

During the summer, on Fegina beach you will also find some beach bars where you can buy a drink or get something to eat.

What are the activities to do at Fegina beach in Monterosso in the summer? At the Monterosso al Mare beach, in addition to relaxing under the umbrella and swimming, many people love to be lulled by the waves on the mattress, practice sports such as canoeing or the more classic pedal boat ride.

Some play ball, those who chat happily in the sea and those who love walking on the shore.

If, on the other hand, you want to take one of the paths that connect the various towns of the 5 Terre, I recommend that you leave early in the morning. Towards mid-morning temperatures generally rise and the heat of August days is not ideal conditions for long walks.

For many Italians, August is traditionally the month of seaside holidays par excellence. We therefore want to pay particular attention to what Fegina beach is like in August.

Fegina beach in August

Seen that the beach of Fegina

  1. it is so beautiful and appreciated,
  2. is located in one of the villages of the Cinque Terre which are in themselves very visited,
  3. it is also located right in front of the railway station, therefore easily accessible by train

at certain times of the year, it gets very crowded. This is especially true during mid-August when it can turn from heaven to hell if you don’t have your well-positioned, rented sunbed and umbrella.

We personally tried to spend the week of August right here in Monterosso al Mare, and we had a good time because we arrived quite early in the morning when there weren’t many people, and we had our rented sunbed and umbrella.

I could observe what was happening on the beach and note it for a few days. Here are my observations and impressions.

Does Fegina beach offer services in August?

Fegina Beach, in the summer, is equipped with umbrellas and sunbeds. There are several beach establishments where you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. However, the number of sunbeds and umbrellas is insufficient to satisfy the great demand during the central week of August.

It is better to arrive at the beach around 9 in the morning to ensure a place under the umbrella. Before occupying the umbrella, you must ask the lifeguard or the attendant so that you can be assigned an available place.

In fact, in mid-August, just after midday, no more umbrellas were already available to rent.

Clarity of the sea in August

Saturday 12th August 2023 – The seawater that washes Fegina beach is quite clear. Of course, it is not comparable to the seawater of Sardinia which invites you to enter, and you can’t help but enter the water and swim.

However, the sea that bathes Monterosso al Mare is a good compromise for those who want a sea in which to swim and beautiful places to visit.

During my walk I notice that the sea water becomes clearer as I get closer to the large rock of Monterosso. I started from the part of the beach closest to the Fegina Parking.

It doesn’t surprise me that on Fegina beach there is an area with clearer water: on several beaches I happened to see clearer spots than others. I’m glad I didn’t stay in one place but explored the beach because in this way I found my favorite spot for swimming. You probably also have a favorite spot on every beach.

13 August 2023 – On the morning of 13 August 2023 the Fegina beach is more beautiful than the previous day. In fact, on the beach near the Fegina Parking, even the sea water is more transparent. Perhaps also because the sea this morning is calmer than yesterday afternoon.

You can, therefore, see the water’s transparency even on this side of the beach even if it is clearly not comparable to other places in Sardinia, Puglia or other renowned places with such a clear sea that you can’t help but dive in.

However, I confirm the fact that swimming here in Monterosso al Mare is pleasant.

Sensations walking along the beach

Walking on the shoreline along Fegina beach we feel the pebbles mixing with the sand under our feet.

The sensation we feel is like a massage under our feet, although I personally prefer walking on softer sand.

Video Monterosso Beach in August


Discover the Magic of Monterosso Beach in Summer! 🌊☀️

Get ready to be transported to the breathtaking coastal town of Monterosso al Mare, one of the magnificent 5 Terre in Italy. Join us on a virtual journey as we explore the enchanting beauty of Monterosso Beach during the summertime, especially in August!

In this captivating video, we’ll show you the mesmerizing allure of Monterosso Beach as the sun-kissed shores beckon you to unwind and indulge in pure coastal bliss. Feel the soft golden sand between your toes as you stroll along the shore, taking in the panoramic views of the glistening turquoise waters.

Experience the vibrant atmosphere as locals and tourists alike frolic in the crystal-clear waves, creating an atmosphere of joy and laughter. Dive into the refreshing waters and let the Mediterranean embrace you, providing relief from the summer heat.

With plenty of beachside cafes, bars, and restaurants lining the promenade, you’ll never go hungry or thirsty during your visit. Sample the delicious local seafood delicacies, paired perfectly with a chilled glass of regional wine, as you soak up the relaxed and friendly ambiance.

But what about August? Is it the ideal time to visit Monterosso Beach? Immerse yourself in the vibrant beach culture, enjoy water sports activities, or simply unwind under a colorful beach umbrella.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or simply a taste of the good life, Monterosso Beach has it all. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to create unforgettable memories in this slice of Italian paradise.

Join us on this exciting virtual journey to Monterosso Beach, and let the magic of this coastal gem captivate your soul. Pack your sunscreen, embrace the summer vibes, and get ready for an unforgettable beach experience like no other!

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☀️🌊 TOP Beach In CINQUE TERRE For Your Summer Getaway! Yes, but what about August?

Hey there! Ready for another amazing journey? Where will our next adventure take us? We’re heading to Monterosso al Mare, one of the 5 towns of the 5 Terre, in Italy. How does Monterosso Beach look during the summertime? And what about August? Is it a good month to experience the wonders of Monterosso Beach? Let’s go down to the beach and embark on this extraordinary journey!

Welcome to our YouTube video about Monterosso Beach in Cinque Terre, Italy, in the Summer. Monterosso Beach is a stunning destination that attracts visitors from all over the world for their vacations. With its picturesque landscape, beautiful beaches such as Spiaggia di Fegina and Tragagià, and delicious food such as focaccia with pesto or pasta with pesto sauce or many dishes with seafood, it’s no wonder why Monterosso is a top choice for travelers. Plus, it’s easily accessible by train, the train station stop is just in front of the main beach, making it convenient for everyone. So, if you’re looking for an unforgettable beach experience, Monterosso Beach in Cinque Terre, Italy should be at the top of your list.

But what about Monterosso Beach in August?

Monterosso Beach in Cinque Terre, Italy, is a must-visit destination for beach lovers. With its breathtaking beauty and clear crystal waters, it captivates visitors from around the globe. But there’s a catch – August, being a peak season, brings along massive crowds that can hinder your beach experience. This is especially true on weekends and national holidays such as the 15th of August and all that week, making it almost unbearable if your vacation or day trip at Monterosso beach is not well planned.

To fully enjoy Monterosso Beach in August, my main advice is to arrive early in the morning so you can find available sunbeds and umbrellas to rent. In August, it’s common to see during the day a crowd of people walking along the beach looking for sunbeds to rent but without finding any. If you arrive at about 9 am, you should be ok and find available sunbeds and umbrellas.

If you want to spend the whole day at the beach, I personally would avoid the public beach. The risk is that of finding yourself stuck to your neighbor. But anyway, if you want to stay in the public beach area, arrive early; otherwise, you risk not finding enough space even to put your bag on the beach.

With proper planning, your experience at Monterosso Beach will be absolutely stunning and incredible, just like it was for us! Don’t let any setbacks discourage you – plan ahead and prepare for a truly memorable and breathtaking time at Monterosso beach.

Picture yourself indulging in the gentle rays of the Italian sun, savoring the melodic symphony of the sea waves, while tasting a delicious focaccia bread.

But before eating, I take a nice dip in these magnificent waters. I greet you! Please like and subscribe! I’ll catch you in the next video! Bye

Monterosso al Mare in Autumn

Autumn is a great month to visit Monterosso al Mare. In autumn here in Monterosso al Mare, the temperatures are often mild. They are ideal for visiting these beautiful places. It’s not too hot that you can’t walk under the sun during the hottest hours of the day and not too cold that you can’t enjoy the beauty of the surrounding nature.

It is no longer the time to swim in the sea even if, on some particularly sunny days, some brave people cannot resist the temptation and dive into these beautiful waters.

Furthermore, in autumn Monterosso al Mare is not as crowded as in summer, and finding parking at Fegina Parking is not an impossible task. The beach is no longer crowded and seems even longer and more spacious thanks to the fact that the umbrellas and sunbeds of the bathing establishments no longer cover it.

Autumn is an excellent month for me if you want to enjoy the beauty of the 5 Terre fully. From Monterosso al Mare you can take the boat that takes you to Vernazza, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. Before taking the boat, you can also take a nice regenerating walk on Fegina beach.

Fegina beach in autumn

Here is the video of Fegina Beach in autumn, when summer vacationers and tourists have now left the beach, all the rows of colored umbrellas that covered the beach have been removed. In their place, we have a place of peace and tranquility where you can stroll and relax.

Monterosso al Mare Fegina Beach in autumn | TOP 10 Cinque Terre Monterosso + Beach Monterosso & Monterosso Restaurants

Top 10 Things to do in Monterosso Cinque Terre

Here are the main attractions and things to do in Monterosso Cinque Terre.

Do you want to know what are the top thing to di in Monterosso al Mare? Go the following post: Top 10 Things to do in Monterosso Cinque Terre


Do you want to consult our food lover’s guide to the best restaurants in Monterosso al Mare? Go to the following post: Best Monterosso Restaurants in Cinque Terre: A Food Lover’s Guide

Monterosso by the sea in summer

One beautiful thing about Monterosso al Mare in summer is seeing the beach with all the open and colorful umbrellas.

In fact, I love seeing the beach of Monterosso al Mare in winter when it is completely free but in summer it is certainly more lively and cheerful.

Monterosso al mare in August

August is the busiest time of year regarding the number of people coming to this splendid location to enjoy the beach and the sea. In fact, August is the month during which most Italians go on holiday due to company closures.

The large turnout in August in seaside resorts is well known in Italy, but I must say that there are places that can welcome such a large number of tourists better than Monterosso. The problem with Monterosso al Mare is that it is a small place compared to others, but it is so appreciated and desired that it attracts so many people.

Fegina beach in August

The beach of Fegina in the central week of August and on the weekend just before the August bank holiday is decidedly crowded. The entire beach is covered with sunbeds and umbrellas right up to the water’s edge. The space between one umbrella and another is extremely limited and it is also difficult to pass without disturbing. You will certainly have understood that privacy is not even contemplated.

There is also a part dedicated to the free beach but it is a minimal part and also completely occupied.


The problem in Monterosso al Mare is parking. If you want to come to Monterosso al Mare close to August 15th, parking is a real challenge.

Furthermore, once the car parks in Monterosso are full, the local police usually close the road kilometers beforehand and unless you have special permits you cannot pass.

Clearly, if your hotel is located in Monterosso, you can report it to the police so that they can let you pass so you can get to your hotel.

How to reach Monterosso and move between the 5 Lands?

How to reach Monterosso al Mare and how to move between the 5 Lands? Here are some tips.

By car

You can get to Monterosso directly by car to the front of Fegina beach, then directly to the seafront. To get to Monterosso by car up to a certain point you can take the motorway but then near Monterosso you have to take a mountain road. The mountain panorama that you can observe as you arrive in Moterosso is very beautiful. However, the real problem with getting to Monterosso al Mare by car, especially during periods of greater influx of tourists, is parking. Parking is therefore always a factor to take into consideration when deciding the best way to reach Monterosso al Mare.


The most used car park in Monterosso al Mare is the Fegina car park which is located right near the Fegina beach. So let’s go and see together some information about this car park.

Fegina Parking Information

The Fegina Parking car park is located directly on the sea, is the car park closest to the beaches, and has more parking spaces.

Is disabled parking also available in the Fegina parking lot?

Disabled spaces are also available in the Fegina car park. To access disabled spaces, you still need to get a ticket to enter the car park. In the car park, a person in charge stays at the car park from 9 in the morning to 7 in the evening. These are the times you could find the parking attendant in the summer, in August 2023.

To be able to exit the car park for free thanks to the disabled card, you need to go to this person and show him the card.

Are there electric charging stations in the Fegina Parking lot to recharge the electric car?

At the moment at least until August 2023, there are no charging stations for electric cars in the Fegina Parking car park.

What are the prices of Fegina parking?

The prices of the Fegina parking in Monterosso al Mare verified in August 2023 are as follows:

Winter prices

The winter prices of Fegina Parking in Monterosso are the follows:

  • 25 euros per day for the first 2 consecutive days.
  • From the 3rd to the 7th day 8 euros per day.
  • From the 8th day onwards 4 euros per day.

However, if you only stay for a few hours in Monterosso al Mare, I can tell you that the hourly rate is 2.5 euros per hour.

Summer prices

The summer prices of Fegina Parking in Monterosso are the follows:

  • 2.5 euros per hour.
  • The daily rate is 25 euros per day for the first 2 consecutive days.
  • From the 3rd day to the 7th day, 10 euros per day.
  • From the 8th day onwards, it is 5 euros per day.

Monterosso al Mare by train

Especially during high season, it is advisable to come to Monterosso al Mare by train: this way, you won’t have parking problems. Furthermore, the train station is located right in front of the beach. It is therefore very convenient to get to Monterosso al Mare by train both to go to the beach and to get to your hotel if it is near the center or the beaches.

You need to pay particular attention to keeping your luggage under control. In fact, the railways often announce that they keep an eye on their luggage as pickpockets are present. So it is a very comfortable train, but you must be careful.

The train is also very convenient for moving between the villages of the Cinque Terre. Starting from Monterosso, for example, you are in Vernazza or Manarola in just a few minutes. However, during the busiest periods such as August and especially on weekends, you must remember that the trains are very crowded.

If you need to move between the Cinque Terre during these high season periods during the day, it is therefore preferable to use the boat service that leaves near the beach in front of the historic center of Monterosso al Mare, from this pier:

The boat ticket is higher than the train ticket, but it is definitely worth it if this is not a problem for you. The boats are less crowded than the trains, and the view you see from the boat is much more beautiful and panoramic than what you see from the train. With the boat, the journey itself is part of the adventure.

Using the boat to move between the Cinque Terre is not just a way of moving and, therefore, a means of transport, but it becomes a real moment in which you can enjoy this magnificent panorama and territory.

You can also consider that in some cases, the price of the boat ticket is not much higher than the price of the train ticket. In fact, for example, from Monterosso to Vernazza in August 2023, the boat ticket price was 8 euros, and the train ticket was 5 euros for the same route.

Given the high cost of trains in this area compared to the small sections traveled, if you plan to use the train often, you should consider purchasing the Cinque Terre card, including trains. Here is the reference link:

The evening train in summer

On summer evenings, the train is the favorite way for tourists to move between the various locations on the Ligurian coast. As mentioned in previous paragraphs, trains during the August holiday are particularly crowded, especially in the evening.

This is because the boat service that transports tourists between the various locations in the Cinque Terre in the evening is generally unavailable. In fact, the service ends late in the afternoon when the sun is still shining.

So in the evening, almost everyone takes the train. To give you an example of the number of people who take the train in the evening, I can tell you that on August 14, 2023, around 11 pm, we saw a real “tidal wave” of people along the Monterosso al Mare seafront in the direction of the station.

Looking at the clock, we noticed that it was getting close to the time of the last train. So all these people were going to catch the train, there were so many people that it was almost difficult to walk along the Monterosso seafront.

Shortly afterward, once the train time had passed, the Monterosso seafront became much quieter; in fact, there was almost no one there anymore. This is proof of the high number of people who choose to use the train.

I can’t imagine the situation on the train and how all these people were placed there. Certainly, one very close to the other.

However, I must specify that using the train in the evening is not always an impossible mission. From our experience, I can say that always in August but at other times, such as in the late afternoon or evening, not too late and certainly not at the time of the very last trains (around 9.30 pm) the railway stations were full, but we still managed to get on the train and sit down without any major problems.

Monterosso al Mare by boat

During the day, the best way to move around the Cinque Terre is by boat, using the transport service connecting the Cinque Terre and the other nearby towns overlooking the coast.

By moving around the Cinque Terre by boat you can enjoy the beauty of these places to the fullest. In fact, you can observe and admire Monterosso al Mare and the other towns of the Cinque Terre directly from the sea.

You can see Monterosso al Mare from the boat in the following video:

From the train, however, you can see some stretches of the sea, but you cannot see the beauty, uniqueness, and diversity of the villages that make up the Cinque Terre.

Furthermore, boats are usually less crowded than trains even during the busiest periods.

In any case, there are also some negative points about moving around the Cinque Terre by boat. In fact, the cost of the boat is much higher than that of the train and the boat service is usually unavailable in the evening.

If you want to take the boat to Monterosso al Mare, you have to head to the pier, which is located in front of the historic center of the town, the part of Monterosso which is located more towards Vernazza, to be clearer. Here’s the thing about Google Maps:

You can buy boat tickets directly at the Monterosso al Mare pier near where you get the boat. You can choose whether to purchase a day ticket to move around the Cinque Terre, purchase an afternoon ticket only, or finally a single ticket to reach a specific town in the Cinque Terre.

Here is the link to see timetables and lines:

Monterosso al Mare in the evening

Monterosso al Mare is a lively resort, even in the evening. On the seafront of Monterosso al Mare, there are several places to eat, have an ice cream, or a typical Ligurian focaccia.

In the evening, it is also very pleasant to walk along the seafront to admire the sea and the now deserted beach where the few remaining people enjoy the peace and tranquility.

On the seafront, there are also some street artists who cheer you up with their music.

The walk you can take in the evening in Monterosso al Mare is quite long and varied as you can start from the statue and beach of the giant and then pass beyond the Fegina Parking to get to the long beach of Fegina where there is also the famous characteristic sea stack. Then, you can continue and cross the tunnel to get to the older and more historic part.

In the old and, therefore more historic part of Monterosso al Mare, there is also the central street that goes inland, where there are other places and shops to see to enjoy another side of Monterosso al Mare.

Walking through the streets of the historic center at dinner time you have the opportunity to admire the many characteristic corners of these streets and visit not only with your eyes but also with your sense of smell as you can smell many good scents. At this point, you will necessarily have to taste the delicious dishes during a good dinner.

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