You are currently viewing Best Monterosso Restaurants in Cinque Terre: A Food Lover’s Guide
Best Monterosso Restaurants in Cinque Terre A Food Lover's Guide

Best Monterosso Restaurants in Cinque Terre: A Food Lover’s Guide

Looking for the best Monterosso restaurants in Cinque Terre? Look no further! Whether you’re a food enthusiast or a casual traveler, these top dining spots in Monterosso are sure to satisfy your cravings. From formal to casual, we’ve got you covered with a variety of options that will tantalize your taste buds. Get ready to embark on a culinary journey through this charming coastal town, where delicious flavors and unforgettable dining experiences await. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the world of Monterosso restaurants and discover the hidden gems that will make your visit truly memorable.

Monterosso Restaurants

Here are some restaurants you can find here in Monterosso al Mare. This is not a ranking or list of the best restaurants in Monterosso al Mare. However, it gives you an idea of ​​the type of clubs and restaurants you find here in Monterosso al Mare and the offer on offer.

It can also serve as a starting point for deciding where to go, depending on whether you want to eat in a restaurant where they cook meat or fish dishes, more typical dishes, have a simple aperitif to stay light, taste the typical Ligurian focaccia or an excellent ice cream which certainly can never be missed, especially in summer.

Barabbas restaurant

Where is it? Here is the location on Google Maps:

The Barabba restaurant overlooks the beach directly, in fact it borders the sunbeds and umbrellas of the bathing establishment. The restaurant has an internal area and an external area.

A very interesting thing about the Barabba restaurant is that from here you can see the Giant Statue very well. This way you can enjoy your lunch or dinner and at the same time see one of the major attractions or points of interest of Monterosso al Mare.

This restaurant is good for those who want to enjoy appetizers, first or second courses based on meat or fish. Some dishes offered are simple and classic dishes while other dishes undergo some elaboration.

Here are some examples of dishes that you might find in this restaurant:

Examples of first courses: spaghetti with umbrina, cherry tomatoes and courgettes, spaghetti with squid ink, spaghetti with fresh anchovies, risotto with seafood and trofie with pesto.

Examples of second courses: almond-crusted salmon with salad, red onion and cherry tomatoes or grilled tuna fillet, fried calamari, anchovies, prawns, carrots, courgettes…

The price for a lunch for two people is medium-high. For a fish starter, a fish first course, a fish second course, a glass of wine, water, a sorbet and two coffees we are around 70 euros.

Miky’s restaurant

High-level restaurant included in the Michelin guide in 2018 2019 and 2020… 2023. An elegant and studied environment mixing characteristic elements of the place and retracing an idea of ​​rustic.

To give you an idea of ​​the cost of a dinner in this restaurant, I can tell you that the tasting menus are around 100 euros each, and the tasting menu itself must be ordered by the whole table.

In the restaurant, there is the following phrase that represents his idea of ​​cooking: “Recover the past, shape it in the present and project it into the future”.

To try different dishes we chose to order the innovation menu. In fact, in this restaurant you will find all the well-studied dishes, and so if you come here, it is because you want to try this type of cuisine. It is definitely worth trying several things to experience different tastes and not order the single dish.

The portions of the menu items are smaller than a normal dish. At the end of the courses you are still satisfied if you do not like to eat large portions. We personally were no longer hungry at the end and were full.

Among the most curious and innovative things that were served to us, such as the titoto on our menu, there was one dish in particular. In fact, during our dinner we were literally served a fried cod meatball and polenta with lard on a stone. Then a candle was lit next to it and it seemed very romantic. But no! Because once we removed the wick we discovered that the wax was beeswax to be eaten with bread.

Other dishes that were served to us were cream of potatoes with baby squid, crispy red mullet with tomato sauce and ricotta sauce, and several other dishes whose ingredients try to combine in search of the perfect flavor balance.

Some dishes are very particular, others a little simpler, but you can always perceive that a careful study is carried out to combine the ingredients and flavours.

Definitely not a restaurant for everyone and definitely not for every day, but for those who want to try something different.

La Cantina di Miky

Traditional dishes and especially fish. The restaurant is located in via Fegina on the Monterosso al Mare seafront in front of the beach. It has tables outside on the seafront and inside: going down the stairs into the courtyard you find yourself in the internal room equipped with air conditioning.

Below are some examples of dishes offered on the August 2023 menu.

Among the appetizers: selection of anchovies prepared and cooked in different ways such as grilled, in green sauce or marinated with lemon, prepared with crouton of butter or cooked and stuffed with mortadella and breadcrumbs…

Among the first courses: homemade multicolor ravioli filled with prawns with pink prawn tartare on top; homemade spaghetti with anchovies, cherry tomatoes, olives, capers, pine nuts and tomato sauce.

The prices are approximately average or slightly above average considering the place, the position and the slightly more elaborate dishes.

The price for two people with sparkling water, an anchovy tasting starter, a plate of prawn ravioli, an anchovy fish first course, two glasses of wine, and two coffees: about 100 euros.

The Osteria

The Osteria is located in the historic center of Monterosso al Mare in via Vittorio Emanuele in one of the main streets of the historic center. At L’Osteria you will find various fish first and second courses but also meat dishes.

Among the first courses, some of the dishes we found on the menu are trenette with seafood, fish ravioli with scampi and sea bass, egg tagliolini with prawns and courgettes, meat ravioli with ragù, trofie with Genoese pesto.

Among the second courses: seafood fantasy for 2 people which is a dish containing various types of shellfish, Ligurian-style catch of the day fillets, Chianina fillet and other dishes.

Prices are average considering the place and considering that in Monterosso al Mare prices are a little higher than in other parts of Italy. Bill for 2 first courses, 2 second courses, a bottle of wine, a bottle of water, a dessert, 2 coffees and a bitter: 120 euros.

Aurora Tower

Both fish and meat dishes. The strong points are the absolutely breathtaking view and the fact that it is located in a real ancient tower.

If you just want to come and see the Aurora Tower up close and enjoy the view you can also opt just for an aperitif.

Bar for aperitifs

What if I just want an aperitif?

Ely Caffè

If you want to enjoy an aperitif in the old part of Monterosso you can find several places and the choice is truly wide.

One of these places where you can have an aperitif is Ely Caffè.

By taking the cocktail you also included a platter of aperitifs. On the cutting board you mainly have a selection of focaccias, chips, olives and peanuts. Although it is called a cutting board, there are no cheeses or cured meats on the cutting board.

Ligurian focaccia

One of the typical dishes of Liguria is the Ligurian focaccia and therefore we cannot help but include in this article some focaccia shops where you can buy this delicious food. Ligurian focaccia is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy something typical, good but without spending too much for lunch.

We had the arduous task of tasting some focaccias taken from the various focaccia shops in Monterosso al Mare!

Among the focaccias to try in addition to the classic Ligurian focaccia there is certainly the focaccia with pesto. Pesto focaccia is a classic focaccia with pesto sauce on top. Pesto is another typical Ligurian food, more precisely Genoese. Genoese pesto, at least that’s what it is commonly called, but here in Monterosso it is said that Presto is mistakenly defined as Genoese as the Cinque Terre are the places where it originated. Pesto made with basil carefully grown among the terraces of the Cinque Terre.

Below we describe some of the focaccerie in Monterosso al Mare.

Il Massimo della Focaccia

Massimo della Focaccia is located in via Fegina on the seafront, in front of the longest part of Monterosso beach.

It can therefore be a good option due to its location, especially for those who want to stay on the beach all day and are looking for a place to buy focaccia to enjoy for lunch under the umbrella.

Among the focaccias to try in addition to the classic Ligurian focaccia there is certainly the focaccia with pesto. Pesto focaccia is a classic focaccia with pesto sauce on top.

Other focaccias you find here are tomato and olive focaccia; focaccia with stracchino, courgettes and bacon; focaccia with onions and other specialties.

At the focacceria Il Massimo della Focaccia you can eat the focaccias directly outside the shop using the tables located outside. However, most people buy the focaccias and then eat them on the beach or wherever they prefer. Especially because the tables that are there are certainly not enough for all customers.

We purchased the focaccia with pesto which is placed on a tray and three other pieces of focaccia all placed in a small bag. For what we purchased we spent around 20 euros, including a half liter bottle of water and a bottle of iced tea.

The cost may seem high if we think of 4 normal focaccias that are bought in other parts of Italy but we must take into consideration that these are particular and typical focaccias of the place so the price can be considered comforting.

Surely an Italian might find the price high while an American or a person from another country might find it decidedly cheap given that they are tasting typical local food.

At lunch time there was a queue to buy focaccia in August but it didn’t take us long to be served.

Average price for 2 people 20 euros.

Bar Focacceria Antonio

Bar Focacceria Antonio is located in Via Fegina, 124, 19016 Monterosso al Mare SP. Location on Google Maps:

The Focacceria Antonio bar also has traditional farinata, with stracchino and truffle cream. Those who love takeaway should know, however, that some types of farinata such as farinata with truffle cream or stracchino can only be eaten on site with table service.

In fact, at the Bar Focacceria Antonio, in addition to taking take away facacce, it is also possible to consume them sitting at the table, as there are seats with tables both inside and outside the restaurant.

There are also focaccias with cheese, rosemary and pesto. In addition to pizzas, focaccias and farinata, you can also get sandwiches or salads.

Inside the restaurant there is also a bar, so it is not just a focaccia shop.

Prices are quite low. For example: 1 focaccia with pesto, 1 focaccia with 4 cheeses, 1 focaccia with stracchino, 1 farinata, 1 half-litre bottle of water and 1 half-litre bottle of Coca-Cola for a total cost of approximately 17 euros.

Table service

The restaurant also offers table service with a cover charge of 1 euro per person. When eating at the table you can also choose hot dishes such as pasta dishes and other dishes.

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