You are currently viewing TOP 10 things to do in Como Italy: a beautiful Lakeside Town
TOP things to do in Como Italy a beautiful Lakeside Town

TOP 10 things to do in Como Italy: a beautiful Lakeside Town

Experience the magic of Como Italy with our curated list of the best things to do. Explore this beautiful lakeside town like a local! – TOP 10 things to do in Como Italy: a beautiful Lakeside Town. Do you want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and explore a place that oozes history and romance? Look no further than Como, Italy – the “queen of the Lake Como”. From its stunning palazzos and Bellagio-style villas to the cuisine, culture, and activities, Como has something for everyone.

This article will explore the best things to do in Como, Italy. Take a look at the grand architecture from the 1st century BC, take a stroll in the cobblestoned streets, or enjoy the breathtaking panoramic views of the shoreline. Plus, we’ll share insider tips on the best time to visit, what to pack, and the unique experiences. So, if you’re ready for an unforgettable journey, let’s dive right into how to spend your time in this enchanting Italian city.

How to get to Como?

You can reach Como by car, by boat if you come from other places on the lake and also by train as the train station is located right in front of the lakefront.

What are the best things to do in Como Italy?

Here are the main things to do and see in Como:

  1. Passeggiata Como’s Lakeside & Como pier
  2. Historic center of Como
  3. Diga Foranea Piero Caldirola
  4. Visit the Tempio Voltiano Como
  5. Lunch or dinner in one of the lakeside restaurants
  6. Tour of Lake Como on the historic Concordia boat
  7. Como Brunate funicular
  8. Visit Villa Olmo
  9. Visit The Roman Bath
  10. Shopping in Via Vittorio Emanuele II

Passeggiata Como’s Lakeside

Passeggiata Como’s Lakeside is a breathtaking stretch of beauty and serenity. As you stroll along the shimmering waters of Lake Como, you’ll find yourself captivated by the picturesque scenery that surrounds you. The lakeside seems to go on for miles, offering ample space for leisurely walks, cozy picnics, and unforgettable sunsets. Don’t be surprised if you lose track of time while immersed in the tranquility of this enchanting place. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, a romantic soul, or simply seeking a peaceful escape, Passeggiata Como’s Lakeside is sure to leave an indelible mark on your heart. So, take a leisurely stroll and let the magic of Lake Como embrace you.

Como together with its lakeside is a lively city full of life especially during the weekend when there are also street artists who entertain passers-by.

Also part of the walk along the lakeside of Como is the walk dedicated to Sergio Ramelli. This lakeside walk is nestled between the lake and small gardens with benches on which you can sit and relax.

If you want to see some short images of this part of the lakefront, watch this short video:

The small square with the circular fountain in the center, which is found in this position on Google Maps, is also very beautiful:

Is Lake Como walkable?

Lake Como is definitely walkable! With its picturesque lakeside promenade, walking along the shores of Lake Como is a delightful experience. Whether you’re in the charming town of Como or exploring the other quaint villages that dot the lake’s perimeter, you’ll find well-maintained sidewalks and pedestrian-friendly paths that invite you to take a leisurely stroll. As you meander along, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views of the crystal-clear waters, surrounded by lush greenery and awe-inspiring mountains. So, if you’re looking to soak in the beauty of Lake Como at a relaxed pace, put on your walking shoes and embark on a scenic adventure along the lakeside.

Como pier

The Como pier is a beautiful panoramic point from which to see Lake Como. Furthermore, from the Como pier you can take boats to visit other beautiful places on Lake Como and to see the lake from the lake.

If you want to have a light snack or if you want to have an aperitif on the lakefront, the pier is an excellent place: there are several bars nearby where you can relax with a drink or even enjoy a quick meal.

The Como pier is also very close to the historic centre, so if you don’t have much time, you are in the center and want to head to the lakeside, the pier is an excellent point of reference.

Here is the position of the Como pier on Google Maps:

Visit the town and the historic center of Como

The historic center of Como is charming, and in the main square, there are several bars where even in winter, you can have an aperitif or something to drink outside thanks to the heating fires. This way, you can relax and enjoy the view of Como cathedral.

Porta torre

Porta Torre, also called Torre di Porta Vittoria, is an imposing fortress 34 meters high and built-in 1192 on the initiative of the mayor Uberto de’ Olevano. It was used to defend the most important entrance to Como.

Location on Google Maps:

In the area of Porta Torre, you can find the medieval walls characteristic of the city of Como. Along with the walls, there are also towers. This is a significant historical part of Como. Here is the location of the city’s medieval walls on Google Maps:

When visiting Como, don’t miss exploring these medieval walls and towers, which are a prominent feature of the city’s history.

In the past, there used to be a moat around the walls. However, the moat was filled in 1783 through the private initiative of Marquis Giuseppe Rovelli. In fact, in the second half of the 18th century, the city of Como underwent a profound renewal, drastically changing its appearance. Experience the transformation and explore the many attractions and activities in Como. Discover the wonders that await you in this remarkable city.

On Saturday afternoons, you can also find a market along the city walls in Como. It offers a variety of things to do in Como.

Diga Foranea Piero Caldirola

Diga Foranea Piero Caldirola stands tall in the beautiful city of Como. With its imposing structure and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes, it is a true marvel of engineering. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, a stroll along the pier offers a serene escape and a chance to soak in the tranquility of Lake Como. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the charm and allure of Diga Foranea Piero Caldirola during your time in Como.

Video: Walk along como lakeside Diga Foranea Piero Caldirola + little beach + Tempio Voltiano Como

Como’s Must-See: Tempio Voltiano Museum + Lakeside Delights

Join us for a delightful stroll along the picturesque lakeside of Como, Italy, as we explore the charming Diga Foranea Piero Caldirola and discover a hidden gem – the enchanting little beach. Along the way, we’ll also visit the fascinating Tempio Voltiano Como, a captivating museum dedicated to the renowned scientist Alessandro Volta. If you’re wondering about the best things to do in Como, this video is a must-watch! So grab your walking shoes and get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty and serenity of Como’s lakeside. Come along and let the magic of Como enchant you!

Video: Walk along como lakeside Diga Foranea Piero Caldirola + little beach + Tempio Voltiano Como

Tempio Voltiano Como

The Volta Temple in Como is an elegant building that pays homage to the famous Italian scientist Alessandro Volta. Located on the city’s lakefront, the Volta Temple houses a museum dedicated to Volta’s life and discoveries, including his most famous invention, the electric battery.

The Volta Museum is a neoclassical building designed to house the exhibition dedicated to Alessandro Volta, born here in Como. Inside, you’ll find informative panels that allow you to delve deeper into Alessandro Volta’s life, his origins, and other useful information about his historical period. On the lower floor, you can admire the tools he used. This floor is entirely dedicated to his work and showcases the original instruments and some reproductions. Among the must-see attractions in this museum, you shouldn’t miss the original battery, Alessandro Volta’s very own invention. If you’re looking for things to do in Como, visiting the Volta Museum should definitely be on your list.

Through interactive displays and historical exhibits, visitors can immerse themselves in the history of electricity and appreciate Volta’s contribution to modern science. This fascinating and culturally significant place is an unmissable stop for those wishing to explore Como’s scientific history and learn more about one of Italy’s most influential scientists.

Interesting Facts about Angera, Lake Maggiore, and Alessandro Volta

In November 1776, near Angera on Lake Maggiore, Alessandro Volta, while poking the bottom of the water with a stick in the midst of the reeds, discovered a flammable gas. This gas burns slowly with a beautiful blue flame, and he named it Nativa Flammable Air of the Marsh, known today as methane. In the same year, he constructed an inflammable lamp. In an April 1767 letter, he presented the idea of transmitting an electric signal from Como to Milan using a long metal wire insulated from the ground by wooden posts. This intuition would eventually lead to the realization of the telegraph.

Volta and Napoleon

Alessandro’s encounter with Napoleon in Paris in 1801 holds significant symbolic value in his life. It marked the convergence of politics and science at its highest level, with the political realm explicitly acknowledging the pivotal role of science in progress. Simultaneously, science seemed to recognize the need to engage with politics for inventions to truly be of use. This event paved the way for modernity in Europe.

In 1809, Alessandro Volta was appointed by Napoleon as a senator of the Kingdom of Italy, leading him to reside in Milan from 1809 to 1814, where his children studied. In the same year, Napoleon honored him with the title of Count.

Lunch or dinner in one of the lakeside restaurants

Enjoy a delightful lunch or dinner experience at one of the enchanting lakeside restaurants. Indulge in the breathtaking view as you feast on a delectable array of dishes. Whether you prefer a formal setting or a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere, these lakeside eateries have something to offer for everyone. Treat yourself to a taste of Como’s culinary delights, with its rich and diverse selection of traditional dishes that are sure to tantalize your taste buds.

Tour of Lake Como on the historic Concordia boat

The tour of Lake Como on the historic Concordia boat is exciting. The Concordia boat began its navigation on Lake Como in 1926 and, after a period of stoppage, it returned to sailing in 2016. By going around Lake Como with this historic boat, you can stop in the main locations on the lake.

Como Brunate funicular

In Como, there is also a funicular. If you are in the historic center of Como it is very easy to reach the funicular on foot because it is located right on the lakeside of Como. The funicular takes you up to an advantageous position from a panoramic point of view.

The funicular cost is 3.60 euros one way (prices verified in November 2023). The convenient thing about the funicular is that it is open until late. In November 2023, the funicular was open until 10 am. Then you could go up not only during the day but also in the late afternoon or evening without much worry about the return times.

Video: funicular from Como to Brunate in the evening

Experience the enchantment of Como in winter by night with our breathtaking 8K video featuring a funicular journey from Como to Brunate. 🌃✨ Immerse yourself in the picturesque beauty of this Italian gem as the funicular takes you on a whimsical adventure. Discover why riding the funicular is a fantastic idea 💡 and one of the must-do things in Como during winter nights. Whether you’re a local or a visitor, this video will transport you to a world of charm and wonder. So sit back, relax, and let us guide you through the magical streets and twinkling lights of Como after dark. Join us on this mesmerizing journey and let your imagination soar. 🇮🇹✨✨

Video: funicular from Como to Brunate in the evening | TOP things to do in Como Italy

Visit Villa Olmo

Visit Villa Olmo, a mesmerizing architectural marvel nestled on the shores of Lake Como. This enchanting villa, with its grand neoclassical façade, welcomes visitors with open arms. Step into a world of refined elegance as you explore its opulent rooms adorned with exquisite frescoes and intricate detailing. Take a leisurely stroll through the lush gardens, where fragrant flowers and towering trees create a serene oasis. Don’t miss the breathtaking panoramic views of the lake from the villa’s terrace, offering a picturesque backdrop for unforgettable moments. Whether you’re a history buff, an art enthusiast, or simply seeking tranquility, Villa Olmo promises an unforgettable experience.

Visit The Roman Bath

Visit The Roman Bath in Como. Immerse yourself in the rich history of this ancient site. Step back in time as you explore the well-preserved ruins and admire the intricate mosaic floors. Feel the echoes of the past as you wander through the various rooms, envisioning the bustling activity of Roman life. Take a moment to relax and imagine yourself luxuriating in the warm waters of the bathhouse, just as the Romans did centuries ago. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to experience a piece of history right in the heart of Como.

Shopping in Via Vittorio Emanuele II

Shopping in Via Vittorio Emanuele II in Como is an absolute delight. This bustling street is lined with charming shops and boutiques, offering everything from high-end fashion to local artisanal crafts. As you stroll along, the vibrant atmosphere and stunning architecture of the surrounding buildings create a truly picturesque setting. Whether you’re searching for that perfect designer outfit or a unique souvenir, Via Vittorio Emanuele II has something to suit every taste and budget. Treat yourself to a shopping spree in this enchanting destination and immerse yourself in the stylish elegance of Como’s retail scene.

Things to do the nearby area

  • Baradello Castle

Baradello Castle

From the lakeside of Como, looking towards the historic center of Como, we see a promontory with a tower behind the city. This tower is part of the Baradello Castle, a castle that can be visited for a fee and can be reached by car in about twenty minutes from the center of Como.

The castle was built in 1158 by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa.

Como in winter

Lake Como is an excellent tourist destination to visit during spring or summer but it is also possible to visit it in winter, taking into consideration the characteristics of this season. In fact, the hours of light in winter are much fewer and the shadow comes much earlier than in summer to darken the city.

If in summer the sun illuminates the city until almost evening, until what time is Como, together with its historic center and adjacent lakefront, illuminated by the sun in winter? The lakeside of Como in the pier area and the historic center is illuminated by the sun until around 4pm in winter.

Since Como is at the tip of the lake, it must be said that the historic center of Como gets shade earlier than other parts of the lakefront.

An example is the following: in November the lakefront towards the center was already in the shade at 4 pm while some other parts of the lakefront remained in the sun until around 4.30 pm.

Is Lake Como worth visiting in winter?

Lake Como is absolutely worth visiting in winter. Despite the colder temperatures, the charm of this stunning destination remains intact. The serene beauty of the lake, surrounded by snow-capped mountains, creates a picturesque scene that is hard to resist. The lack of crowds during the winter months allows for a more peaceful and intimate experience. Plus, you can indulge in cozy evenings by the fireplace, savoring warm Italian cuisine and sipping on a glass of exquisite wine. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, Lake Como in winter offers a unique and unforgettable experience.

Video Walking tour in Como in winter

Discover the enchanting beauty of Como in winter! Join us on a captivating journey through this picturesque Italian town nestled by the stunning Lake Como. From the tranquil lakeside to the bustling historical center, we’ll show you the most incredible things to do and explore during the winter months. Whether you’re a nature lover seeking breathtaking views or a culture enthusiast yearning to uncover the city’s rich history, Como has something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the cozy ambiance, indulge in mouthwatering winter delicacies, and experience the magic that blankets this mesmerizing destination. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness Lake Como’s winter wonderland – a truly unforgettable experience!

Text of the video

Welcome to our YouTube video on Como in Winter – a walking tour of the beautiful city, showcasing things to do and how to dress for the season.

It’s a chilly Thursday in February as we explore Como’s winter charm. Dressing appropriately is key, so let’s delve into how to stay warm and stylish in Como during winter. It’s better to wear a heavy jacket and a scarf during the winter, as it helps keep you warm especially in the early morning and evening.

Strolling along the enchanting Lungolago di Como is like stepping into a picturesque dream. As you leisurely walk along the shores of Lake Como, the sparkling waters mirror the majestic mountains that surround it, creating a breathtaking panorama. The gentle breeze whispers through the trees, and the vibrant colors of blooming flowers add a touch of magic to the scene. Whether you’re in search of tranquility, romance, or simply a moment of serenity, passeggiare sul Lungolago di Como promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you captivated by its beauty.

The funicular is a delightful feature along the shores of Lake Como. Where does it take you? Well, it transports you up to the charming town of Brunate, perched high above the lake. Why should you go? Because from there, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic views of the shimmering lake and the surrounding mountains. It’s a journey that combines convenience and beauty, making it a must-do experience for visitors to Lake Como.

Now, let’s talk about the famous Alessandro Manzoni. He holds a special place in Como’s history, and we’ll discover why he is revered in this city.

Alessandro Manzoni was an Italian writer and poet, known for his masterpiece I Promessi Sposi (The Betrothed). The novel is set in 17th-century Lombardy, Italy, and it begins with the famous line, Quel ramo del Lago di Como.

Staying on the cultural theme, in Como there is also an interesting museum by Alessandro Volta. Was it Who? Where is it?

Alessandro Volta was an Italian physicist renowned for his invention of the electric battery, known as the voltaic pile. In Como, Italy, there is an intriguing museum dedicated to him, showcasing his scientific contributions and artifacts related to his life and work. The museum is located in Villa Olmo, a beautiful lakeside villa that provides a picturesque setting for exploring the legacy of this brilliant scientist.

For those looking for a dining experience with a view, Como offers a range of restaurants overlooking the lake. And don’t forget to capture the panoramic beauty of the city at the end of the pier, a popular spot for photos.

As we venture further, let’s not forget the stunning locations accessible by boat from Como. Hop aboard and explore the breathtaking sights only a boat ride away.

You don’t need a reservation to take the boat in Como. Just go to the pier and buy a ticket for your destination.

Winter in Como offers a variety of activities to indulge in. From visiting the iconic Piazza Duomo to unraveling the intriguing history behind the magnificent Duomo itself, there’s something for everyone.

The Duomo di Como, also known as the Como Cathedral, is a magnificent architectural gem nestled in the heart of Como, Italy. With its origins dating back to the 14th century, this grand structure holds a wealth of history and cultural significance. Its intricate façade, adorned with delicate sculptures and beautiful stained glass windows, tells the tale of centuries gone by. From the stunning dome that captures the sunlight to the impressive bell tower that stands tall, the Duomo di Como invites visitors to immerse themselves in the captivating story of this ancient masterpiece.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for some retail therapy! The city center is brimming with shops where you can find unique treasures to take home.

Walking along the picturesque lakeside promenade is an absolute delight in winter. The morning hours are particularly enchanting, as the sun sets early, casting a golden glow on the lake.

Now, let’s take a moment to appreciate the visual elements that make Como truly special. Starting our tour along the lakeside, we’ll encounter the scenic funicular that takes us to Brunate. The Alessandro Manzoni boat is another iconic sight to behold.

For those looking for a dining experience with a view, Como offers a range of restaurants overlooking the lake. And don’t forget to capture the panoramic beauty of the city at the end of the pier, a popular spot for photos.

Conclude your visit by exploring the Como dock, a bustling hub of activity where you can embark on various lake adventures.

We hope you enjoyed this engaging and informative walking tour of Como in Winter. So why wait? Plan your trip and experience the magic of Como for yourself. Don’t let winter pass you by!

Thank you for joining us, and we’ll see you in Como.

What things to do in Como Italy in winter?

In Como, in winter you can do several things. First of all, it is pleasant to walk along the lakeside when it is sunny, since the walk along the lakeside of Como is quite long and offers a view of beautiful scenery: while walking you can admire the opposite coast of this branch of Lake Como.

You can also go up with the Como-Brunate funicular to see a nice view of Lake Como. The funicular is in fact active even in winter and until late. Where is the Como funicular located? The funicular is located right on the lakefront, therefore easy to reach on foot.

You can take the boat to visit other locations on Lake Como and fully enjoy the lake.

Furthermore, the historic center of Como is very beautiful and in the main square there are several bars where even in winter you can have an aperitif or something to drink outside, thanks to the heating fires. This way you can relax and enjoy the view of the suggestive Como Cathedral.

How to dress to visit Como in winter?

The temperatures of the lake are mild compared to other areas; therefore, it is pleasant to walk along the lakeside when the sun shines and illuminates the city. In winter, it is still necessary to dress appropriately.

In addition to wearing comfortable shoes to be able to walk for long distances and visit the city, it is also necessary to wear a heavy jacket, such as a coat or a heavy jacket, to be able to cover yourself adequately and protect yourself from winter temperatures.

The use of the jacket and scarf is particularly suitable in the evening when the temperatures drop. It’s incredible how the feeling of cold increases once the sun no longer warms the city and especially us.

Como in autumn

Como in autumn is a picturesque destination that captivates visitors with its enchanting beauty. The temperature in Como during this season is pleasantly mild, ranging from around 10 to 20 degrees Celsius. As the leaves change their colors, the landscape transforms into a breathtaking canvas of vibrant hues. In autumn, you can take leisurely strolls along the scenic lakefront promenade, immersing yourself in the tranquility of nature. Additionally, you can explore the charming streets of the historic city center, discovering hidden gems such as local cafes and boutique shops. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the delicious regional cuisine and savor a cup of authentic Italian coffee while admiring the stunning autumnal backdrop.

Video Como in November

Why Not Explore Como, Italy In November? Explore the beautiful charms of Como, Italy in November! Join us on a virtual journey through the picturesque streets and breathtaking landscapes,that make Como a hidden gem worth discovering. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply seeking a cozy retreat, Como has something for everyone. From the vibrant fall colors that paint the town to the tranquil boat rides on Lake Como, this video will transport you to a world of enchantment. Don’t miss out on this magical destination, where November unveils its own unique wonders. Join us on this adventure and let Como captivate your heart!

Why Not Explore Como, Italy In November? | TOP things to do in Como Italy: a beautiful Lakeside Town

Text of the video

We begin our walk in the historic center of Como, immediately heading towards the lakeside. It’s already almost 3 in the afternoon and we know that in winter the sun sets quite early here. Better, therefore, to take advantage of the hours when the sun still shines and warms us to be able to walk along the lakeside.

This video was shot on a Sunday afternoon in November when the level of the lake was much higher than normal and in some places it had overflowed causing some discomfort. However, the day is splendid and many people take advantage of it to walk along the lakeside and admire the view.

Right in front of the lake there is the Como Funicular and as you can see there are also those who queue to go up to the top to see the panorama of Lake Como from above.

It’s just after 4 in the afternoon and as you can see the center of Como is already in the shade but the sun is still shining on part of the lakefront.

We wait for the sunset to continue our walk in peace.

We now return to the center of Como and go in front of the pier where the historic Concordia boat departs. The Concordia boat began its navigation on Lake Como in 1926 and, after a period of rest, returned to navigation in 2016.

Once the sun goes down there are no longer many people here on the lakeside, so let’s move to the main square for an aperitif.

We have now reached the end of the video. Leave a like and subscribe to the channel so we’ll see you on the next adventure! Bye!

FAQ: Things to know before visiting Como

Here some useful information for your visit to Como about Como and Italy in general.

Is there a dress code for Lake Como?

No, there isn’t a dress code in Lake Como. Lake Como is very popular abroad, but Italians don’t consider this place more special than other beautiful places in Italy. When you visit Como during the day, it’s better to dress in comfortable shoes and clothes to be able to go around and explore the city. Of course, a little bit of style is always appreciated in Italy but not essential.

You can be more elegant in the evening if you go to a restaurant. This is valid for Como as it is for other parts of Italy. The kind of restaurant where you go also matters about what you can wear.

Is Como worth visiting in winter?

Yes, you can visit Como at any period of the year as the Italians do. Of course, you can’t swim in Como in winter, and you must wear winter clothes. If you go to Como for a day trip, you have to know that the sunset in Como in winter is at about 4 p.m., so it’s better to visit outside places in the morning or early afternoon.

What shoes to wear in Italy in January?

You have to wear shoes good for the winter low temperatures. Boots or sneakers are ok during the day. In the evening you can wear more elegant shoes but always closed shoes and not sandals or summer shoes.

Is Como a walkable city?

Yes, Como is a walkable city. You can walk and visit the historic center on foot, and you can also walk along the lakeside promenade.

How many days do you need in Como Italy?

If you want to visit only Como as a city a couple of days is enough, but if you want to visit the nearby places I suggest you at least 5 days.

Is Como Town worth visiting?

Yes, Como is a nice city to visit and it’s worth visiting for its historic center, for its beautiful lakeside promenade, and for the beautiful views that Lake Como offers.

Sunset in Como

Experience The Breathtaking Winter Sunset At Como Lakeside Through An Unforgettable Hyperlapse

Experience the mesmerizing beauty of a winter sunset at Como Lakeside like never before! Join us on an unforgettable journey through this breathtaking hyperlapse video that captures the essence of nature’s spectacle. Witness the vibrant hues painting the sky, as the sun gracefully dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow across the waters. Lose yourself in the serene tranquility of this picturesque setting, where time stands still and moments become memories. Let the enchanting ambiance of Como Lakeside surround you, as you immerse yourself in the artistry of nature’s grand finale. Don’t miss out on this awe-inspiring visual treat – it’s a winter sunset you won’t soon forget.

Experience The Breathtaking Winter Sunset At Como Lakeside Through An Unforgettable Hyperlapse

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