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Top 10 Best Things to do in Modena Italy

Top 10 Best Things to do in Modena Italy

Best things to do in Modena Italy. – Modena is a nice city in north Italy and, more precisely, in Emilia-Romagna. Emilia-Romagna is one of the 20 regions into which Italy is divided.

Modena is good food, beautiful architecture, and very interesting museums.

Modena is also the city of Enzo Ferrari, founder of the car manufacturer of the same name and the city of Luciano Pavarotti, the famous Opera singer.

Last but not least, we must say that Modena is the homeland of vinegar. The balsamic vinegar of Modena is a precious and appreciated ingredient worldwide.

What are the best things to do in Modena? Let’s see together.

Best Things to do in Modena Italy

What are the best things to do in Modena Italy? Here, you can find our list.

  1. Piazza Grande Modena
  2. Caffè Concerto
  3. Enzo Ferrari Museum
  4. Modena racetrack
  5. Torre Ghirlandina (Bell Tower)
  6. Municipal vinegar cellar
  7. Palazzo Ducale di Modena
  8. Pavarotti Municipal Theatre
  9. Estense Gallery
  10. Estense Ducal Garden Park
Best Things to do in Modena Italy

Piazza Grande Modena

The Piazza Grande, with the cathedral and the city’s civic tower, is the city’s main square and is located in the historic center. Since 1997, it has been included in the Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Caffè Concerto

The Caffé Concerto is a bar and a true restaurant in a beautiful location in the city’s center.

At the Caffè Concerto, you can taste the typical local food, choosing among many specialties. It is amazing.

The price is very good because you can choose the menu with a fixed price.

The only thing you have to consider if you go with your family is that only people over 12 are admitted.



Enzo Ferrari Museum

This museum offers the opportunity to see the beautiful Ferraris displayed like real jewels and also allows you to learn more about the world of this fantastic car.

In fact, the exhibition, among other things, allows the visitor to learn about the maintenance and restoration of classic Ferraris. This workshop restoration carefully seeks to restore its authenticity.

In addition to the classic cars on display, the visitor will also have the opportunity to see one-of-a-kind pieces handcrafted by expert craftsmen.


Enzo Ferrari Museum description and experiences

The Ferrari Museum in Modena is a true treat and honor for the Ferrari car enthusiast and anyone who likes inspiring stories.

One of the amazing things about the museum is that it is not cluttered and spread out perfectly for you to enjoy without a crowd and to be able to enjoy at any age.

It’s a fantastic family attraction make sure you purchase the family ticket if you are a family or if you’re a single person or a couple. Either way, it’s an amazing treat for everyone.

You have to know that there are two Ferrari museums: one in Modena and one in Maranello (Maranello is about 20 km from Modena). In this post “Top 10 Best Things to do in Modena Italy” we’re talking about the one in Modena.

You can arrive at the museum by car and park it in the back, then you just have to follow the signs to get there. You can also do street parking just make sure you look for the meters. 

The Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena is a true classic car lovers’ dream, you get to see all the way from the beginning with Maserati all the way to Ferrari Formula 1 cars. And don’t forget the beautiful candy apple red F40 Ferrari, one of the most amazing Ferraris ever made and the most iconic as well.

At the Enzo Museum, there are two separate buildings. One building of these two buildings is called the Officina Meccanica Alfredo Ferrari. This building is very interesting because there it has beautiful classic cars telling the story from the beginning. You also get a chance to peer into the office life of Enzo Ferrari because you see his first office there as well.

The amazing futuristic building behind you with the yellow top and all the glass is where all of the magic is and at regular intervals, they have a short film that tells the story of Enzo Ferrari and explains how the brain came to be. 

As you walk in, there is a bistro to your left it is a bit pricey for the food, for example a small panini sandwich is about 8 Euros, but it is great for a coffee. The lunch is not a problem because the museum only takes about 1 hour and it is better to eat and taste the food in one of the good restaurants in Modena: you are in one of the best Italian cities for food!

As you walk in you’ll see the gift shop to the right-hand side, but you don’t need to worry about that yet because as you exit you walk right into it: they have many amazing Ferrari collectibles items even a steering wheel for sale.

Inside the main Auditorium, you will see a menagerie of cars, Off-roading cars sporting cars even cabriolets. You’ll even see a mock-up design of a wood and metal frame car all the way toward the back. 

As you walk down the ramp, they have a beautiful engine room all the way in the back and splitting the differences between the engines the turbo-powered, non-turbo power and so many more you get a chance to really peer into what makes a Ferrari a Ferrari.

It helps you to understand Enzo Ferrari’s thinking and the passion that goes into the vehicle. You really get a chance to embrace one of his famous quotes saying I don’t sell cars I sell engines. The cars I throw in for free since something has to hold the engines in.

If you want to, you can also get a picture inside of a new Ferrari 2022. Of course, the pictures are for sale, but if you want a memorable experience, it’s well worth it. They are about 15 euros for the small size and 20 euros for the larger size.

But what is the real Pinnacle point of the entire museum? It is being able to race a semi-pro simulation car driving machine you get 10 minutes of driving 3 of those minutes are instructions from the simulation instructor, and the other seven are you driving on a simulated racetrack you can pick a few local Italian Formula One race tracks, so it really enhances the experience even more. But be careful the cars are like you’re driving real Formula 1 cars, and be prepared to crash.

As beautiful as this museum is, it will only take you about 1 hour to 1 hour and a half the best thing to do is visit the museum early and then go and visit the sister Museum in Maranello. The museum in Maranello is a totally different experience and one that you will enjoy you can either drive there or take some of the bus accommodations that they have as well either way, enjoy the museums enjoy the Ferraris and enjoy the dream car of your life.

Modena racetrack

We put the Modena racetrack immediately after the Enzo Ferrario museum precisely because the Enzo Ferrari museum ticket allows you to have a unique experience at the Modena racetrack at an affordable price.

It allows you to enter the circuit with your car and try to drive it for 15 minutes at 35 euros. You can find updated prices and more details on the Modena Autodrome website:

Clearly, at the racetrack, you will find a professional driver who will show you the characteristics of the track and the necessary safety measures to adopt.

You must also know that the track is not always available for this type of experience; therefore, you must always check availability on the web page above.

Torre Ghirlandina (Bell Tower)

Alongside the Cathedral’s apse, with its 89.32 meters, the Ghirlandina tower, the symbol of the city of Modena, projects upwards.

Best Things to do in Modena Italy 2

This Tower was built as the bell tower for the cathedral. This tower has also played an important civic function since its origins: the ringing of its bells marked the time for life in the city.

It announced the opening of the gates in the city walls and acted as a warning for the people in situations of alarm and danger.

Things to do in Modena Italy

Municipal vinegar cellar

Guided tours (booking required) illustrate the history of vinegar, this product of excellence famous worldwide, and tastings are offered.

Palazzo Ducale di Modena

The current Ducal Palace of Modena stands on the site once occupied by the castle built in 1291.

Modena became the capital of the Este duchy in 1598 and needed a suitable residence. Therefore in 1634, the works to build a new masterpiece palace of baroque architecture began.

Pavarotti Municipal Theatre

The Municipal Theater was inaugurated in 1841 with the name Teatro dell’Illustrissima Comunità. It has kept its beauty intact throughout its history and has undergone no significant structural transformation.

The theater was renamed and dedicated to Pavarotti, the great Modenese tenor, in October 2007, one month after his death. Under the portico of the Teatro Comunale, you can also see the statue of Luciano Pavarotti himself.

The work depicts the life-size tenor standing in the typical attitude of greeting the public after his performances: smiling and with open arms with the scarf in his left hand.

To see and savor the beauty of the theater, you can treat yourself to a cultural evening by attending one of the operas on the program. Alternatively, you can also walk past the theater to see its architecture and the statue dedicated to the Modenese tenor.

Pavarotti Municipal Theater website:

Estense Gallery

The Estense Gallery exhibits the Dukes of Este art collection inside the eighteenth-century Palazzo Dei Musei in Modena.

Estense Ducal Garden Park

Historic oasis with benches, a playground and a pond.

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