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2 Days in Venice: best things to do in Venice in 2 days

2 Days in Venice: things to do in Venice in 2 days – If you stay 2 days in Venice in your first day you can visit the city and you can spend your second day in Burano and Murano.

2 Days in Venice: Day 1

On your first day you can visit Venice and the two most important areas:

  1. San Marco Square
  2. Rialto Bridge

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2 Days in Venice: Day 2

After going around Venice in your first day, your second day should be dedicated to visit Burano and Murano. Do you remember I suggested you buy the boat “Vaporetto” ticket for the number of days you stay in Venice?

That’s the time you can fully use your boat ticket. The ride for Murano is included in your ticket. We took the boat for Burano from the following stop: F.te Nove.

Boat for Murano

You should walk to get to your stop because you can discover Venice and see different things you didn’t plan to visit. For example, we saw the ambulances on the water when they usually are on the road!

Or a very nice square…

Burano island Venice

You have now arrived in Burano. Burano is famous for lace. Here you can find many shops where they sell handmade lace.

Burano is beautifull. In Burano, all houses have different colors. The reasons why the houses are so colorful it’s to be searched in their origins. Burano is, in fact, an island of fishermen who could easily find their houses in the fog thanks to these colors.

In Burano, go to see the bell tower. It’s slanting. Another tower of Pisa?


Murano is very famous for its glass-making art. The best thing to do in Murano is to go to a shop, ask them to show you how the making glass and then go shopping!

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