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Top 7 beautiful Things to do in Bardolino Lake Garda Italy: not only wine

Things to do in Bardolino Lake Garda Italy: not only wine. Bardolino Lake Garda is a very nice Italian town. Lake Garda is in northern Italy.

Bardolino Lake Garda is famous for wine but not only. Bardolino has a beautiful lakeside promenade as well as a very characteristic center. This and much more make the days spent in Bardolino very pleasant.

In this post, we also insert a collection of videos from Bardolino Lake Garda

Top 7 things to do in Bardolino Lake Garda?

Here are the most beautiful things to see in Bardolino Lake Garda. The top 7 things to do in Bardolino Lake Garda:

  1. The barrel symbol of Bardolino on the lakefront
  2. The lakefront
  3. The historical center
  4. The beach
  5. Sunset
  6. The Ferris wheel
  7. The surroundings

Before examining every single point of our list of what to see in Bardolino, let’s have a nice virtual walk together here in Bardolino thanks to the following video!

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00:25 Wheel area lakeside walk by day
04:23 Wine Barrel Bardolino Lake Garda Italy
06:52 Bardolino lakeside walk by day
09:40 Wood bridge & colorful boats
11:40 am Boat on the lake & TimeTable
12:20 Bardolino city center by day
14:13 Bardolino lakeside walk by day
15:19 Sunset in Bardolino Lake Garda Italy
22:15 Bardolino city center and shops in the evening
27:25 Beautiful lakeside walk after the sunset
28:50 Bardolino Wine Barrel at the sunset
29:15 Bardolino Ferris wheel illuminated
30:00 Bardolino lakeside walk by night
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Text of the video:

Hi everybody, we are in Bardolino on Lake Garda. This beautiful town is undoubtedly one of my favorites among those on Lake Garda.

What do I like about Bardolino? The beautiful walk along the lakeside, the center with the shops, and the wide beach.

I also love to admire the sunset: the sun that gradually hides behind the mountains, the beautiful sky colors, and the lights of Bardolino reflecting on the lake.

This is why I invite you to watch this video in its half where you see the sunset and in the final part where you see the lights of Bardolino reflected in the lake water.

The big wine barrel in front of us is the giant wine barrel with the words “I love Bardolino”. You also saw it at the beginning of the video.

Why a wine barrel?

Have you ever heard about the Bardolino wine?

Here’s why!

You can then go inside the barrel and get a unique memory picture with Lake Garda in the background.

Let’s continue our walk now!

You can come here to Bardolino for several reasons: to relax, for a good aperitif or for a walk, but Bardolino can also be your starting point to reach other beautiful places on Lake Garda by boat.

Continuing the walk in this direction you arrive at the beach.

Now let’s enjoy quietly the sunset and our evening walk.

1. The barrel symbol of Bardolino on the lakefront

The barrel is a beautiful attraction for all visitors to Bardolino. You can find it on the lakefront not far from the Bardolino Ferris wheel. You can go inside the barrel and take a nice souvenir photo.

What makes the picture in the barrel particularly beautiful is in addition to its shape and the inscription of the place, the fact that the opening is made in the shape of a heart. In this way, you can be immortalized inside the barrel in the shape of a heart with Lake Garda as a background.

Watch the following video and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you haven’t already! Click here to subscribe!

For a nice photo, it’s best to have your photo taken in the morning. The big problem with where this barrel has been placed is that it has the light behind it for most of the day making it difficult to get a perfect shot.

2. Lakefront Bardolino Lake Garda

We offer you a virtual walk along the lakefront in Bardolino Gardasee in the summer. We see the lakefront and the most characteristic places of this town on Lake Garda.

As you can see, the lakeside walking way is nice thanks to the wooden planks placed along the way and the colorful flowers.

View of Bardolino Lake Garda

From the barrel of Bardolino, we followed the lakefront and now we are slightly outside the center of this locality. From here you can clearly see the profile of this city and the pleasant comings and goings of tourist boats.

The following video from the “Tripilare Moments” series shows you a beautiful view of Bardolino and its marina. We also observe the boat that sails on the lake and arrives at its destination.

Of course, a boat that comes and a boat that goes;). Here in the following video (Bardolino Gardasee 2020 Bardolino Lago di Garda boat) the departure of the boat.


Here in Bardolino, we admire a beautiful sunset over the lake with a fountain that takes water directly from Lake Garda and adds beauty to this scenery.

We are in the spring of 2021, and here in Bardolino, we no longer see the Ferris wheel that characterized this magnificent location on Lake Garda in recent seasons. On the other hand, we have this fountain directly on the lake. Watch the following video!

3. The historic center of Bardolino

The historic center is very interesting to explore for various reasons. The center of Bardolino is full of shops, restaurants, historic buildings and also has surprisingly unique corners.

4. Bardolino beach

Bardolino is a fairly privileged location on Lake Garda as it has a beautiful beach. Furthermore, the beach is slightly moved from the center but easily reachable on foot.

In fact, we keep our direction walking along the lakefront of Bardolino and in a few minutes, we arrive at the beach.

5. Sunset in Bardolino Lake Garda

Watching the sunset in Bardolino is definitely one of the things to do before dinner. Relaxing on a bench watching the sun go down and then admiring the colors of the horizon is very beautiful.

Watch the following video with accelerated speed shooting “Sonnenuntergang Bardolino Gardasee 2020 Lago di Garda Bardolino”.

Returning to the center we also have the opportunity to admire the arrival of the boat with the background of the sky-colored by the sunset.

6. Ferris wheel

The Ferris wheel quickly became a Bardolino must. It is particularly beautiful and fascinating in the evening when it lights up with 100 colors.

Things to do in Bardolino Lake Garda Italy Ferris wheel

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