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Lake Iseo Predore Italy things to do

TOP 10 Lake Iseo Predore Italy things to do

Lake Iseo Predore Italy TOP things to do – Predore is a pretty village on the western coast of Lake Iseo. The lake view is lovely and there are some nice and exciting things to do and to see. In fact, in Predore there are the ruins of a medieval tower, the Roman ruins of the baths of an ancient Roman villa, a beautiful square on the lake, and much more. Predore is a small but charming town on Lake Iseo where you can spend a few hours among nature, history, and sport.

Predore is less known than other nearby towns on Lake Iseo and if you don’t know it you could pass by without stopping but it’s really worth stopping for at least a few moments to see it.

In fact, other nearby towns at Lake Iseo such as Sarnico are much better known, but I have to make some considerations regarding these 2 towns. Predore is located a few kilometers north of Sarnico, but the advantage of Predore is that it overlooks Lake Iseo better than Sarnico.

In fact, Sarnico is a very pretty place, but it is located on the southern tip of Lake Iseo, and in my opinion, this penalizes it a bit. This tip forms a semi-closed basin and therefore Sarnico is located on Lake Iseo but in a narrow part. For this reason, the lakefront mostly overlooks a small body of water with the opposite shore very close.

Predore, on the other hand, despite being a smaller town, has a better view and is therefore at an advantage. If you are in Sarnico and want a better view of Lake Iseo, move a few kilometers north and go to Predore.

At this point, we ask ourselves: What are the best things to do in Predore Italy? Let’s find out together!

Predore Italy things to do and short video

Predore Italy: what are the best things to do in Predore? Here are the things to do and see in Predore and its surroundings to organize your day at Lake Iseo well, taking Predore as a point of reference and starting point.

  1. Ancient Roman Villa spa system ruins
  2. Ruins of a medieval tower from the 13th century
  3. Walk the 2 Towers
  4. Le 2 Torri Fitness Area
  5. Iseo by boat
  6. Riva di Solto by car
  7. Pier 31 area
  8. Promenade along Lake Iseo
  9. Sarnico
  10. Paratico

Before continuing reading, watch the following video which gives you a better idea of ​​what Predore is like and the things to do just listed.

Lake Iseo Predore Italy things to do

Villa Romana spa system

In Predone we find a spa facility of an important Roman villa that dates back between the 1st and 4th centuries AD. The wealthy owner had chosen Predore as the location for constructing his luxurious villa due to this area’s mild temperatures and preferred Predore to other locations at Lake Iseo.

The Roman Villa of Predore was a large villa that directly overlooked the lake so much so that it had a beautiful infinity pool on the lake. If we look today at the area occupied by the Roman villa, we notice that the lake is slightly offset from the borders of the villa but at the time of the splendor of this Roman villa the shore of the lake was further back than the mainland. This does not surprise me as we notice the same phenomenon at the Roman villa in Desenzano del Garda.

Today, the visitable area of ​​the villa is very limited as what has been excavated corresponds only to a part of the spa, but it is still fascinating to visit to discover the history of these places and imagine life in ancient times here at the Lake of Iseo.

Where is the Roman Villa’s thermal plant located? Here is the location

Entrance to the Thermal Plant of the Roman Villa is free but cannot be visited at all times of the year as the opening of the archaeological site is mainly managed by volunteers.

The opening hours are as follows:

  • from May 1st to October 1st:
    • Saturday: 5pm – 7pm
    • Sunday: 10.00am – 12.00pm and 5.00pm – 7.00pm
  • extraordinary openings: 10:00 – 12:00 and 17:00 – 19:00
    • Easter Monday
    • 25 April
    • May 1
    • June 2nd
  • openings out of hours for groups on request: send a text message to Prof. Schillaci on 338/1744582

Ruins of a medieval tower from the 13th century

In Predore we also find the ruins of a medieval tower from the 13th century. The tower overlooks the lake and is part of the scenery of this area of ​​Lake Iseo. In fact, you can also see it in the distance from outside the historic center of Predore, and if you have never seen it, it will arouse at least a little your curiosity and you will probably want to go and see it better and more closely what it is. At least that’s what happened to me the first time I noticed it.

To have a good look at the ruins of the medieval tower, the best point is the Predore pier. In fact, on the Predore pier, you can see the ruins of the tower, and you can also see the giant tree located next to the tower whose branches delicately touch the lake in a gorgeous and evocative setting.

Le 2 Torri Fitness Area

In Predore there is also a beautiful municipal park called the “Fitness Area le 2 Torri” where in the lawn there is all the fitness equipment. Furthermore, on each tool, we have instructions for use, how to do the exercises and which muscles are involved in the exercise.

A significant thing to say is that there are also tools for people in wheelchairs. So even those in wheelchairs can come here to do fitness and train.

Where is this fitness area located? Here is the point on the map where this fitness area is:

This fitness area can be reached in 5 minutes on foot from the Predore pier and the historic center.

Piazza Unità d’Italia: The 2 Torri Walk

Piazza Unità d’Italia is a square that directly overlooks the lake. It looks like a beautiful and large balcony overlooking Lake Iseo.

To get to Piazza Unità d’Italia from the historic center of Predore, you can go through the “Passeggiata Le 2 Torri” which also passes in front of the “Fitness Area le 2 Torri”.

From Piazza Unità d’Italia you can also glimpse the ruins of the medieval tower. Where is Piazza Unità d’Italia located? Here is the location on Google Maps:

Iseo by boat

Predore is located on the opposite bank of Iseo but at approximately the same height. To go to Iseo, take the boat that crosses the lake. At this point, the lake is not too wide, so in a few minutes by boat, you are in Iseo.

A good idea is to come here to Predore, eat something and visit this cute town and to complete the day take the boat for a nice walk in Iseo.

What to do in Iseo and to see? Go to the following post: Top 10 Unique things to do in Iseo town Italy

Riva di Solto

About 20 minutes by car from Predore, another beautiful village on Lake Iseo is set in a truly unique natural setting worth seeing: Riva di Solto.

Would you like to know more? Go to the following post: Lake Iseo things to do in Riva di Solto Italy

Pier 31 area

The area where the Molo 31 restaurant bar is located is a little further outside the historic center of Predore. This area is beautiful because we have some public green areas directly on the lakefront where you can put your chairs, sit, relax, and sunbathe. From here you can also see the medieval tower of Predore in the distance.

You can bring something to eat, travel to your favorite restaurant at lunchtime, or grab something to drink or eat at Pier 31. This is a place directly on the lake.

Pier 31 is a nice place because you can relax with the lake below you and the ducks walking by. At Pier 31 you can have breakfast, or there are wraps, sandwiches, gourmet focaccias, sandwiches, burgers, and salads.

Nice because there is also a pier directly on the lake from which you can better admire the surrounding panorama.

As for the prices, we can say that they are medium-high, especially if we consider the quantity of dishes with the relative prices.

An example of prices is that a gourmet pizza, a not-too-large salad, a half-liter bottle of water, a spritz and 2 coffees cost 49 euros. However, the most significant cost was the Gourmet pizza.

Bill for 2 people:

  • Covered 1 euro per person,
  • Natural water 2 euros,
  • Coffee 1.5 euros per coffee,
  • Salad 7.50,
  • Gourmet focaccia 25 euros,
  • Spritz 10 euros.

Promenade along Lake Iseo

Just outside Predore towards Riva di Solto we have a beautiful pedestrian area that runs along the lake and the road where you can walk and take a nice, long walk outside the town centre.

As a point of reference, I can tell you that it starts from the Easy Bar:


If you want to know something more about Sarnico go to the following post: Sarnico and Paratico.


If you want to know something more about Paratico go to the following post: Sarnico and Paratico.

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