Lake Garda things to do in Lazise Italy

Top 10 Lake Garda things to do in Lazise Italy

Lake Garda things to do in Lazise Italy – Lazise, ​​in addition to having great historical importance as it was the first municipality in Italy, is also a pleasant town on Lake Garda where you can go shopping or take a nice walk along the Marconi lakefront.

The center of Lazise is lovely, historic, characteristic, and worth exploring. Lazise is full of leather shops where you can buy beautiful belts and bags.

Its name Lazise derives from the Latin “lacus” which means lake village.

Lake Garda things to do in Lazise Italy

Here are the main things to do in Lazise and to see:

  1. The lakefront Marconi
  2. The Castle
  3. Porta Lion
  4. The marina
  5. The square and the historical center
  6. Porta Cansignorio
  7. The beach
  8. Boat ride from Lazise
  9. The walk that leads from Lazise to Bardolino
  10. The shops in the streets from the center, especially the handbag shops

The Marconi lakefront of Lazise and the square

The lakefront of Lazise is very tidy, even if perhaps a little bare. However, walking there and perhaps stopping in a bar on the lakefront is enjoyable for an excellent aperitif.

In the following video, you can see the main square of Lazise and the lakefront.

Lazise sul Garda - Lazise Lago di Garda Italy Lazise Gardasee Walking Tour
Lake Garda things to do in Lazise Italy
  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:10 Piazza Lazise Lake Garda
  • 01:05 am Lungolago Lazise Lake Garda
  • 02:25 Ducks Lazise Lake Garda
  • 02:50 am Lungolago Lazise Lake Garda
  • 04:01 Other videos that might interest you

The Castle

The magnificent Scaliger Castle of Lazise was built between 1375 and 1381 and belongs to the complex of defensive works in the Verona area. Over time with the arrival of new technologies and war tactics, the castle lost its importance and was purchased first by the community of Lazise and later by private families.

The Castle of Lazise is still privately owned and, therefore it cannot be visited, but you can still see it partly from the outside of the Rosenheim pedestrian street.

Porta Lion

Going along via Rosenheim towards the center of Lazise, you will find Porta Lion in front of you. Porta Lion is one of the three entrance gates to the fortified village of Lazise. Its name derives from the fact that inside, there is the lion of San Marco, the symbol of the Serenissima Republic of Venice.

The historical center of Lazise

In addition to being a beautiful location on Lake Garda, Lazise is also very important from a historical point of view. Did you know that Lazise was the first municipality in Italy?

In fact, in 983, Lazise obtained from the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire and king of Italy Otto II of Saxony, the right to reunite, to fortify itself and broad autonomy both in the commercial and military fields. This allowed Lazise to become the first free municipality in Italy.

Walking through Lazise, you can learn more about its history thanks to the signs that give you some historical information about this place.

Here are some moments of the historical re-enactment of Lazise.

Historical re-enactment. Did you know that Lazise is the oldest free municipality in Italy?
Historical re-enactment of Lazise | Top 10 Lake Garda things to do in Lazise Italy

Porta Cansignorio

As shown by the dates 1375-1376 carved on one of the stupid ones, Porta Cansignorio is part of the Medieval Fortifications of Lazise and was built with the last stretch of the wall immediately after Cansignorio’s death. It had a military purpose: to serve in evacuation in case of need. Observing it from the outside is interesting as the artillery hits it suffered during the war between Venice and the Visconti are still visible.

In 1701 the city council decided to close it with a wall to protect the inhabitants against the rapacity of passing soldiers, and it was only reopened in 1955.

Amazing Fireworks day at Lazise Lago di Garda Italy. What to know about Lazise?
Lake Garda things to do in Lazise Italy: Porta Cansignorio

Inside the Porta Consignoria, in a niche facing west, there is a bas-relief in kaolin representing the Madonna rising from the waters of the stormy lake. The work is by the sculptor Zago and dates back to the early 1950s. Also, inside the front door, another niche depicts San Martino di tours. The work is by the artist Peretti from Bardolino and has been commissioned since 1972.

In 2004 the municipal administration promoted the restoration of the Porta Cansignorio and the stretch of adjacent walls.

Boat ride from Lazise

Did you know that from Lazise it is only possible to take panoramic tours by boat? In fact, you can take the boat that normally takes you to the various towns of Lake Garda, get on, go around without getting off and then return to the starting point. In this way you relax and then see the villages of Lake Garda, or at least those chosen in your itinerary, directly from the lake.

Useful information and ticket price

The cost for one person, for an adult, for a one-hour panoramic tour is 10 euros. For children aged 4 to 11 the cost is 6.60 euros.

The 2-hour panoramic tour costs €19.60 per person per adult. For children aged 4 to 11 6.6 euros each. Prices were verified in August 2023. However, there are discounted rates for those with a document certifying their disability and for the companion.

The duration of the tour depends on the time you take the boat; each tour set at a specific time has its own duration. They are however almost all for an hour.

You can buy the ticket directly at the boat ticket office located near the pier even just before boarding. So usually it is not necessary to buy the ticket in advance.

Here is where to go:

For example, we opted to take the boat to Lazise at 17:08 to take the following boat tour: Lazise – Bardolino – Garda – Bardolino and then return to Lazise.

The panoramic boat ride seems to me a good solution even in summer when it’s very hot and therefore when we don’t want to walk in the sun. This way we can stand directly on the lake and enjoy some fresh air.

Description of the boat tour

As soon as we leave Lazise by boat, we can see Lazise from the lake. Moreover, from the boat, we can better see the castle of Lazise and the part that directly overlooks the lake.

As you continue to navigate, you can admire the various beauties of the coast of Lake Garda.

Especially in summer, while you are on the boat, as well as admiring the beauty of the coast of Lake Garda, you can see people enjoying these places by doing water sports of various kinds. It’s nice to see what happens directly on the lake; for example, we happened to see someone parasailing.

You can also discover hidden corners from the lake, such as beautiful beaches and places to relax with a drink directly on the lake.

So it’s good for those who like to plan their trip and discover hidden corners and for those who like to relax because this boat ride is very relaxing.

If there is someone who needs to get off or on at Cisano, the boat stops here, too. Cisano is a small town or tourist port located between Bardolino and Lazise.

The walk that leads from Lazise to Bardolino

Did you know that from Lazise you can get to Bardolino on foot along the lake? From Lazise you can take a beautiful walk that reaches Bardolino.

To get to Bardolino, follow the lakefront of Lazise and get to the end of the town in the direction of Bardolino (to go towards Bardolino, the lake must be on your left). In fact, the walk along the lake does not end at the end of Lazise but continues beyond this location.

Walking along the lakefront of Lazise you arrive at the beach, continue straight and at a certain point you find a sign that indicates the pedestrian path that takes you to Bardolino.

However, you must know that Cisano is between Lazise and Bardolino. Cisano is another town on Lake Garda, albeit much smaller than Lazise and Bardolino, as well as a small lake village and tourist port.

Therefore, starting from Lazise and walking along the lakefront in the direction of Bardolino, you find yourself on the Cisano lakefront at a certain point. Continue along the entire Cisano lakefront and continue. After Cisano and still following the lakefront at a certain point you find yourself directly on the lakefront of Bardolino.

The walk is beautiful, relaxing and a good way to escape the chaos and discover the most hidden corners of Lake Garda.

You may not get as far as Bardolino because it is quite far on foot but you can get to the point you prefer and you will still be happy and satisfied with the walk and the panorama.

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