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Is Versailles worth it for a short Paris Trip?

Is Versailles worth it for a short Paris Trip? Yes it is!. Of course you should plan very well your trip but for me Versailles gives you something more to your trip.

Why is Versailles worth it for a short Paris Trip?

We can’t think of Paris without thinking to the french revolution and so then we can’t think of Paris without thinking of Versailles. European palaces are really awesome, with particular decorations and nice paintings.

It helps you to go back in time and imagine how life could be in the past. Europe is facinating for its history. Versaille is an important part of it.

In the Palace you’ll see the famous Mirror Hall, the queen’s and the king’s room and many other interesting rooms. The Mirror Hall was a very good demostration of wealthiness at that time because mirrors were more expensive than gold.

You can see in the picture on the left the king’s bed. All the drapery was mixed with gold and every 6 months they used to burn and change it.

On the right a very cute library.

How you can organize your trip to Versailles

It’s true that Versailles is out of Paris but it’s very easy to get here by train. It takes only 15 minutes from Gare Montparnasse and there are many trains.

A complete visit to Versailles could take more days but if you don’t have a lot of time you can spend one day or also half a day.

A complete visit includes:

– the Palace
– the estate of Trianon
– the Gardens
– the Park
– the Coach Gallery

If you do not have enough time for a complete visit you can at least visit the Palace and the Gardens.

You can concentrate your visit on the main areas of the Palace and to the main part of the gardens.

If you arrive early you can be back to Paris in the afternoon and continue your visit there.

Versailles cold be very busy then it’s very important to read the following article: How to skip the line at the Palace of Versailles. In this way you don’t waste time in line.

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